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The Neglected Wife

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Erotic Story Submitted By Bobjj123

Kathleen Maddenly was a woman like we see every day. At 5'8" tall and 140 pounds, she was not particularly beautiful, yet she had a derriere and breasts that were certainly pleasing to the eyes observant male's eyes. Her long, brown shoulder-length hair framed a face with fine feminine features, a freckled ruddy complexion, and beautiful big blue eyes. Kathleen, or Kat, as she preferred to be called, had married right out of college after feeling fortunate to have attracted Robert McCorey's attentions while still a junior at the university. Rob had been a bit shy and awkward at first but soon fell deeply in love with her… and her with him.

During their senior year at the university, they had been close, more intimate than either had ever been before, and struggled to save themselves for marriage. Of course, as they grew more intimate, the struggle to remain virgins became more difficult. There had been times when it'd seemed almost too much, and only their strong love and respect had prevented their coming together for coitus.

It'd been graduation week and a week filled with exciting events in their lives that they'd imbibed rather heavily in wine at a graduation party and with the effects of the wine diminishing their resistance; they'd gone to Kat's room at the dorm and quickly gave themselves to each other. It'd been a quick seduction and rather a mutual one as they began to shed their clothes and kissed in their very familiar manner.

When Rob's hands reached out to touch her bra covered breasts for the first time, it wasn't so familiar. They'd moved awkwardly as they explored new feelings and emotions that first time and they moved swiftly to begin the sought after coitus. Soon, they stood nude, facing each other and might have enjoyed the feeling of flesh against flesh as they played, but both felt a sense of urgency, and in minutes, Kat had found herself on her back on the bed and Rob moving over her; it was what she wanted. It was what she craved. Still, out of respect for his fiancé, Rob had stopped his pursuit of her to ask, "Are you sure about this?" The look in her eyes had said it all; she was ready.

Kat lay, waiting as Rob moved over her. She was filled with mixed emotions. She'd been a virgin and had all the natural fears of the first time, but she'd also been deeply in love and wanted, more than anything, to be with Rob - to experience the ultimate closeness with him. She wondered if she could please him. Then, she'd felt it - the big cock that Rob was slowly driving into her. It moved slowly, and there was pain.

Though she was pretty certain that her hymen had been broken during a sports competition years before, she recalled the pain. Soon, she'd felt herself filled - the friction of Rob's entry stopped and the pain receding. It wasn't passion-filled coitus or one filled with fantastic emotion as the inexperienced couple worked to gain familiarity. It had been, rather, a practice run to prepare for their honeymoon the following week.

Then, Rob and Kat were married and set about building a life for them. They'd been deeply in love and spent most of their available time in bed perfecting their love. It was a perfect marriage, one they both respected. As they'd settled into their new house and Rob received steady promotions at work, Kat had found she was pregnant, the result of a careless afternoon tryst. Of course, the young lovers were delighted. The years passed quickly as the family quickly grew to include three daughters who grew up to be healthy specimens of womanhood and went off to the university. Kat's life was devoted to raining these three wonderful daughters, and her life was generally devoted to that task.

As with most married couples, their life was totally devoted to family. Rob continued to work long and hard at his profession to support his family in the best possible way, and their own relationship suffered even as they felt no change. They still loved each other as much as ever. Then, the daughters went off to the university and lives of their own, and Kat and Rob were alone together in their home again. The nest was empty.

It was then that Kat began to feel a need; a need for the old loving that she and Rob had once enjoyed. Rob, of course, was managing a very successful career, and though they didn't need all the extra income anymore, he worked long and hard. He must build a nice nest egg for the kids. He must keep up his responsibilities to his company. Besides, he enjoyed the hard work. Seeking to entice Rob back into their old ways.

Kat had purchased a sexy new negligee and begun to take care of her body. It was the body that had once held Rob's undivided attention. She went to the gym and developed her muscle tome. In a month, she'd gotten into the best condition in her life and even got a few looks from the men around the gym. At home, Rob continued to work long hours and arrived home totally fatigued. He also failed to notice the new negligee that his wife wore. For Kat, life was more difficult with each passing day. With Rob, she'd grown to enjoy sex and had built up needs and desires that seemed to demand attention. She needed Rob to suppress those needs and desires. As the days passed and her needs got stronger, she began to consider alternate solutions, and eventually, the idea of another man came to mind.

