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Erotic Reunion

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Free Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

Emma sat in her chair dreaming of the day she would soon kiss his lips again. The mere thoughts of their last encounter sent quivers down her spine. She longed for the way his mouth caressed hers so gently. She wanted to once again feel the warmth of his hands on her aching breasts. She loved the way his hard cock felt sliding inside her moist and inviting pussy. He completed such an animalistic part of her, a part of her that had lain dormant for most of her 27 years. He was something special to her, and it was so much more than just the sexual aspect.

Nelson was the same age as Emma, but he was much wiser than his years. He was an expert on the arts of the female orgasm. Or at least Emma believed him to be. He touched her and sent shivers through every nerve ending in her body. He was a true lover, the kind a woman would only read about in a dime store romance novel. One who would ravage you, leave you breathless, and turn even the timidest woman into a wanton lover.

He was going to be at her house in less than 3 hours. Her heart began to race; her pulse was soaring with thoughts of him. His touch, the feel of his tongue licking her clit, it was all too much. She tried in vain to clear her mind. Nothing worked. He had left this image with her, branded her with his own secret, sexual mark. No man would ever satisfy her the way he could. She would never want another man to try.

Finally, there was a knock at her door. Her heart skipped a beat. She could hardly believe it was really him. Months of being separated from the heat that he provided her would finally be over. She would finally be able to breathe and feel like she could live again.

She slowly opened the door, anticipating the smile on his sexy face, and she was not disappointed. He grabbed the sides of her face with both hands as gently as a person would pick a delicate flower. He slowly lowered his mouth to hers. Their lips met and provided the life source each other had been missing for months. Their tongues met in a welcoming dance, delighting in each other. She melted with his touch. She longed for Nelson to ravish her, tear off all her clothes and make her his once again.

Nelson was going to make this a night Emma would never forget. He had wanted so much to be around her all the time, so tonight he was going to make the time they did have last forever. He wanted to make sure that when Emma lay alone at night, it was thoughts of his throbbing cock that fueled her sexual thoughts when she rubbed her clit in ecstasy. He knew he already was and something about that made his penis swell. Just thoughts of her made him swell. Who was he kidding; her touch had poisoned him as much as he did to her. They were forever connected.

Nelson took Emma by the hand and led her up the stairs to the bedroom. He slowly shut the door behind them, locking out the rest of the world. Nothing mattered except they were together. He turned off all of the lights and maneuvered about the room, lighting the perfect amount of candles. This was all just an attempt to make it more special.

Emma stood there, not knowing if her knees could support herself much longer. Finally, he came to her. He planted the most sexual kiss on her supple lips, taking in every bit of strength she had left in her body, enveloping her with him. He slowly pushed Emma on her back, half lying on the bed. He then reached for the waistline of her pants, slowly unbuttoning them with his mouth. He then slid up her body with his hands to her firm, large breasts. Cupping them ever so lightly, Nelson began to torture her nipples, making them ache and stand erect. Then he started unbuttoning her blouse. He wanted so badly to rip all of her clothes off and take her sweet nipples in his mouth, but he used restraint. He knew in time he would taste their juiciness and smell the woman's scent that owned his soul.

Emma slid her hands down the front of him. She knew he was hers. She worked her hands down to his waistline. She hurriedly unfastened his pants and felt them slide to the floor. She knew now there was no turning back. She was going to be ruined for all time. She would need his heat to make her thrive.

They lay side by side on the queen-sized bed, half-nude. Nelson reached for her breasts again. This time Emma didn't hesitate; it was almost like she knew what he thought before he even knew himself. She arched her back, laying her breasts right in his inviting, strong hands. She began to feel a tingle in her clit and warmth growing between her thighs.

Nelson sliding his mouth up to replace the hold his hands had on her breasts, hovered just above her skin, drinking in the way she smelled. He couldn't wait to taste her, all of her. He slowly reached behind Emma's back, unleashing the hold her flimsy sheer bra had on her large mounds. He sighed to himself and then lowered his mouth all the way.

"I feel like I am going to die if I don't at least taste some of your candies, my love," he whispered in a breathy tone. He began his descent down her body. He felt her quiver and squirm. They both knew what was coming, and it was going to be heaven.

Nelson met the rim of her panties with a soft, teasing kiss. The kind that almost tickles but feels so good. He slid her legs apart slowly, feeling the fire that just a few simple touches and kisses had fueled. He was so pleased with himself that the reaction he was getting was almost physically too hard to contain. He felt the ache of his lonely cock in his boxers. He longed to slide it deep inside Emma's hot pussy. He needed that. But it would have to wait.

Using only his mouth, Nelson rid Emma of her wet panties. He kissed all of her, trailing his tongue down the insides of her thighs. He needed to eat that peach that was waiting for him. He needed it like one needs air. His thoughts consumed him so much he just dove right in and devoured her. He spread the lips of her pussy apart and slid his tongue deep inside. He began licking all of the juices his kisses had created.

"My God, baby you taste so much better than I ever remember, I need to have all of you," he told her as he began to lose the ability to speak or even concentrate on anything other than the two of them.

