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Freelance Writing Services By Lisa Lawless Ph.D.

Lisa LawlessRelationship & Sex Writer

In my journey as a clinical psychotherapist, I have dedicated my life to matters of the heart and bedroom as a consultant, speaker, educator, and author. My career has been steeped in the ever-evolving landscape of sexual health, sexual products, and relationships for over two decades. I cover everything from the "it's complicated" relationship statuses to the "special contents" in a couple's bedside drawers.

With vast experience wielding a quill dipped in the ink of sex positivity, my work has flourished over the years by empowering individuals to find better ways to connect, along with shedding light on sexual health, sex toy safety, and the pleasure quotient. Think of me as a 'fairy god-writer' of sex-positive sparkles and the nitty-gritty of love and intimacy!

Furthermore, my work features diverse and accessible resources, providing a colorful tapestry of relationship guidance. My resources aren’t your garden-variety tips, either; I have access to a large variety of professionals. I should, after all; I have been doing this a long time! Thus, I will always deliver well-researched content with empathetic insights and a voice that resonates authentically for you and your business needs.

About Me

Educational Experience:

PhD in Holistic Health, Master of Social Work (MSW), and BA in Human Services and Psychology.

Professional Specialities

Clinical psychology, relationships, couples counseling, eldercare, sexual health, sexual products, rape and sexual abuse, nutrition, holistic health.

Dive on into the world of yours truly and explore more about me, my professional resume, see some of my quotations, as well as learn how I began a career in sexuality

Expert Press

So, here's the tea: I have written every word on my websites, made a name for myself as a columnist for Sexual Health Magazine, and have been featured in O Magazine, Forbes, Newsweek, Playboy, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Healthline, Parade, Readers' Digest, Women's Health, Men's Health, AskMen, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and many more.

Sneak a peek at my most recent articles and interviews as a relationship and sex expert on my professional Facebook page, or if you're curious about who's been singing my praises, explore the publications that have interviewed me as a relationship and sex expert: Press & Praise.

Writing Samples

Much of my writing is formal and from an expert's point of view, but I also enjoy writing with a more conversational, humorous tone, such as in my article: Top Five Biggest Regrets After A Breakup Or Divorce.

Check out my blogs or explore writing samples such as these educational articles:

My Most Popular Topics

  • Relationships and dating advice.
  • Sexual health and wellness.
  • Human sexuality and gender studies.
  • Sexual product reviews and recommendations.
  • Marginalized communities: issues and inclusivity for LGBTQ+, disabled, seniors, plus-sized individuals.
  • Psychology and mental health.
  • Nutrition and sexual functioning.

Types Of SEO Friendly Writing Offered

  • Copywriting, educational writing, and ghostwriting for articles, blogs, websites, apps, and product descriptions.
  • Technical writing for easy-to-understand guides and manuals.
  • Social media management.
  • Editing for websites, apps, articles, ebooks, and books.

What My Writing Services Include

Initial Consultation

Before taking on your writing project(s), I will review your objectives, the scope of the project(s), preferred timeframe, target audience, SEO goals, and brand guidelines. In addition, I will also pinpoint any research that is required and determine if you desire specific sources or references. Additionally, we will discuss your preferred format for the writing.

No Worries About AI Detection

The content provided will be informative and engage your readers, encouraging them to stay on the page and explore your site. All of my content is from my own thoughts and wording and will not be penalized in search rankings for plagiarism or by sensitive AI detectors.

Keyword Optimization

I have extensive SEO and keyword optimization knowledge and use powerful tools that show popular searches and competition to your website. My writing will implement highly sought keywords to improve their search engine rankings.

Unique & Engaging Content

The content I will provide will be informative and engage your readers, encouraging them to stay on the page and explore your site. My content will be from my own thoughts and wording and will not be penalized in search rankings for plagiarism or by sensitive AI detectors.

Tone Adjustment

I can be a shape-shifting chameleon and can adapt my writing style to align with your brand's voice and target audience. Depending on your preferences, I can execute professional, casual, and humorous tones of voice with just the right amount of cheek and snark.

Whatever your desired flavor, I've got the condiments, spices, and secret sauces to make your brand's voice truly delectable for your readers!

Target Audience

I am well-educated in psychology and cultural norms and can provide gender-neutral content sensitive to everyone. I can also adapt my writing to a specific target audience of your preference.


My work includes the final edit and a thorough proofreading process, ensuring the content is free from grammatical errors and typos.


I offer one free revision based on your feedback.

Reliable & Punctual

I always meet deadlines and pride myself on being reliable and consistent in meeting your writing needs.

