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Open Marriage Story

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Sex Story Submitted By Bob

Josh Kipling was a rather social young man with lots of friends and sought by more than a few women. His success at his profession on his graduation from the university had soon ensured his never having to starve or go homeless again. When he met Anna, it had been love at first sight. Never an accomplished womanizer or lothario, Josh carefully had pursued her to the very best of his ability.

Ultimately, he'd been successful, and they'd become a couple; he showered her with lots of praise, adoration, and expensive gifts. Soon, their relationship had become exclusive, with each giving a pledge of fidelity towards the other.

As the months passed, Josh was introduced to more and more of Anna's family and friends, and the couple had become more intimate each day. Only sex had eluded him as Anna had insisted that they should wait until their wedding night. Of course, Josh, head over heels in love with her, had acceded to Anna's wishes and had controlled his frustration to the best of his ability. As plans for the big, formal wedding slowly came together, Josh had found himself virtually an outsider who seldom saw his intended bride more than once or twice a week.

Frustrated and alone, he'd survived on love alone. Finally, there was the big, formal wedding and month-long honeymoon in the Maldives, and Josh was able to make love to Anna for the first time. They became extremely intimate quickly and were soon familiar with every part of each other's body. With their first night in a hotel room in the city, Josh's long suffered frustrations had been relieved - three times.

The time in the Maldives had been a time of expensive dining and drinking and entertainment between sessions of uninhibited sex. They'd lived high and well in their beach cabin. Then, on their return to start their married life in the city, they took a 10th-floor apartment in a new, downtown high-rise with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake. There, they'd entertained lavishly and soon had many new friends. At the same time, Josh's earnings were sufficient to support the lifestyle and even put aside a sizable savings. He'd begun to think about raising a family, but Anna seemed to reject the idea - they were young yet, and there was time for a family later, she'd said.

The first two years of their marriage had gone without incident as they lived high, and their parties became wilder. Josh was having fun. Life had only seemed to get better. It was wintertime when Josh received the call - the call that would change his life and turn his world upside down. The call had come shortly after he'd arrived at his desk at work, and he'd answered to hear a man's voice say, "I'm the guy who's fucking your wife, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. I just called to tell you that I'm going to have her in just a few minutes and it's going to be a wild ride. Oh yes. She loves it too, and she'll be giving me a fuck like nothing you've ever experienced."

With that, the man laughed, and Josh, stunned and numb with the startling information, started to respond. As he started to ask who made the call, the line went dead. He said that he'd be having Anna in a few minutes, and that meant that he could still verify that it was a crank call or verify that she was not at her desk at work. Josh quickly called his wife's desk at work and got no answer. He tried her cell phone and got no reply. On the off chance, she was home, he called there with a similar no reply.

With all indications now pointing towards his wife's infidelity, he gradually became frantic and only time, and reason calmed him sufficiently to think. By noon he'd come to realize that he had no real proof of anything, and there were two alternatives to his thinking. He might ignore the whole thing, or he might accost Anna with what he'd heard and let her explain. On the other hand, if she was cheating, she'd simply deny it.

By day's end, he'd decided to ignore the call as a crank call. That night, Anna had accompanied him to a club for dining and dancing, and all seemed normal. The following Thursday, as Josh sat at his desk, the telephone rang again, and the man's voice said, "How's it feel to be a cuckold, you wimpy bastard? We're going to be fucking again in a few minutes, and she'll be showing us some real fucking. Hey. There ain't a damn thing you can do about it. I don't know why she stays married to such a wimp!"

Then, the phone went dead. This time Josh called his wife's phones again and received no answer. It was then that Josh knew he had to know if the calls were crank calls or if his wife was indeed screwing somebody else. He called a private detective agency and set them to find the truth. The next week, he received two more of the crank calls as the man talked down to him with degrading language. The thought of being a coward and a wimp raised his anger, and his passions wanted revenge, but how? He didn't even know the man's name.

Friday of the following week, Josh listened to the report of the private detective, and his anger grew. Anna had, indeed, been meeting Hal Jepson in his apartment at 2320 34th Street, Apartment 2C. The detective had photographic evidence of their meeting, complete with pictures of them in various stages of intercourse. As he viewed the pictures, Josh felt his stomach revolt, and his anger grow so that his passions stood at a level which he had never experienced before.

That night, as Josh returned to their apartment, his anger seethed in him like a fiery brand, and he cried out, "Who the hell's Hal Jepson and how long have you been fucking him?"

