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Valentines Sex Toy Gift Ideas

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Valentines Sex ToysSensual, Romantic & Meaningful

There are plenty of retailers that cater to Valentine's Day who focus on how to get you to buy something romantic without a thought as to how to make your experiences with your special someone meaningful. From jewelry to flowers and everything in-between, we sometimes get lost in the superficial aspects of what is truly romantic. While it is true some things can symbolize one's feelings toward their lover, it is really through the moments of sharing and intimacy that make our lives abundant.

Intimacy & Connection

Remembering this helps us to explore ways to find the connection with one another on Valentine's Day rather than just finding a gift. Anyone can buy something, but it is much more powerful when you share something that brings you closer together. Whether through laughter or even sensual sharing, there are many lovely ways to connect.

When you are thinking about spending your Valentine's Day together, consider making time that you will enjoy by taking a walk, going to dinner, or even making dinner together. However, don't stop there. Try doing something different like enjoying your favorite music and singing or dancing together. Enjoy giving one another a silly or sexy strip tease or sensual massage. Find ways to laugh, share and touch one another so that Valentine's Day becomes about the amazing experience you share rather than just the gifts you buy.

A Time To Revitalize Your Relationship

You can also make Valentine's Day a romantic resolution day where you both share things that you want to do to make your relationship more romantic, fun, and sensual all year long. Taking time to talk about what makes you feel connected and the things you look forward to doing with one another in the year to come can remind both of you how much you enjoy spending time with one another and create a sense of optimism by just thinking of all the fun and sensual experiences you have to look forward to as well.

The moments we share make our life fulfilling and rich, and it is through days such as Valentine's Day that we have a special opportunity to make romantic gestures that are fun and passionate toward those that mean so much to us.

Romantic Ideas

Below are some ideas on how to increase intimacy this Valentine's Day:

Valentine Gift Ideas

Sensual gifts can make Valentine's Day even more fun, but it can feel overwhelming when it comes to determining what sexual products one should buy for a Valentine's gift. That is why we provide extensive sex toy education, and all of our products are body-safe so that no matter what you choose, you know that you are getting a well-made product. Below are some helpful ideas on how to spice things up this coming Valentine's Day.

Sensual Massage

Massage oils, massage oil candles, and body massagers can make a sensual massage even more amazing. Using massage products along with a soft, waterproof throw to keep bedding clean from oils can make your night of romance easy, fun, and one to remember. Explore all of our Sensual Massage Products.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Massage Products

Creative Sex Positions

Creative sexual positions can be enhanced through sex pillows that offer firm yet soft support and are waterproof and stain resistant. In addition, using sex position straps can help easily make sexual positions easier. Explore sex positions with sex toys or amazing sex pillows to make them easier.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Sex Pillows

BDSM Role Play

Using feathers, ticklers, paddles, restraints, and other BDSM role play can be fun and enhance creative sexual play. To learn more about sexual play using BDSM, please see our helpful guide: BDSM Toys & Role Play or explore our Sexual Roleplay Bedroom Gear.

Valentine's Day Role Play BDSM Gear

Adult Gift Sets

Adult gift sets are wonderful for Valentine's Day as they are packaged perfectly for gift giving and feature sensual products for you and your lover to try out. Explore our alluring Adult Gift Sets.

Valentine's Day Adult Gift SetsLuxury Sex Toys

The perfect time to splurge on luxury sex toys is for Valentine's Day to make sensual play more erotic and luxurious. Enjoy knowing that only the best materials and components are used in making our body-safe luxury sex toys for all of your desirable gift-giving needs.

Luxury Sex Toys For Gifts

Sex Toys

We offer a large variety of body-safe sex toys to make your sexual experiences healthy, fun, and erotic. Explore the best sex toys on the market today with the peace of mind that they are the healthiest and best quality products available. Shop Valentine's Day Sex Toys.

Valentine's Day Sex Toys & Gifts

In Closing

We specialize in sexual products that are healthy and fun, so should you need help selecting a gift for someone, please feel free to contact us as we are happy to help you find something special for them to enjoy.

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