Images & Multimedia

If you need pictures, I can provide royalty-free images to accompany your content for an extra fee.

Sex & Relationship Expert Rates

Rates may be negotiable after an initial consultation according to the extent of writing tasks assigned (long-term or bulk assignments) or other factors such as an extra fast turnaround, extra revisions, or additional research being required.

Hourly Rate: $75.00


Product Descriptions (For Retailers)
Per Word Rate: $0.15 (100-200 words): $15 - $30

New Product Descriptions (For Manufacturers)
Per Word Rate: $0.25 (100-200 words): $25 - $50

Blogs & Articles (Expert Writing Level)
Per Word Rate: $0.25
Blog Post (500-700 words): $125 - $175
Article (1000-2000 words): $250 - $500

Proofing & Editing

Basic Proofreading: $0.02 Per Word
This includes checking for typos, grammar mistakes, and punctuation errors.

Copy Editing: $0.03 Per Word
This is a more comprehensive service that includes proofreading as well as checking for issues with style, consistency, and clarity.

Substantive Editing: $0.06 Per Word
This includes significant rewrites, restructuring, feedback on content, and more.

Psychology AI Analyst

In the dynamic world of AI, companies eager to harness its potential often realize that it's akin to a rambunctious toddler. That's where experts like myself come into the picture. As a psychology AI analyst, I have experience in the world of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and prompt engineering. Thus, I can provide the needed expertise to create and/or review this technology and content.

My psychotherapy background, with an emphasis on relationships and sexual health, gives me a bit of a superpower in this realm. I can weave ethical and psychological thinking into AI, making sure these intelligent solutions are inclusive and progressive. 

Having a set of human eyes as an AI ethics consultant with a specialty in psychology, relationships, and sexual health means avoiding bad data and misinformation on those topics. This ensures that insights drawn from the content are reliable in a way that provides validity and respects ethics.

How Is This Different From A Prompt Generator?

While prompt engineering and prompt generators can efficiently produce basic prompts, these standard-issue prompt machines aren't cut out for the trickier stuff. They simply do not fully grasp the complexities needed in more specialized human-centered scenarios, especially when it comes to sexual health.

The Importance Of Psychology & Sexual Health AI Ethics Consulting

Many aspects of prompt engineering require ethics, cultural awareness, and good old human judgment. They can't quite grasp the nuances that come with handling sensitive topics or making ethical judgments. That's where the human touch comes in, making sure that technology is not just efficient but equipped with emotional intelligence and professionalism.

AI's Challenges With Relationships & Sexual Health

Accessing sexual health information using AI models can be more difficult due to strict content moderation policies and limitations in data. They often overreact and flag your legitimate sexual health inquiries as inappropriate, or they don't give you the full picture.

When talking about sensitive topics like sexual health, AI has difficulty interpreting the subtle details and context. This results in the sharing of misinformation or incomplete data.

Sexual health, in particular, is a tricky area because there are a lot of ethical considerations, different cultural beliefs, and legal issues involved. All of this limits the ability of AI to provide comprehensive and trustworthy information.

I use my skills as a therapist to craft and review intuitive prompts and content in areas like psychology, relationships, and sexual health. My insights into human cognition, behavior, and interactions create a more effective, ethical, and user-centric AI model and results.

Examples Of AI Services

So what can I do for your company? Compelling services such as these:

  • Aid In Developing and Improving Chatbots
  • Provide, Review, or Edit Content Generation
  • Enhance User Experiences
  • Assist in Training AI Models
  • Create Customized AI Responses
  • Provide Sentiment Analysis
  • Explore Ethical AI Development
  • Provide AI Strategy Consulting
  • Act as an AI Ethics Consultant

Related Articles

As an expert in AI around psychology, relationships, and sexuality, here are some of my related articles that cover ethical concerns and upcoming trends:

Prompt Engineering Rates

My prompt engineering rates range from $75 to $175 per hour, depending on the project's complexity, the company's size, and the industry.

Let's Get Started!

I have an outstanding track record of crafting timely and scintillating content that celebrates healthy relationships, sex positivity, inclusivity, and empowerment. Every word I whip up is a celebration of love and positivity! Let’s dance, shall we?

After all, every publication and website needs content to stand out, so shoot me an email at should you want to embark on an exciting collaboration and get the party started!

Desire To Make A Payment?

For payments, I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AmEx), and Discover, in addition to PayPal. I am also open to other forms of payment as well.

Once the work has been completed and receive your approval, I will forward an invoice to facilitate your payment.

Should you prefer, you can also choose to make a direct payment using this PayPal PayMe Link.