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Raven Haired Virgin

red hair, woman, flowering trees, raven haired virgin story

Losing Virginity Sex Story Submitted By Nishiyama

A full moon lit the sky, its pale light filtering through the canopy of the trees and landing softly on the small house which stood alone in a clearing of the forest. The wind blew softly, ever so slightly whispering through the leaves, and a chilly mist hung just above the ground, making the area appear ghostly.

There was a faint, soft light that came from within the house, which looked worn and tattered down from a distance, but up close, it was truly a work of beautiful craftsmanship. The door was very heavy, with stained glass in the shape of a black rose and a silver handle that curved out into a wolf's head to meet whoever may dare attempt to open it.

The sides and trim of the house were hand-carved, depicting every imaginable storybook creature. However, no one dared come close to this house, for from within its walls, people claimed to hear the screaming of women, being tortured by some unknown monster.

That is, until this seemingly normal night, a raven-haired young woman walked into the clearing, seemingly gliding towards the house, her sheer grace was a beauty that men would think about for days within their minds, her eyes sparkled emerald green in the moonlight, so alluring were they that men and beast alike would be charmed just by looking into them for mere seconds. Her figure was petite, her breasts bounced lightly, gliding along with her nimble frame, right up to the door.

She wore a white, flowing dress, she lifted her hand and knocked three times gently upon the door, which immediately swung open. There stood the one man she had come for. He was dressed in a black tee and dark faded blue jeans, his hair was a mess, and his blue eyes scorched through any who dared look directly into them. He stepped aside slowly, allowing the girl to enter, not saying a single word as she did so.

He led her down the hallway to the room, furthest back on the right. Silently, he left her alone to settle in. He brought her dinner shortly, a bowl of simmering stew and for dessert, a small slice of chocolate cake. He left her alone, never uttering the slightest word. As she sat alone, the girl pondered over what she had learned in town earlier that day, slowly dozing off, when all of a sudden, her mind switched back to the man.

His eyes were beautiful; they were pools of color that reached so deep that they reached into herself. His scent was everywhere, and it was intoxicating. The girl noticed her body was growing warm, she slowly stood up and went to the door, she looked up the hall, checking to make sure the man wasn't nearby and slowly closed the door, leaving but a small crack open.

She sat slowly on the bed and took a deep breath, the man was on her mind so strongly, and no matter how hard she tried he wouldn't leave, she slowly slipped her hand under her dress and felt her panties, they were moist, her excitement grew from touching herself in this mans house, and she began to rub her clit through her purple lace panties.

As she rubbed she thought of the man more, she imagined his hands doing all the work and the more she thought of the man, the more aroused she became, looking towards the door, she slipped open the top of her dress, revealing her young breasts and erect nipples, she slid her panties down, slowly inserting her fingers into herself, she let out a soft moan.

She couldn't get the man's scent out of her mind, his eyes burned into her soul, she was reeling in ecstasy when the door opened. There stood the man, looking down on her, his eyes analyzing her naked body, her face turning red with embarrassment, his scent wafted into her nose, she no longer felt embarrassed, she looked into his eyes, his deep blue eyes and he into hers, she mentally gave him her message, not saying a word.

The man came closer; his expression unchanged. He grabbed her left breast with his left hand and with the other he pulled her head, her lips to his, he bit her bottom lip gently before releasing his kiss and then nipped her neck, as he dropped his right hand down the middle of her breasts, down the front portion of her dress and finally, falling between her legs, right where she wanted him so badly.

He rubbed gently, teasingly, making her want more and more, then he grabbed her neck and ripped her panties away, it was so fast she didn't realize what had yet happened, he bit her ear lobe with slight force, a spot that almost made her orgasm right then and there, he picked her up off the bead, and her dress fell completely to the floor. He removed his shirt and commanded her to her knees, she wanted him so badly and this roughness, the fierceness in his eyes, it drove her crazy, she wanted him, needed him. She wanted him to be her first. She undid his belt and undid his pants, she pulled out his muscular cock and almost gasped at his size, she wondered if he would even fit inside her.

He moved her head to him and started to slowly fuck her face, enjoying how much he wanted her, the girl used her tongue to please him as best as she could. She licked his slit first and then up and down his shaft, teasing his testicles gently as she did so. She took him deeper and deeper until his head was comfortably sucked into the back of her throat.

She could feel him clench down to stop from ejaculating, and as he did this, he pulled himself out of her mouth and slid down over her pushing her arms above her head and pressing his still engorged cock against the opening of her exposed pussy lips. Her juices were readily flowing out of her and running down her ass as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his torso pressing down with her heels into his firm ass motioning to him to enter her.

A sharp intake of breath indicated to him that she was overwhelmed by his throbbing cock as he entered her. She loved the feeling of him, she wanted him more than she wanted anything and she found her self repeating in her mind the words "be mine," as if the simple repetition would make it true.

He moved steadily, slowly, and with certainty as he fucked her tight, pink, dripping wet cunt. With every thrust of his throbbing cock, she screamed in ecstasy, screaming as though she were being tortured by some unknown monster.

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