Of course, she quickly dismissed the idea, there were her marriage vows, and she loved her husband. The weeks wore on, and her needs became more demanding as she fought those needs in her mind. It was as she stood admiring herself in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom that an idea began to form. Fresh from the shower, still feeling clean and pure, that an idea began to form. As she stood looking at her reflection, she thought big ass, short legs, long torso; she'd never considered her body beautiful and wondered what Rob had found so sexy and enticing.

The streaks of gray in her hair and the droop in her breasts betrayed her real age. It was then that she realized that her youth was disappearing; she needed some revitalization. She needed a man to adore her and admire her and make her feel like a desirable woman again. As he thought, an idea began to form; she could go to one of the many clubs and flirt with the men there. Surely, somewhere in the mass of men, there would be a man who might admire her. She could tease him and play with him and get the satisfaction she sought; then, go home alone.

That night, when Rob arrived home, dead tired, he found a nice dinner awaiting him, and Kat was especially close and talkative. After his dinner, and shower, Kat lay beside him in bed as she spoke, Rob, tomorrow night you'll have to get your own dinner as I'm going to go clubbing. I'm bored, and I need some social encouragement. Rob barely acknowledged what he'd heard before falling deeply asleep. Kat had hoped for some response, something to reassure her that she was still desirable.

She laid awake, in the bed, frustrated by her desires and needing relief. Sleep came sometime much later. The next morning, after seeing Rob off to work, Kat went shopping. First, a new dress, a rather conservative, black dress to best display her nice breasts and behind. Knee-length, it was slit up the sides to the mid-thigh. Then, a new black bra and panties to go with the dress and make her feel good. Black thigh high stockings and garter belt seemed to appeal to her. She wondered briefly why she was opting for such 'fuck me' underclothing when her intentions were to avoid anyone seeing it, but even as she wondered, she suspected that the unexpected would happen.

She wondered if she really wanted to be taken by a strange man. Kat smiled as she dismissed the idea of a strange man; she'd never allow it. It was a little past six when Kat stood in front of her mirror, dressed to the nines and looking most attractive, admiring herself. If only her face didn't have those freckles, she thought. A few minutes later, a taxi arrived and whisked her off to the Grosvenor hotel dining room, where she dined in elegance. As she sat, awaiting the meal, Kat became aware of several men ogling her, some adoring her. She felt her emotions rise. This was what she'd set out to find. She ate slowly as she felt those many eyes on her. It felt so good. The very idea had her passions rising.

Having eaten her dinner, Kat arose from her table and walked, under the ogling eyes of the men nearby, to the lounge. There, she walked to the bar and took a stool where she sat sidewise with her legs crossed. It was a good pose as it allowed the slit in her dress to fall open and expose the tops of her thigh-high stockings. As she sipped her gin and tonic, she looked about the lounge for available men to flirt with. Her eyes immediately met with a young man, and he came to introduce himself. She felt elation as she realized that she had a young man under her spell.

"Hi. My name's Jim. Wanna dance?" the young fellow asked. Kat smiled as she realized that she had a daughter older than this guy who was pursuing her. She stood and went with him to the dance floor where they danced close. She soon realized that the young Romeo that embraced her on the dance floor was intent on bedding her. She still had it; the old power.

After their second dance, when his hand slipped on to her ass and drew her close, she tensed and pulled back as she said, "I've got a daughter older than you. Why are you trying to bed me when there's a lot of young women here?" Jim replied, "You're beautiful and experienced, and you're hot. I want to get in your pants." Then, recognizing the futility of his efforts, he released her, and they drifted apart. Back on her bar stool, she was soon approached by another man, and she danced. Then, there were others, and she with her drinks; she was feeling happier than she could ever remember.

At least a dozen guys made their intentions clear - they wanted to bed her, to have sex with her. She felt beautiful. It was 11:20 p.m. when she left the barstool and walked out the door to a taxi, which delivered her to her door at the stroke of midnight. There, she silently undressed, showered and donned her pajamas before crawling into bed alongside Rob, her husband, who remained sound asleep. Still excited from here adventure of the evening, Kat found sleep evading her as she recalled the kid's hand on her ass and the big guy who whispered erotic things in her ear while they'd danced.

