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Erotic Night On Bourbon Street

 Erotic Story On Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Erotic Story Submitted By Valley Of Desires

You've surprised me with a trip for Valentine's Day to New Orleans to stay at "The Cornstalk". You happen to know this is one of my biggest fantasies and wanted to fulfill it for me. We arrived at about 2 pm, got our room, had some early dinner out, so we decided to see the French Quarter Nightlife.

We've just passed a bar on Bourbon St. called the Absinth Inn; it's the place I'd told you about earlier, so we go in to check it out since I hadn't been there in many years.

It's dark & dank; there is a band playing inside, and as we walk in, we hear the sultry yet jazzy blues seeping through the smoke-filled tavern. We are sitting down at a table watching the band.

I'm wearing a black skirt and top without a bra or panties. As you're leaning over kissing me you notice other guys looking at us and instinctively put your hand on my upper thigh.

About 2 minutes later, you see the guy at the next table looking down my top. You asked him what he's looking at, and he says a great pair of tits. I'm wondering if you will take that as a compliment or kick his ass. You jest with him jokingly, asking if he would really like to see them, and he returns a quick "yes". So you take my breast outright in there at the bar, and I suck on my nipple for a just bit, stop kiss me deeply and wink back at him as if to say "sweet tit dude"!

I asked you if you were going to offer to share some of it, and you said "nope". But as your lips hit my ivory mountain, your hand went up to my skirt. Mmmmmm as you are doing this, you realize how horny I am and how much you want me, and it can't wait until later, especially after finding that I'm wet very WET indeed. You then turn to the guy and tell him I'm soaking wet, giving him an evil grin, and you kissed me deeply & passionately, letting him know I was yours.

I then slip under the table and unzip your jeans, there's a tablecloth, so no one knows what I'm doing except you and this dude. Mainly because you keep lifting up the cloth so he can see. The waitress comes over and asks you if you want a drink. What are you having handsome and you smile that wickedly sexy smile of yours "MY LADY BUT YOU CAN BRING US SOME MORE LIQUOR" IF ONLY SHE KNEW YOU WERE SERIOUS!

Your shaft in between my hot wet lips, you are fondling my breasts under the table as you order two double shots of southern comfort over ice. She quickly brings it, and you take long, slow sips as I continue to suck your throbbing cock as I'm doing this you realize how much desire I have for you. When I am done sucking you dry and you with the shot, I have just gotten up, and you tell me to go by the bathrooms and wait for you there. I go down the long hall, pee, and as I come out, you are standing there.

I tell you how hot you make me as I pin you up against the wall. Then without a word, you spin me around Ohhhhhh My, bending me over as you start fingering me deeply as you unzip your pants. GIVE IT TO ME…while you're pushing me to my knees, shoving your hard cock in my mouth. You want some more, I see? Yes, so CUM for me!

I start sucking flicking the tip with my tongue on each stroke, wrapping my tongue around the dome ever so softly, then plunging back down the entire shaft.

You stand behind, bending me back over and plunge deep and fast into me. Fuck me right here and fuck me hard and fast. I wondered as you did if we were going to get caught? But I don't think either of us cared less right at this moment I am soooo HOT, and you are soooo HARD as you blow your load deep into me.

You have more to give me, so we leave the bar and head back to the room. On the way back, I see some people approaching us...and pull you into a doorway. Oh yes, baby, you kiss me and say, shhh, I want more right here right now! Take it then, baby, and I kneel down and begin ravaging your sweet cock again.

Faster and deeper I take you with each stroke I tighten my lips around you as I hear you moan gently. I hear you talking dirty to me very softly, which drives me crazy, and you know it. Your fingers are entwined in my hair as you're saying things like - suck it, babe, Not bitch because you know I bite, suck this hard cock. I'm also playing with your ass and push you against a moss-covered wall. I pump your cock faster and faster, and you are enjoying this completely. I hear you saying "OH YES" but keep ongoing.

I want you to give it all to me…Then I'm secretly hoping you'll take me back to the room and tie me up on that big four-poster mahogany bed that has so much satin & lace it just like needs some naughty in it! Just then, you shoot your hot load. I swallow most of it but save just enough kissing you very deeply, making you taste yourself on my sweet mouth.

You take my hand and lead me down the alley and back to the room. We walk in, and there are candles lit all around, purple and red rose petals were strewn all around and exotic oils beside the bed on the nightstand. You do not even notice them as I do because you are looking at me with an evil grin.

You strip me nude and lay me back on the bed, and I don't say a word. You then tie my hands to the bed; I just let u do with me what u want. With my hands tied, you stick your cock at my mouth for me to taste it.

As you do, you finger me deeply and forcibly, then starting to lick me and nibble on my clit, Mmmmmm Ohhhhh My! Then as you are eating my sweet pussy you finger my tight ass OH yeah!

You then take your cock out of my mouth and get between my thighs and plunge your cock into me fast and hard…OH YES! My nipples are hard, and you see they need sucking for a bit then you untie my hands flip me and retie my hands.

Are you going take me now I ask, "yes I am," you say? SO HOT SO SENSUAL, you set yourself behind me and pull my hips up to your raging cock. I WANT YOU SO BAD!

With your hard cock in my pussy you take the lube and squirt some on your hand and fingers rubbing and probing my tight ass, Oh it's the kind that when there's friction, It gets HOT! And you plunge a finger deep in my ass OH BABY!

You can feel my mounting desires, but I am still at your will, and then stop totally. Turning me around and sticking your wet cock in my mouth and make you taste me.

Mmmmmm, "I love you," I hear and reply, "I love you too". You then take me in the ass fast and hard playing with my clit as you do. Sending your sweet load deep in my ass, riding me to beat old glory.

Oh yes, we have a toy we need to try baby; "I NEED TO CUM SOME MORE", don't you? Yes…

Where would you like this toy at right now, you asked? In my pussy, rub my clit & nipples…Yes, give it all to you and me do! I need you to cum for me…god I want to cum all over you! As you plunge that toy deep in my pussy you're starting to feel my muscles getting tighter, and you know I'm going to explode all over us both as we cum together for the ultimate orgasm.

If we died tonight, at least, we could say we've experienced the total "Fantasy" package deal for Valentine's Day.

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