"Take me, Nelson," she said, gasping for air." I want to feel your tongue sliding around on my clit. I want to feel you thrust your tongue inside me as you make me cum. I want you to lick me so long and suck me dry."

He gladly went back to work. For him giving Emma pleasure was enough, almost more satisfying than his own volcanic orgasms she aided him with. He licked in small circles around her clit, dancing around it but never placing direct pressure on her growing mound. Then he slowly took it in his mouth, gently sucking on it. He knew he could only make her feel this way.

Emma lay on the bed, moaning with pleasure. She gasped for air and tried hard not to lose control. The hold she had on the bed's headboard was about to make her hands ache, but she didn't care. She arched her pussy into him. She thrust her hips with every flick of his hot tongue on her pussy. She was on the brink of erupting. Emma's breaths became very heavy and quick. He smiled inside, knowing she was about to quench his thirst for the taste of her cum.

Moving his tongue faster, Nelson brought Emma over the edge of sanity and made her whole body shake. He knew in a few seconds she would break. Faster and faster, his tongue swirled. He then swallowed her clit in his mouth. That was all it took.

"Yes," she screamed out in relief. "I am going to cum," she belted out loud enough to wake the whole town up. Her body shook and writhed beneath his mouth for what seemed like hours. She felt so complete.

He went up to her mouth and placed a kiss on her dry lips. She had lost all moisture with the heavy panting he had caused. They kissed forever, her way of thanking him for her relief.

Emma then pushed Nelson flat on his back." My turn," she said as she licked her lips, letting him know of her plans. She lowered her head down to his aching cock. She took her tongue and licked the head of his throbbing shaft, and smiled. "MMMM, you taste like heaven yourself," she said with a devilish grin, right before she took him inside her mouth. She slowly slid inch by inch of his hard cock inside her mouth, taking him as deep as he would go. She needed to taste him and lick him just as badly as he did her.

Emma slid his cock in and out, twirling her tongue around every inch, taking in every curve and ridge. She moved her mouth to suck on his balls. Taking each one to the inside and sucking them. Then she worked her tongue back up to the shaft, flicking her tongue along the way. She took him in again, but not slowly this time. She bobbed up and down on him with fury. She felt him slide his hand back down between her thighs to that naughty place.

"Emma, you are getting all wet again, my love," he said as he slid a finger inside her drenched pussy. She loved the way he touched her. She sucked his cock like a person trying to drain the venom from a rattlesnake bite, and he fingered her pussy. She began to feel his cock twitching as she felt another orgasm building for herself.

"I want to feel you swallow all of me, Emma; take my cock deep inside your mouth," Nelson said." I need to cum in your mouth and watch you taste me."

She obliged him. She wanted it as badly as he did. She took him deep inside her feeling the shakes growing stronger until he couldn't hold back anymore, spilling all of his hot desire in her mouth. She took in every last drop. She even licked him clean when it was all over.

Nelson immediately flipped her on her back on the bed. She didn't expect what was happening. He covered her breasts with his mouth again. Sucking her nipples like a man that hadn't eaten in months. He spread apart her legs and, in the same motion, slide his throbbing manhood inside her.

"Ohhhhhh." was all he could manage to mutter out as he just lay inside her for a moment, not moving at all. "I feel like I am finally home again," he followed.

Emma lifted her hips to invite his cock deeper inside her. She needed him to fuck her now. She didn't have the ability to wait anymore as she ground her pelvis against him. He knew that signal. He began thrusting his cock in her, slowly at first. Sliding in all the way in and then out again. He was making her feel like she was going to die from sheer ecstasy.

"Nelson, don't torture me like this baby. I have waited for months for you. Make me feel whole again." she begged of him. She knew it was taking all his will to not fuck her like there was no tomorrow. He had even said that in their conversations. He needed her just like she needed him.

With that being said, Nelson rolled Emma on her side, never losing the connection between his cock and her wet pussy. She moaned for him. He slid deep inside her, filling all of her with just one thrust. He started pounding her pussy harder and harder. He was so deep inside her. She rocked her hips to meet every thrust with such force. She needed to be dominated by him, ruled by him. She was his forever, and there was no turning back.

Their bodies rocked together, almost like a song's chorus, building to the grand crescendo that was about to happen. They were like two molded into the one they were together. They did complete each other. Emma and Nelson kissed and explored all of each other, feeling every inch of the heat between them.

"Emma, your skin is like velvet. I long to touch it when I am not around. You are an amazing woman, baby. Are you ready to explode my love, because I am," he said with an assured tone. With that, he grabbed tightly onto her ass, pulling her as close as two people can be. He filled her pussy with his release, triggering the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, not mentioning all of the little ones during moments earlier that he had triggered along the way.

After it was all over, they just held each other, kissing, caressing, and still wedged deep inside her, not wanting to leave. Emma and Nelson drifted off to sleep like that. Not wanting to let go of the feeling they had experienced that night, or what was to come in the future. All they knew was it was going to be wonderful and fulfilling.

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