Each memory brought renewed pleasure. That next day, Kat's mind was still on her adventure. The fun, the excitement, and the pleasures seemed to fill a big need in her life. The thought crossed her mind; I wonder what it'd be like to have the big penis she'd felt pressed against her as she and the big guy had danced last night. It surely must have been huge from the way it felt pressed against her belly. During the day, she continued to recall the pleasures of the night before. Towards dinner time, Kat remembered that she still loved her husband, and she'd never do anything to upset Rob, course, he need never know.

Dinner that night was special, and Kat, still with elevated passions, applied her best seduction technique as they ate. By the following Thursday, Kat's excitement had worn off, and she faced a boring life again. As before, she made plans. At dinner that night, she told Rob of her plans to go clubbing again and that he'd have to get his own dinner.

This time, as before, Rob seemed uninterested and moved off from dinner to shower and bed. As he left, Kat felt the fury rising in her mind. The son of a gun seemed to ignore her problem entirely. How could he abandon her so casually? That night in bed next to her husband, her anger didn't abate. He was ignoring her.

The next day, still angry, she prepared for her night as before. She looked forward to an evening of fun and excitement. She even considered the possibility of allowing one of those guys to have sex with her, not sure whether it was anger at her husband or the need for excitement that started her thinking. At precisely six, the taxi arrived and took her directly to the hotel, where she went first to her favorite bar stool in the lounge and was soon sipping a before dinner martini.

Within minutes, Stan, a well-dressed, middle-aged gentleman, had approached her and suggested that they dine together. Kat felt her passions rise as she realized the power that she held once again. Dinner had been well served and slowly eaten as Stan's eyes adored her, and she felt the power even more. Of course, Stan made his intentions known - he wanted to take her to his room and have sex with her. For some reason, Kat didn't reject his offer - rather left it rather open as they returned to the lounge.

It was as they returned to the bar, where Kat regained her favorite barstool and felt another male presence there. She turned. There was her husband, Rob, and she felt relief and joy at seeing the only man who had ever made her totally happy. He'd come for her after all. He did love her as much as ever. Then, she felt her anger rising again. He'd let her go and make herself look foolish; she'd somehow been betrayed by him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him.

"I've come to claim my wife," Rob answered.

"Well, I'm with someone else now," Kat responded to vent her anger.

"Please tell that someone else that your husband has come to claim you," Rob responded with a big friendly smile on his face.

Seeing no response, Rob continued, "or I'll have to hurt him."

"You wouldn't," she replied.

Rob turned to the man who was about to intervene on Kat's behalf and said, "This is my wife, and I've come to claim her back. Here's twenty for her dinner. Now just leave us."

The man, Stan, heard the words and saw the determination and moved away as Kat's anger still seethed in her. Without a word, Rob grasped his wife's arm and propelled her to the hotel elevators. A moment later, they were in Rob's room, which he had prepared for the event. The ride up in the elevator had been one of tension as Kat resisted Rob's arm when he dragged her with him. As in the elevator, she entered the room, angry. It was blind anger now without rhyme or reason.

Then, in the room, he took her into his arms and began to embrace and kiss her as he laughed and made light of the situation. As for Kat, she had been enraged at her husband when he approached her in the room; it was a blind rage, one totally based on emotions and unrelated to logic or reason. The anger had seemed to grow into a rage as Rob had countered every one of her arguments and beaten her in this matter of wits. There in the room, as he calmly tried to make love to her, she saw that further resistance was futile, she was going to get have sex. It was what she'd considered in her original planning as just a minuscule outside chance.

Suddenly, she seemed to relax, and her rage subsided to allow reason to take over. She was about to be taken by her own husband - the man she loved and adored. The man she desired more than anyone. As she looked into Rob's eyes, Kat saw desire flaming into a roaring inferno of passion. It was like 25 years ago, and she felt her own lust rising faster than she'd ever known. This was what she wanted, and she kicked off her high heels before standing as Rob pulled her dress over her head and off. She felt pride in her ability to guide and direct her husband's passions and emotions.

When asked to stand back and allow Rob a good view of her in her sexy garter belt and black stockings, Kat posed willingly as she felt her power growing. Rob was hers, and she felt in total control, yet, somehow, she wanted to please him. It was like old times again. She posed for him. As she stood silently for his adoration, she was proud of her body. All second thoughts about her short legs, stout build, big ass, and small breasts had disappeared. At that moment, she knew she was beautiful. Suddenly, Kat felt a surge of new feelings, urges to have Rob's cock in her, and to respond.