Anna looked at him in a rather stunned manner before responding that Hal was the guy she'd been fucking. She didn't try to cover up anything as she explained that he gave her some real thrills and fucked her in ways he never could. Then, she said, "Let me give him a call and invite him over. We could have a threesome." Josh decided that it was a good opportunity to meet this asshole, so he agreed, although he had different ideas about what was going to occur than his wife.

An hour later, Hal was at the door. As Josh greeted his wife's paramour, he noted that the man was bigger than himself, and his muscles indicated that he was strong, but mostly, he was cocky. After the introductions, he said simply, "Anna and I are going into your bedroom and fuck. Bring us some drinks when we're done."

With that, he took the wife by the arm, and they went into the bedroom and shut the door. Again, Josh was stunned by this sudden development. His anger rose to new heights, and suddenly, he lost control. Grabbing the fireplace poker, he headed for the bedroom. Then, as he smashed the door open to find Hal getting ready to insert his cock into Anna's waiting pussy, he made a mighty swing with the poker to knock Hall senseless, and as the helpless man lay there, he made another mighty swing of the poker at his erect cock.

Anna pleaded, "Please don't hurt me." and seeing my attention turn to Hal, she said, Don't kill him - they'll put you in jail forever for that!"

As Josh's reason began to return, he relaxed, and ole Hall pleaded, "Please don't hit me again!"

It was obvious that Ole Hal might have a concussion and some large bruises, but he seemed able to walk. So Josh spoke, "Get the hell out of this house and never go near my wife again, or I'll kill you!"

With that, Hal picked up his shirt and trousers and made a hasty departure leaving behind his boxers and shoes and socks. Josh turned to his wife and asked, "Why?"

Anna's answer was simply, "I needed some fun and variety. I still love you, and I don't see why this should interfere with that, I've always been a good wife to you."

Her totally glib response caught Josh by surprise. They talked, and slowly, Josh began to hear her argument, and he loved her dearly. She promised to see only men that he approved of, and Josh agreed to the same of other women. He too had considered having an open marriage, and after a long talk, though he was displeased with their discussion, by the time they'd gone to bed and had incredible sex, he had agreed that her extramarital affairs would go on as long as she was a good wife in all other ways.

So it was that Josh and Anna began a new phase in their marriage. At first, it was difficult; they spent a great deal of time talking about the different parameters of their new relationship. However, as time went on, they made it work and decided to bring in other couples as well. But after a time, they tired of others and had found that they rarely spent time with just the two of them intimately.

One evening they decided to go to a club. They began with drinks and flirtatious looks. Josh drew Anna up to dance and became entwined as they moved together. Josh grasped her buttocks and drew her into him. A dozen hungry men took notice and stared openmouthed and wanting as Anna looked amazing. Her red satin dress clung to her body, showing every curve and exposed her erect nipples. The long slit of her dress up her thigh allowed a quick view of her lace panties as she moved her legs up and down, dancing against his body.

As he kissed her neck, Anna pushed her knee and thigh between his legs and rubbed Josh's erect penis through their clothing.

"Like that?" she queried with a wicked smile on her face. When he raised his hand off her ass and slipped them up inside her dress on to her bare cheeks, she gasped. And a dozen hungry observers felt another cheap thrill. When the fast dancing started, Anna felt the cool air as her shirt had been unbuttoned to the waist.

Soon, almost every eye in the place was on the amorous couple as they continued to perform. They French kissed and touched each other's bodies with fervor. Even as they excited dozens of others, they found that they had stimulated each other even more.

When the club closed, the two lovers left and returned home, where they immediately stripped and met each other on their bed. Josh's cock had been hard for most of the night, but knowing that he was going to finally take his wife, he was rock hard and throbbing with pre-cum slowly dripping from the tip of his head. As Anna saw it glisten in the candlelight, she moved slowly toward him with a devilish smile on her face and slowly licked it off the tip. She slid her soft pink lounge around his cock, swirling her licks as she went down to his balls and sucked them gently as she slid her hand up and down his firm shaft, which was now slick with her salvia. She moved her other hand to his perineum and pressed in with one finger and slid her pinky into his ass fucking him slowly. The stimulation of her mouth and hands quickly overwhelmed him, and as he began to moan harder, Anna knew he was going to cum and quickly brought her hot, wanting mouth over his head and down his shaft until he was deep inside her throat. His cock exploded cum into the back of her mouth and throat, and the warm gush of his load made her so wet that she began to rub her engorged, blood-filled clit until she too came just as hard. It was just the beginning of a weekend that lasted three days.

The sex those days were the best that they'd ever known. They laughed and played and fucked, uninhibited by any hangups, they became as intimate as any two could be. They were together as one.

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