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Her First Swingers Party

man embracing woman from behind, Swingers Party story 

Swingers Party Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

My boyfriend Tom and I had been going through a period where we were just not feeling very passionate about one another. We had talked about ways we could spice things up, including opening up our relationship to other couples, but we had not really pursued anything.

Finally, we decided to go on a romantic trip to the city, we had booked a nice hotel room and a lovely restaurant to have dinner. We had planned to meet our friends Sally and Dustin after dinner, who had an apartment just a few blocks from where we were eating.

After a sumptuous dinner, we headed over to our friend's place. As we knocked on the door, Sally opened it looking very sexy and welcomed us in. I was a little surprised to see other people there. It looked like they were having a party as there were a few other couples there. We were given some tasty and strong tropical drinks that made the conversation flow much more easily.

After chatting with the guests for about a half an hour, Sally excitedly announced that it was time to pair off. I was really confused and stood there for a moment with my mouth open watching as couples started walking off with other partners. I shyly asked Sally what was going on, and she told me that she thought I knew that this was a swingers party.

I was shocked but also excited as Tom, and I hadn't had sex in a long time, and our relationship had lost any sign of passion. I looked at Tom to see if he had known, and he just smiled and shrugged as if to say that he had, and it was okay if I wanted to go but would love it if we stayed.

As soon as I smiled and shrugged as if to say let's give it a go, a tall, dark, and very handsome man approached me. He introduced himself as Paul, and before I knew it, I was being whisked into one of the bedrooms with him. It was an office, and there was a comfortable couch for us to use. We made some small talk and noticing I was nervous; he suggested that he give me a back rub to loosen me up a bit as we spoke.

I happily agreed, and his strong muscular hands melted my body underneath my clothing. I had not realized how much stress I had been holding onto, and this was heavenly. The massage lasted for about ten minutes, and before I knew it, Paul was beginning to kiss the back of my neck. His hot tongue began making its way around to my ear lobe, and then as I turned to face him, we began passionately kissing.

His body was so muscular and firm, and he lifted me with ease and placed me on the couch. He began slowly removing my clothing, and it felt wonderful to let go and to see the desire he had for me with every article of clothing removed. Soon he was also undressed and lying on top of me with his huge, rock hard cock throbbing against my leg. He sucked on my nipples, and I could feel the wetness moving through me more and more until I could feel my arousal running down my thigh.

Feel him grind his hard cock into my leg was sending me over the edge. I wanted to feel him so badly that it was difficult to restrain myself from screaming out for more. I slid my hands down his back and over his ass and started to glide him up until his hard shaft was nestled in-between my wet, pink pussy lips. He slid up and down while rubbing my clit, which sent me into a frenzy. Moaning and breathing heavily, I grabbed his ass hard and pleased with him. Please, please fuck me.

He parted my eager pussy lips with the wide tip of his cock, and I knew I was in for a wild ride. As he slowly thrust into me, I took a deep breath inward, almost alarmed at how overwhelmed my pussy felt by being so full of his cock. He thrust in and out, slowly seeing that I was overwhelmed by his size. I began to shutter and convulse while moaning more and more until I came so hard, contracting down hard on his throbbing cock inside of me.

Even though I came hard, I wanted more of him. I breathlessly whispered to him that I wanted to taste him, so we positioned ourselves where I was now on top of him and sucking his fat cock into my salivating mouth. I used my hand to slide down the full length of his cock as I could barely get my mouth halfway down without having to unhinge my jaw like a snake. He began to moan as my mouth enveloped his head, and it pressed into the back of my throat. I used my other hand to lightly caress his balls, and he began to contort and thrust as I did so.

Just as I thought he was about to cum, he pulled me up, turned me around, and took me doggie style. I was already so wet from having orgasmed before that his cock readily slid inside my pussy. He thrust with vigor this time, sending me over the edge quite quickly. I am not sure how many times I came as he fucked me, but it was the most incredible fucking I have ever had. Wave after wave of orgasms left me dizzy, and when he finally came, I was spent. His cock spurt his juices up my back, and he grunted and moaned with relief as he unleashed his load onto me.

Afterward, we snuck into the bathroom, showered, made out, and met up with other couples who looked as though they had just as much fun as we did. Tom and I left without saying a word until we got home.

Let's just say we will be returning to the city soon.

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