These were urges that demanded immediate attention, and she found herself openly seeking Rob to take her and fuck her - hard. Only familiarity and long association could cause her to speak like this. Hearing her words, Rod moved his wife on to the bed and removed her black panties before climbing over her into the classic missionary position and kissing her. "I love you," were the words she never tired of hearing.

Then, he entered her, and she felt some pain as her body hadn't had time to fully prepare. With the pain, she felt pleasure, the kind that she'd been seeking. In seconds, she felt his testicle sack against her bun, and his actions stop as he made sure that all was going well. Kat was still in need of something stronger, more intense perhaps. She cried out, "Fuck me harder; do me deeper." In seconds, the coitus had resumed, and with each stroke, he attempted to go deeper, and he drove into her more violently.

She continued to encourage him with her words, "That's it, yeah, harder, oh my… give it to me good." Had they been younger, they'd have spent themselves sooner, but they were approaching fifty, and sex seemed to last longer. Minutes passed, and his hammering his cock into her continued unabated. The two lovers slammed their bodies together as never before, and this violent form of making love continued unabated. Soon, Kat remembered, she'd be sore in the morning. This kind of action hadn't happened in years, and she loved it.

Finally, Rob collapsed over her and Kat, recognizing his fatigue moved to roll them over. Then, she was on top and in the cowgirl position where she squatted on to the well-lubricated gristle and took up the thrusting. She moved with renewed vigor. Her passions drove her onward and upward. Suddenly, she felt her orgasm. It didn't approach slowly or rise up slowly over her - rather, it struck her like a bolt of lightning.

She cried out and sank all the way onto the cock as she waited for her spasm to pass. Slowly, her passions receded from their peak only to rise again, seconds later, another peak. Only Rob could cause that - she was sure. There were more peaks, each more violent and intense than the past until Rob'spoke, "I'm gonna cum," and he did.

It was only after some minutes of intimacy in the afterglow did they shower and sleep. Morning came late for Rob and Kat, the sunlight streamed in the windows, casting short spots of daylight on the floor when Kat stirred slightly. Half-awake, she grasped Rob's semi-flaccid cock and held it as sleep returned.

When the feelings created by her grasp caused the soft muscle to harden and rise, she again half-awoke and lazily toyed with Rob's quickly hardening prick. It was as she lay contemplating what she'd done, she felt plan developing. She fingered herself and got the lubrication flowing as she moved over the now erect cock. As she moved over him and Rob was awakened by her weight on him, he did not resist. Instead, he lay motionless as Kat slowly moved into position over him and inserted his penis into her ready vagina.

They came together, flesh touching, belly to belly, joined by Rob's cock in her warm, moist pussy. Their eyes met and shared their love. They adored each other. They talked, and they enticed each other. Rob and Kat had never been more intimate, closer. Time passed slowly and pleasantly as the two lovers lay in their lover's embrace.

There was no urgency to their actions as they savored every nuance of pleasure from being together. They were totally engrossed in each other. An hour passed, maybe two, or even three. Time had no meaning to the copulating couple. Unlike the night before, this was a time of no violence, low, smoldering identity and intimacy - a time for lovers. The two felt no urgency or demands on their bodies. Of course, the end ultimately came, as surely it must, as Rob'spoke softly, "I think I'm gonna cum, and Kat drew closer to encourage him. There was no lightning bolt of ecstasy as he poured his seed into her depths, it was over.

For the next thirteen days, Rob and Kat remained in their hotel room except for occasional ventures home for clothes or to Rob's job to handle his duties at work. They were together at every opportunity and had sex as often as biology enabled Rob to perform. Kat grew sore, and even walking bought pains to her groin. They grew tired and inevitably found that going to bed for sleep only involved more sex - good, fun, and intimate sex. It was on their return home after the fourteen-day, second honeymoon that Kat actually felt some relief when Rob said that he'd be returning to work the following day.

She could get a full day of rest... a day off. A new routine developed as Kat found that her old needs and desired had diminished, and Rob's very occasional attentions were sufficient. She still loved the touch of his flesh and the intimacy he provided, nothing ever compared to the feel of his man-flesh in her depths, though.

It was when her daughter came to her and said, "Do you remember Jim? I met him the other day, and he asked about you and if we were related. He said he'd met you at a club and danced with you a few times but that you'd rejected his advances. Hey. Good going, Mom. You've still got it!"

It was then that Kat was a happy woman.

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