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Writing & Consulting Services By Lisa Lawless Ph.D.

Lisa LawlessSpecialized Writing & Consulting for Psychological Wellness

AI Psychology • Article Writing • Copywriting • Ghostwriting • Psychology Today Profiles

For: Health Focused Tech Companies, Therapists, Health & Wellness Providers, Lifestyle Brands & Publications

Discover My Services: Who I Help and How I Make a Difference

I specialize in two key areas: professional writing services and psychological consulting for AI development. I have worked with everyone from multinational conglomerates to solo entrepreneurs, and tailor my expertise to fit your needs. First up, let's explore my writing services.

Expert Writing for Wellness Brands & Publications

For all you therapists, relationship coaches, health and wellness providers, lifestyle brands, and publications trying to make your mark online, I get it. It's tough competition out there.

Why not give yourself a little break and see how I can take some of that heavy lifting off your shoulders? Take a few minutes to explore how I can make your professional life easier and explore how I can create content for you that makes readers stop mid-scroll, eager to absorb every word, much like you are now.

Types of Clients Who Benefit

Wellness Businesses & Publications

If you're on the hunt for articles or blogs that are so captivating your readers will practically live on your site, then I'm ready to inject some serious engagement into your online content. Let's make your target audience stick around longer than a toddler's attention span at naptime.

Clinicians, Therapists & Coaches

If you're juggling being a mental health or health clinician while trying to keep your blog or social media from collecting dust, I get it. You want to focus on what you do best without your online presence withering away.

Well, breathe easy because I'm here to infuse your unique voice and expertise into content that grabs attention. You do the healing, and I'll handle the words.

Providing Tailored Content that Captivates

As your go-to wordsmith, I'm here to sprinkle a little magic into the content you offer without being overly boring or 'salesy'. Take a moment and imagine your website, landing page or article as the friend who always has the best stories, making your readers sit on the edge of their seats with intrigue, perhaps laughing until they snort coffee out their noses or 'ugly crying' because they relate so much.

That's how I can help you.

Let's craft your message into something that feels like the best kind of writing: comforting, moving, fact-checked, and sometimes hilarious with just the right amount of sass or seriousness. This way, you can trust that your message will be in the voice you wish to convey while touching hearts, sparking minds, and, of course, bringing in revenue.

Copywriting for Therapists & Health Brands

If you are a wellness brand or clinician who needs SEO-optimized copywriting for your website, marketing materials, or Psychology Today profile that's as refreshing as your morning smoothie or as engaging as the latest viral video. You've come to the right place.

Afterall, you may be an incredible clinician or health brand with a passion for healing, but when it comes to selling yourself on your website, that may be a different story.

Why Many Practitioners Need Help

Let's face it, in the health and wellness circle, being a superhero for everyone else often means we put our own spotlight in the backseat. We're over here, trying to juggle a gazillion things in helping others, and then there's the whole 'Oh yeah, I gotta market myself.'

It's hard to know how to do that well, and even if we do, it can be a matter of simply not having the time. Sometimes, it's a miracle if we remember to eat lunch!

You Need Someone Who Understands Your Profession

As a therapist and entrepreneur myself, I understand the health and wellness professions from the inside out. I'm here to whip up words that sound just like you with a sprinkle of marketing flair.

Whether you want to sound like an expert giving a TED Talk, or like your favorite comedian, or somewhere in between, I am a writing chameleon poised to deliver your vision.

Allow me to skillfully weave through the complexities of psychology, health, love, and sex with clever copywriting, engaging blogs, eye-catching articles, and social media ads that pop to help you get the attention you deserve.

I'll craft writing for you that doesn't just get noticed; it's remembered.

Benefits from Professional Copywriting

When it comes to selling yourself and your services online, it's all about the words you choose. Whether it's sprucing up your website, crafting the perfect ad, or making your profile stand out in directories like a Psychology Today profile, the goal is the same: to attract clients and do it quickly.

Crafting Relatable Stories, Not Sales Pitches, for Healing

Clinicians, especially like therapists, can have a tricky time writing copy because while you want to attract your ideal client, you definitely don't want to sound like your run-of-the-mill therapist out there or be too gimmicky.

After all, you're selling services to help people feel better, not a potato peeler on QVC. Yet, you still need to stand out from the sea of clinicians who offer the same services.

It's time to ditch the standard, tired psychobabble and talk about what you do and how you approach things in a way that's as comfortable and relatable as your favorite pair of sweatpants while still highlighting your expertise.

Your business deserves a compelling story about why you really understand what clients are going through and how you can help.

From Meh to Yeah! Writing that Actually Speaks to Your Clients

I want your potential clients to feel like they've found their people using real talk. Because, let's face it, finding the right therapist should feel like a 'heck yes' and not another thing to stress about.

