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True Swingers Story

women kissing, swingers club story
True Swingers Story Submitted By Tasty Latina

I was invited by my girlfriend at the time to go to a swingers bar one night for some public sex. While getting ready, my girlfriend arrived at my apartment and knocked at the door; I had to open the door while still wet and with a towel wrapped around my body.

With wet skin and hair, I opened the door and let her in, telling her that I would jump back in the shower to finish. Jumped in the shower, and to my surprise, 10 seconds later, my girlfriend followed me in. She jumped in the shower with me, with my back facing her, she rapidly pressed her beautiful breasts against my back.

I could feel the piercings on both of her nipples on my back as her nipples became erect. She started then feeling my hips, and her hands found their way to my own breasts. Feeling her hands rubbing and playing with my nipples while she was softly kissing my neck got me wet, and I could feel my clit pounding of excitement.

Then one of her hands slowly went down to my wet and aroused pussy, and she began playing with my clit. With every soft caress, I was closer and closer to climax. As I was almost ready to reach that impending orgasm, the phone rang. We had to stop our passionate moment in the shower so that I could finish getting ready to go to the swingers club since her husband was already waiting at the club as the party had started.

I finished dressing, and we left for the swingers club without a moment to delay. On our way there, we were both holding hands quietly, anticipating the excitement of the evening. Occasionally we would glance at one other with a smile and a giggle or two. Once we arrived at the swingers club, we went in, and the place was packed. Couples everywhere; some were chatting and having a beer while others had their hands busy caressing one another, including other people's wives or husbands.

We finally met up with my girlfriend's husband, and we both greeted him with a kiss. We were ready to order a drink and hit the dance floor quickly as we had been quite excited to get down to enjoying the party. I had been at that swingers club before, but that night was especially busy, and I personally didn't know many of the couples there.

We got our drinks, and before going to the dance floor, we went back to the table where her husband was so we could leave the drinks with him. It took about ten minutes once we got to the table before we were able to leave and hit the dance floor since we both wanted to finish the drinks before leaving.

The music was playing loud, and couples were making out everywhere, and it provided a highly erotic scene. We were having a great time laughing and making out, and since we both had our very strong drinks already, we could already feel the buzz. The music shifted, and they were now playing slower songs, and couples began to get even more intimate with one another.

We looked at one other and embraced harder, engaging in a long, hard passionate kiss right in the middle of the floor surrounded by other couples that were looking at us while they themselves were starting to make out. Our pink tongues flicked one another as we were fucking each other's mouths, moving slowly to the music, and running our hands up and down our bodies.

The first song wasn't nearly long enough as we were enjoying ourselves so much that we wanted more. I have to admit that I was really enjoying the attention of everyone around us, and the idea of being sexual with others watching was very arousing to me.

As a faster song began, we left the dance floor to go back to the table. Once we arrived there, my girlfriend's husband had some company. A new couple that they were friends with had joined them. They were also heavily involved in the swinger lifestyle.

After some quick introductions, the girls sat down on one side of the table (me in-between the other two), and I knew I was going to be involved in something very sexual. We order a second round of drinks, and halfway through, the other women began to caress my thighs through my stockings.

Their touch made my skin shiver with desire, and my pussy became quite wet as I felt one of them run their fingers up further and further until she was fully under my skirt and pulling aside my wet panties. The other began unbuttoning my blouse and pulling down my bra. My breasts were exposed, and the thought of someone watching was turning me on even more.

My girlfriend began finger fucking me, and I began moaning and spread my legs. The men slid the table to the side so they were able to get a full view of what the girls were doing to me, and I loved the idea of them watching. I could see their erections through their pants.

My girlfriend began inserting a third finger and was really thrusting in and out of me as my pussy juice ran down her fingers and swirled around her wrist. The other woman began sucking my breasts and put her leg over one of my legs, pressing her pussy into my thigh. Her mouth was deliciously warm, and I could feel myself getting ready to orgasm.

With the combination of both of them paying such great attention to both my breasts and pussy, I didn't notice that my hips had started to move and I was moaning louder and louder. The more attention they gave me, the better it felt. My clit was so swollen that with the next time she rubbed her finger against my clit at the same time she was finger fucking my pussy I climaxed hard screaming in ecstasy.

I was orgasming so hard that I barely noticed that at that very same moment, the music stopped for a moment, and my screaming made everyone in the swingers club look over at the display of sexual bliss I was experiencing. It added even more to my release, and I felt elated. The night continued on and got even more interesting, but I will save that story for another day.

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