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Lover's Reunion

Fireplace, glass of wine, erotic story, Lover's Reunion 

Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

The train pulled into the station, a familiar feeling of excitement reaching his stomach, only the third time he had seen her, but already he could map out her entire body in his mind as he stood on the platform daydreaming.

Now he was concentrating on his "girl" coming off the train; he so wanted to plant a passionate kiss on her. He saw her long golden hair blowing slightly in the cold wind; she smiled as she spotted him, and held her arms out as she neared him, giving him a squeeze. The kiss being slow and seductive, lasting for what felt like hours; he didn't want to let her go but at the same time wanted to grab her, rush her to his house and make love to her for hours.

They walked toward his car with some small talk. There was always a little nervous chat at the beginning, but as they spent more time together, they became closer and in tune with each other, knowing exactly what they wanted and needed. Eventually stopping and going into his house, into the warmth of his sitting room, a blazing open fire greeted them, inviting them to sit beside it.

He wanted to make the most of this evening everything being just right, furry carpet on the floor at the fire, wine chilling in the fridge, feminine music playing softly in the background, he wanted this night to be just right.

He knew that this would be one of their last nights together for a while, and everything had to be just perfect; he wanted so much to please her in every little way possible tonight; nothing could go wrong.

Placing her bag onto his couch she gave the room the once over smiling as he stood behind her and put his arms around her and squeezed her tightly, she turned around, whispering how perfect everything was. He began to kiss her neck, tenderly gently biting; he could hear her sighing. Knowing how much she loved being kissed there made him feel so good knowing he pleased her.

He took her hand and walked her toward the fire, undressing her slowly, never a word spoken. Eyes dazzling in the heat of the roaring fire, she stood there naked, the flames of the fire casting light onto her beautiful curves, filling his eyes with an amazing sight that he craved for when they weren't together.

Now here she was, nude, warm and wanting him so badly. Feeling connected and in the moment, he began to take his clothes off in a rush; he longed to be pressed against her with their nude bodies entangling.

Listening to the crackling of the fire as he traced his tongue over her belly, he kneeled down and parted her legs slightly, just enough to get the tip of his tongue into her. This was just a sweet reminder of her sweet taste. Licking and swirling, he continued until she came. As she breathlessly moaned, he slid back, keeping eye contact with her as he began to stand up again.

Grabbing her hair, he made a motion for her to return the favor and kneel down beside him, she did so showing her desire to please him. As she pulled his hard penis into her mouth, sucking gently tasting his sweet pre-cum, he pulled onto her hair harder now; he knew how much that turned her on, the more he pulled, the more her body went into spasm and the more she pulled him deep into her mouth.

He grabbed her and pulled her up, telling her he didn't want to cum yet, he wanted this to last for hours. He laid her down and parted her legs so wide this time, giving himself a wonderful view of inside her, pink and juicy wet. She was slightly squirming at every gentle touch he made.

He lay between her legs and began to suck on her now, pushing his tongue so deep inside her tasting her slightly sweet creamy juices, flicking her clit with his tongue, hearing how much this made her moan in ecstasy knowing she was going to cum once more. He knew exactly where to lick and suck, and she was moaning loudly, grabbing his head. She wanted his tongue as deep into her body as he could.

Suddenly she grabbed onto his back, gripping fiercely as her body arched, and she came like lightning, fast and electric screaming with the intensity of the feeling.

Kissing her all over as she relaxed she needed a few minutes to enjoy the intensity of this orgasm, he let her regain her breath as he continued to kiss her body. She had never felt orgasms like this; it was all new to her; she wanted more...and that is exactly what she got.

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