Perks in Hiring a Fellow Therapist:

  • Writing that echos your voice, penned by a therapist who gets it.
  • Tailored SEO-friendly web content that marks your spot as the go-to expert.
  • Articles and blogs reflecting your unique approach.
  • Psychology Today profiles that double as a secret marketing weapon.
  • Handing you back hours of time to pursue your passions.

I've partnered with numerous therapists and healthcare providers hungry for a makeover of their content for their websites who have greatly benefitted from changing the look and feel of their brand. 

So, if you need help swapping stiff, outdated lingo for something more modern and relatable to grow your circle of clients, you just found it.

Let's chat and expand your practice.
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Psychological Consulting for AI

Unlock the Human Element in AI with Expert Psychological Consultations

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, understanding the psychological dimensions of how tech impacts our minds and behaviors is essential. This brings us to the exciting world of AI psychology and the introduction of clinical psychotherapy and my AI consulting services.

As a seasoned clinical psychotherapist and AI psychologist with an expertise in bringing in a human element in AI. I provide special consulting that helps make sense of how humans think and how AI works. My goal is to make sure these technologies work in an ethical manner and avoiding biases.

Redefining Mental Health Care Work Examples

  • As we explore the world of mental health AI development, I provide consulting to develop behavior models for mental health artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Drafting and reviewing model behaviors based on mental health taxonomy.

  • Work with other AI experts and mental health practitioners to build an appropriate mental health taxonomy for general public consumption.

Revolutionizing Your Business: Expert Strategies for Integrating AI Effectively

  • AI User Experience Design
    Enhance the user interface of your AI applications by incorporating psychological principles that improve user engagement and satisfaction by incorporating AI behavioral insights.

  • Mental Health Tech Development
    Get expert guidance on creating mental health apps that are not only technologically advanced but also psychologically sound and user-friendly.

  • AI Training Programs
    Equip your AI with the ability to understand and interpret human emotions and behaviors. Ensure the effectiveness of AI and human behavior, making it more intuitive and effective.

  • Ethical AI Solutions
    Ensure your AI systems adhere to a human-centric AI design with ethical standards concerning user mental health and well-being, avoiding potential psychological harms as you explore AI for mental health care and AI in therapeutic practices.

Features of AI Consulting Offered

  • User Experience Design
  • Training for Emotional Intelligence and Empathy in AI
  • Behavioral Models in AI / Behavioral Modeling
  • Mental Health Taxonomy Development
  • AI Ethical Standards 
  • AI Bias Prevention
  • Exploration of Mental Health Applications
  • AI in Therapy and Counseling (Cognitive Science)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Tools via Clinical Psychology (CBT, DBT, IBT, etc.)
  • Cultural Sensitivity in AI
  • AI Impact on Mental Health
  • AI User Experience Design
  • AI and Psychological Research

Benefits for Your Projects

  • Improved User Engagement
    By understanding the psychological underpinnings of user interactions, create AI applications that are more engaging and less frustrating for users.

  • Enhanced Reliability
    AI systems trained with an understanding of human psychology are better equipped to handle nuanced human behaviors and can offer more reliable outputs.

  • Competitive Edge
    Stand out in the market with AI features that not only meet technical standards but also excel in user-centric design and ethical considerations.

  • Increased User Trust
    AI systems that respect and enhance mental well-being are more likely to earn and retain user trust, fostering a loyal customer base.

Insight Examples:

In addition to the broader topics I cover, like psychology, health, and wellness, check out some articles I have written specifically about relationships and sexual health:

Ready to elevate your AI strategy?
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About Me

My Professional Adventures

In my profession as a clinical psychotherapist, I have dedicated my life to matters of the heart and bedroom as a consultant, speaker, educator, and author. My career has been steeped in the ever-evolving landscape of psychology, health, nutrition, sexual health, sexual products, and relationships for over two decades.

I have covered everything from psychological research to the "it's complicated" relationship articles. With vast experience wielding a quill dipped in the ink of positivity, my work has flourished over the years by allowing practitioners, businesses and publications to shine.

Dive on into the world of yours truly and explore more about me, my professional resume, see some of my quotations, as well as learn how I began a career in sexuality

Educational Experience

Ph.D. in Holistic Health (AIHT), Master of Social Work / M.S.W. (VCU), and B.A. in Human Services and Psychology (Elon University).

Professional Specialities

Clinical psychology (CBT, DBT, IBT), AI ethics, cognitive computing, human-computer interaction (HCI), AI psychology, relationships, eating disorders, sexual health, sexual products, sexual assault, nutrition, holistic health, marginalized groups such as women, older adults, LGBTQ+ individuals, POC, and those with chronic illnesses, disabilities, neurodivergent conditions, particularly ADHD and Autism (ASD).

Expert Press

So, here's the tea: I have written every word on my websites, made a name for myself as a columnist for Sexual Health Magazine, and have been featured in publications such as: O Magazine, Forbes, Newsweek, Playboy, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Healthline, Parade, Readers' Digest, Women's Health, Men's Health, AskMen, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and many more.

