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A Glimpse Into Making Love

black man embracing white woman, Making Love erotic story

Interracial Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

Dusk was starting to set over the peach orchards, the darkness closing in slowly as a panther stalking its prey, a cool breeze blows calmly inward toward the town. On the old balcony, sits a young woman as her short blond hair wisps softly around her shoulders and neck. The setting sun gives her skin a soft glow, giving her the appearance of an angel. Her soft white sweater around her shoulders complimented her deep beautiful eyes staring out, her mind lost in a soulful bliss, the type coming only from true happiness. Her smile is evident of such emotion that he can sense it.

Out of nowhere, his strong hands come from behind her, gently grabbing her breasts. Her heart jumps to her throat as she feels his breath pass by her ear. Whispering softly in her ear, he tells her that he can no longer wait to have her, taste her, and feel her wrapped around his manhood. Taking her inside, he slowly walked her upstairs; images of her when she was naked before he flooded his memory. Placing her on the bed, he teased her. He pulls her up against his body and starts to kiss her neck softly, working his way inch by inch down to her shoulders.

She takes deep breaths as all of her silent passion starts to work its way to the surface, her eyes closing to enjoy the lustful feeling of his lips kissing down her shoulders. Slipping one hand around to her back, he undoes the clasps of her black lace bra, letting his fingers slide under the straps, pushing them down her arms and off her body.

Placing it near her blouse, he lets his fingers gently run up from her waist to her large, firm breasts that only a teenager should have, he gently rubs her nipples until they stand erect. Moving back to kiss her neck again, with an occasional nibble, he begins to massage her breasts and letting his thumbs play with her now hard nipples even more as they stand up full and hard. Her breath starts to get a little shorter and quicker as he continues to tease her while making her head swim as he lovingly kisses her neck.

Turning around in his arms and slowly making him lay down on his back, she starts to move down his body with her hands, reaching his sweats. She slowly slides them down, until his cock, which has grown in length and is throbbing, pops up like a "jack-in-the-box". Her pussy getting more wet seeing his cock so full in length and knowing it is all hers to use tonight as she wishes.

She takes his cock entirely in her mouth and starts to suck it all the way to the base and head. His body shakes and quivers as her tongue and mouth work his hard, erect dick into a frenzy. Sliding his hand between her legs, he wets his fingers in her sweet cum, bringing his fingers up to taste her sweet, sticky nectar. Licking them clean, he slides them between her legs again to get them wet.

He moves his fingers slowly at first massaging her pussy lips, then her clit and just to be a tease, dipping his fingers in and out of her sweet honey pot. Feeling his fingers pleasure her wet pussy, her mind going crazy with ecstasy, she reaches in between his legs to grab his cock by the shaft and stroking it in a full motion. As her pussy starts to drip, he moves his attention to her little clit ring sticking out and begins to rub in a circular motion. All the while, her breathing is becoming short and quick as she can't help but enjoy the feeling of how wonderful his fingers feel moving in and around her tight, little pussy.

Knowing that all he wants is to make her happy and give her the most pleasure possible, she gets turned on even more as her body starts to tremble and shake. Right at the moment, she feels like she's going to erupt with pleasure; he leans in kissing her as his fingers finish pushing her over the edge, their kiss breaking as she arcs her back. He continues to rub her pussy now, drenched in her cum and slowly builds her to another orgasm. Sitting up she positions herself over his cock, looking into his eyes that are hungry with passion as her own is filled with sexual lust, she lowers herself down on his cock, feeling it fill her up completely.

Slowly as she rocks her hips feeling his cock moving around deep inside of her, she starts to massage her nipples and squeeze her breasts. Moving her hips up and down, she begins to ride him like a bull as he drives his hips up to meet hers, and the sound of flesh pounding flesh echoes through the empty house. After a few minutes, she lies on his chest, and he grabs her by her hips and begins a steady pumping of her sweet pussy, and at the same time he wets his finger from her wet cunt and inserts the finger into her little brown hole, and she groans wildly. She knew he was getting close.

He rolls over on top of her, sliding in between her legs, lifting her legs over his shoulder and back against her large breast and starts thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy feeling each time as his hard dick hits the back of her vagina, causing her to gasp each time it goes all the way in. Her hands start grabbing at the sheets as her body is filled with ecstasy feeling his thick cock sliding in and out of her.

Once again changing position, she gets on her hands and knees as he positions himself behind her and starts slowly, sliding his cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy. He begins with each thrust increasing speed to start pounding her again. Her moans and gasps for air as the power of his thrusts and the size of his cock bring her close to cuming again. Moving his hands from her ass to her hips, he thrusts in deeper, causing her body to shake once again with another orgasm.

Scratching the walls and screaming his name, she could no longer hold back as he pinned her down to the bed by holding her wrists, faced buried in the big fluffy pillows on her bed. With one full thrust, he erupted inside of her, and she feels the hot pulsating cock as it sends a flood of his semen deep inside of he already dripping cunt until it runs out of her onto her thighs and down the cheeks of her ass, their lovemaking complete and satisfying.

She tries to catch her breath, "Breathe, baby..." He said in a husky voice. Hearing that, she came and came again.

Holding her as they drifted off to sleep, she told him that she loved him and drifted off into dreamland...

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