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The Movie Producer & Erotic Dancer

Erotic dancer sitting in chair with hat tilted

Erotic Story Submitted By Natasha Simms

I had just turned 18, and I was done with normal jobs. Half my paycheck went to taxes, and the bank and I had always been curious about dancing. So with a lot of nerve and peppermint schnapps, I became a stripper. This was back in the day when at the place I danced, you had a 12-inch rule and had to dance behind a big piece of wood and a make-shift stage.

I had been dancing for about six months when a couple of hours before my shift was over, something black and shiny caught my attention. Now at that time, I was too vain to wear glasses, but I knew a fellow geek when I saw one. I had never seen one in that club, so I was intrigued. We had to sell drinks and sit with the customers, and there was no choice about it. We would get a few bucks from the tips for drinks, but we didn't do it for the money. I didn't anyway. I knew some other girl would be on him if I didn't hurry, so I did. When I finally got close, I saw that he was wearing an official Star Gate Coat for the movie that was about to be released.

This was a movie that I was so excited to see! So, that is how I started the conversation. Not only did we talk about all kinds of sci-fi stuff, but he told me he was the writer/producer of the much-anticipated film Star Gate and that he was in town for the convention. Being who I am, I thought he was full of BS. It was too good to be true. Even after he came to my stage and threw 20s, 50s, and a couple of hundreds, I was still skeptical. He also bought me drinks.

I wanted to believe it, but I had a healthy skepticism. As our night ended, he invited me to his room. He told me that I could just come and get free tickets to the convention. No expectations. He would even pay for my taxi. To be honest, I thought he was charming in a geeky sort of way. He was smart and kind and a gentleman.

Despite how much he tipped me, he never grabbed or groped once. I liked him quite a bit but too nervous about going home with a stranger. I kissed him on the cheek and went home. Yet, it was all I could think about. My relationship was a mess at the time. I hurt, and I was with someone that was emotionally unavailable. To be honest, I liked the attention of stripping. I thought about it some more.

He could be full of shit and leave me screwed with a cab bill. Screw it. I would have rather seen what happened than to regret it for the rest of my life. So I grabbed enough money to get me back and forth, called him, and told him I had decided to come and then called a cab and hoped I wasn't foolish. I had never even thought about going home with a customer. But I wanted to believe him. I did believe him, but I was still worried.

When I got there, he was outside waiting and opened my door for me and then as promised he paid for the cab. I must admit that it made me feel a little better . I was actually in awe of the hotel. It was huge and expensive. He said the convention was paying for it, but still, I was a little impressed. I don't remember much about the room. It was late, and I was a little tired. He was a gentleman and asked me if I was hungry. I figured why not and ordered fruit. He even let me chose a movie from pay per view. It was The Crow.

He fixed me a drink. He was generous and charming and a nerd. I couldn't help but like him. We watched the movie for a little bit when he offered to give me a massage. How could I say no? A charming movie producer wanted to give ME a massage. His hands were soft and smooth, and it wasn't long before I started to moan.

I turned over, and he started to massage my stomach and legs. He moved up towards my breasts, and I let him. He was gentle as he slowly moved my top up and began to kiss my breasts, running his tongue over each nipple, then taking them right into his mouth and sucked each of them one after the other.

Arching my back, I moaned more enthusiastically. After a few moments, he moved up for a passionate kiss. Then he began to peel the jeans off my tight little body. He placed light kisses on my hips and thighs. Then I felt his soft wet mouth between my legs. His kisses were soft and sweet, which soon had me digging my nails into the sheets. My moans seemed to excite him, and soon he was hard and pressed against me. He was ready, but I wanted to taste him first.

He was hard and yet smooth in my mouth. I circled my tongue and sucked him deep down my throat. He moaned and thrust a little bit further. I sucked his thick cock until I could feel him getting close. I didn't mind him cumming in my mouth, but I wanted to feel him inside me.

I stopped and kissed him on the cheek, then pulled him to me. With one quick thrust, he was inside me. Our bodies met with quick hard thrusts. Our moans grew louder. I wrapped my legs around him and kissed his neck, pulling him deeper inside me. He leaned down and kissed me, then took my nipple into his mouth, making my pleasure grow. I could feel him growing bigger, harder. He was close. I kissed his neck and moaned his name. It seemed to push him over the edge, and with a few more powerful thrusts, he was cumming inside me.

We lay together our bodies spent, touching and caressing for a few moments more. He didn't rush me, but I didn't want to overstay my welcome. He kissed me once more, and I was on my way.

He was a gentleman and saw me to the cab and paying too, telling me if I still wanted to go to the convention to come back in the morning. I went home to find I forgot my key and had to climb through the window and got what sleep I could.

In the morning, I was up again and back at his hotel, only this time he gave me tickets, spending cash for an outfit and the car ride back and forth and to the convention. I was so excited. I had sort of believed him, but it wasn't real until I saw him on the panel. I couldn't believe it. I had met and slept with someone slightly famous. He looked very sexy, and I could tell he was looking at me, so I made sure to flash him a few times. He smiled but never missed a beat.

When it was over, he again gave me money to do a little shopping if I wanted, but I had to get home. He kissed me one last time and told me he wished he could stay and what a wonderful time he had. He was so sweet and nerdy and kind. I honestly had a good time with him. I would miss him and still think of him once in a while. Proud of myself for liking him for who he was, not what he was. I would never see him again, but the memory will last forever.

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