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Mutual Maturbation

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Mutual Masturbation Sex Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

This is a true story. It's erotic in its simplicity.

I have always had an interest in mutual masturbation. To my disappointment, my wife had not shared my interest until these events...

Years ago, when we were in our early 30's, we would often shower together. (She is blonde, average build, B cup, with a beautiful, very full blonde bush.) I would scratch her back and shampoo her hair, and I was usually rewarded with a quick hand-job. One evening, as I was about to join her in the shower, the phone rang. I foolishly went to answer the phone.

After a brief conversation, I hung up and hopped in the shower. She had already begun to shampoo her hair. I began to wash myself, and when I got to my cock it began to stiffen. I said, " it looks like you started without me, so I'll continue on my own."

I began to stroke my cock expecting her to take over quickly. Somewhat to my surprise, she simply continued to shampoo her hair while watching me jerk off. This situation was a big turn on for me. I tried to enjoy her interest in my stroking for a while, but it wasn't long before I was ready to cum. I aimed my load at her pussy but missed the mark. I shot several huge ropes of cum onto her thigh, next to her glistening blonde bush, and watched my sticky load slowly slide down her thigh. Again, to my surprise, she just finished her shower without comment.

About a week later, we were sitting on the couch watching an adult video, and both pretty turned on. I knelt on the floor between her legs and pulled off her panties and began to finger her dripping wet pussy. I gently rubbed her clit while slowly thrusting my cock in her moist cunt. It was kind of an awkward angle, and I wasn't making much progress stimulating her clit.

Apparently, my masturbation in the shower made her a little more comfortable with the idea because she decided to help out by slipping her middle finger between her pussy lips and working her clit. The sight of her finger sliding in and out of her wet pussy lips, deep in her blonde bush was just too much. I had to pull out so I wouldn't cum immediately.

After a few minutes, I could tell she had reached the point of no return, so I again buried my cock in her cunt. She immediately exploded in an intense orgasm. I drove in as deep as I could and didn't need to thrust. Her pussy contractions did all the work, grasping my cock and pulling the cum right out of me. It was by far the best orgasm I have ever had. I fell forward on her and kissed her neck and ears as we both began to finally relax.

We agreed that watching one another masturbate was definitely something we would be doing more of, and next time we were going to get really creative.

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