Sneak a peek at my most recent articles and interviews as a relationship and sex expert on my professional Facebook page, or if you're curious about who's been singing my praises, explore the publications that have interviewed me as a relationship and sex expert: Press & Praise.

Writing Samples

Much of my writing is formal and from an expert's point of view, but I also enjoy writing with a more conversational, humorous tone, such as in my article: Top Five Biggest Regrets After A Breakup Or Divorce.

Check out my blogs or explore writing samples such as these educational articles:

My Most Popular Topics

  • Psychology & Therapy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Relationships & Dating
  • Sexual Health
  • Marginalized Communities: LGBTQ+, disabilities, older adults, plus-sized individuals
  • How AI Impacts Psychology, Health & Wellness

Types of SEO Friendly Writing Offered

  • Writing articles as yours truly
  • Copywriting for websites, marketing, landing pages, Psychology Today profiles and more.
  • Educational writing
  • Ghostwriting for articles, blogs, websites, apps, and product descriptions
  • Technical writing for easy-to-understand guides and manuals
  • Social media posts
  • Editing for websites, apps, articles, ebooks, and books

My Writing Services Include:

Initial Consultation

Before taking on your writing project(s), I will review your objectives, the scope of the project(s), preferred timeframe, target audience, SEO goals, and brand guidelines.

In addition, I will also pinpoint any research that is required and determine if you desire specific sources or references. Additionally, we will discuss your preferred format and style for the writing.

No Worries About AI Detection

The content provided will be informative and engage your readers, encouraging them to stay on the page and explore your site. All of my content is from my own thoughts and wording and will not be penalized in search rankings for plagiarism or by sensitive AI detectors.

Keyword Optimization

I have extensive SEO and keyword optimization knowledge and use powerful tools that show popular searches and competition to your website. My writing will implement highly sought keywords to improve their search engine rankings.

Unique & Engaging Content

The content I will provide will be informative and engage your readers, encouraging them to stay on the page and explore your site. My content will be from my own thoughts and wording and will not be penalized in search rankings for plagiarism or by sensitive AI detectors.

Tone Adjustment

I can be a shape-shifting chameleon and can adapt my writing style to align with your brand's voice and target audience. Depending on your preferences, I can execute professional, casual, and humorous tones of voice with just the right amount of cheek and snark.

Whatever your desired flavor, I've got the condiments, spices, and secret sauces to make your brand's voice truly delectable for your readers!

Target Audience

I am well-educated in psychology and cultural norms and can provide gender-neutral content sensitive to everyone. I can also adapt my writing to a specific target audience of your preference.


My work includes the final edit and a thorough proofreading process, ensuring the content is free from grammatical errors and typos.


I offer one free revision based on your feedback.

Reliable & Punctual

I always meet deadlines and pride myself on being reliable and consistent in meeting your writing needs.


If you need pictures for articles, I can provide royalty-free images to accompany your content for an extra fee.

My Specialized Writing & Consulting Rates

Rates may be negotiable after an initial consultation according to the extent of writing tasks assigned (long-term or bulk assignments) or other factors such as an extra fast turnaround, extra revisions, or additional research being required.

Writing & Consulting Hourly Rate:

My hourly rates for writing and consulting services start at $135.00, scaling up to $200.00, depending on the specifics and complexity of the project.

General Writing

Product Descriptions (For Retailers)
Per Word Rate: $0.15 (100-200 words): $15 - $30

New Product Descriptions (For Manufacturers)
Per Word Rate: $0.25 (100-200 words): $25 - $50

Blogs & Articles (Expert Writing Level)
Starting At $350 
Minimum 1000 words, includes keywords, meta descriptions, and URL slug.

Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting
$475 Per Full Page
$245 Per Half Page
This includes keywords, meta descriptions, and alt text.

Psychology Today Profiles
$225 Per Profile

Proofing & Editing

Basic Proofreading
$0.02 Per Word
This includes checking for typos, grammar mistakes, and punctuation errors.

Copy Editing
$0.03 Per Word
This is a more comprehensive service that includes proofreading as well as checking for issues with style, consistency, and clarity.

Substantive Editing
$0.06 Per Word
This includes significant rewrites, restructuring, feedback on content, and more.

Let's Get Started!

I have an outstanding track record of crafting timely and scintillating content that celebrates healthy relationships, sex positivity, inclusivity, and empowerment. 

After all, every publication and website needs content to stand out, so shoot me an email at should you want to embark on an exciting collaboration and get the party started!

Desire To Make A Payment?

For payments, I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AmEx), and Discover, in addition to PayPal. I am also open to other forms of payment as well.

Once the work has been completed and receive your approval, I will forward an invoice to facilitate your payment.

Should you prefer, you can also choose to make a direct payment using this PayPal PayMe Link.