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husband and wife making heart with hands, soulmates, true erotic story 
True Erotic Story Submitted By L.B. For Big Time Woo XOX

It was the middle of Lily's freshman year of high school, and she had just moved into a new neighborhood when she met a kind, tall guy named Joe. A year and a half older and a sophomore, he was tall for his age, and he towered over her by a foot. They met at the bus stop as Joe lived down the street from her, and she had caught his eye immediately with her long, light, blonde hair, and bright red lipstick.

Lily was a beautiful girl and carried herself with an air of sophistication and playfulness. Her clothing for high school was tasteful and yet quite sensual as it accentuated her supple breasts and rounded hips. Many guys pursued her during high school, and it was no secret that she was considered by many to be one of the more attractive girls in school. She was a good student, loved acting in the theatre, and had a witty, goofball sense of humor with no problem acting the fool to get a laugh.

Lily was popular and appeared confident to many, but underneath she struggled with self-esteem and always struggled with compliments. Because of this, Lily was humble and modest, never showing too much skin or participating in flirtation. She had been brought up to be careful about sexual expression and longed to be valued for those things that gave her substance, not frivolous attributes. She longed for true love.

After the bus dropped them off the first day they met, Joe walked Lily home and quickly found a way to strike up a conversation with her and introduce himself. Their first meeting sparked a quick rapport, and they fast became friends hanging out at one another's houses, going to the same parties, movies, and more. The amount of laughter and bonding they had made it clear to Joe that Lily was his soulmate.

Joe was smart and watched as a slew of guys in high school clamored for Lily's attention. She would go on many dates with boys, but nothing ever too serious or long-term evolved. Joe worried that if he ever dared ask her out that he would end up on the sidelines as plenty of guys did. The boys were many, and she was but one girl. After much thought, Joe decided he did not want to date Lily; he wanted to marry her. He took his time, waiting patiently, working up a strategy, and the courage to finally make his move.

Joe could have dated other girls in high school; he had offers, even from Lily's friends; but he worried that if he did, it might harm his chances with Lily, and he simply did not want anyone else. When it came down to it, he would rather sit on the sidelines alone and patiently wait. He was good looking, nurturing, funny, and the kind of guy, most girls, wish they had as their boyfriend.

Joe was also very intelligent and calculating. Everything he did was with great precision and research. He moved carefully in life because, as a perfectionist, he wanted to ensure that when he did things they were done well but, his strength of being calculating kept him from pursuing the love of his life. Because he chose to be overly cautious, Joe suffered watching Lily date other boys as he longed to be with her.

After all, their connection was undeniable. They always made one another laugh; they thought alike and wanted the same things in life. During their high school years, he had worked hard to get Lily to pay attention to him and stand out. He knew she was not easily taken in by smooth lines or perfunctory interests, and he had his work cut out for him building a rapport with her before he felt she would be open to dating him in a profound way.

Joe was beyond smitten in high school and found out everything he could about Lily. He would often be around at her locker, sit near her on the bus when they rode it. He would try to arrange rides to parties with mutual friends, he even taught her to drive. Anything to be around her, and to know her better. It was no secret that Joe had feelings for Lily. Some of their mutual male friends would snicker when Joe would do something nice for Lily as they were all competing for her attention and they knew his intentions and that he spent the most time with her.

Lily knew that Joe had feelings for her, but she had no idea how deep they were, and she often found herself simply overwhelmed by all the male attention she received. She dated boys regularly but always came back to spend time with Joe. She had put him in the dreaded friend zone not because she was not attracted to him but because he simply never asked her out. Besides, she always had a boyfriend with no breaks in-between, so Joe found no real opportunity to make his feelings known.

After high school, Lily and Joe went to different colleges, and Joe's family relocated many states away, making it impossible to see Lily during school breaks. They would call one another on the phone, but long-distance in the late 80's early '90s was expensive, so short calls and letters were all they had.

Years passed, and their friendship deepened as did his longing, and he finally decided that the time was right once she graduated from college. After Lily graduated, she called Joe to give him some big news. She announced that she was engaged to a guy she had been dating all through college. Joe was heartbroken and was angry that he had lost his opportunity to finally be with Lily. He told her he never wanted to speak with her again. Lily was heartbroken and hurt. She knew Joe had feelings for her but to cut her off like that felt so harsh. She mourned their friendship.

But Joe could not resist trying to connect again and called her about a year later to see how she was. He was elated when he found out that she had called off the wedding and was moving back to their hometown in a few months after having moved away with the now ex-fiance. Joe decided that this was his chance; he moved back to their home town right away and waited for her to return.

But when they saw one another again, Lily seemed aloof. Joe had been so excited to see her and was determined to finally ask her out but was so confused by her indifference. When he finally asked if she had ever considered going out with him, she firmly told him that they would never date. Joe was heartbroken, but upon going home that evening after their tense dinner, he decided to pursue her even more. He could not lose her.

Lily had been through a great deal with boys and her former fiance. She was a loving, generous soul who kept dating men who fed off her taking far more than they gave. She could not risk losing her best friend and worried that dating Joe would end up like every other failed relationship she had. She knew that she could not lose him, and if keeping him as a friend meant that, then it was for the best.

Joe began to hang out with Lily every chance they got. He laid on the woo factor pretty firmly with everything he had. Finally, he pushed the topic of dating once more. He told her that she had given loser after loser a chance to date her and told her it seemed only fair that she at least give him one date. If she did not want to date him again, she did not have to. With trepidation, she agreed, and they set a date for the next night, which happened to be New Year's Eve.

When the big night arrived, Joe acted the part of a perfect gentleman, and Lily appreciated how sweet he was to her as he did small things to let her know he respected her, such as opening the car door for her and offering his coat when she was cold.

The evening went well. After dinner, as they made their way into a crowded bar, and the clock was about to strike twelve they were pushed and shoved around in a sea of drunk people. Lily was distracted by trying to find a place to go when at last, the clock brought in the new year, and Joe pulled Lilly to him, dipped her down in the most romantic gesture possible, and kissed her. Well.

This kiss was no ordinary kiss. It overwhelmed Lily with all the love and passion Joe had trapped inside of him all those years. His strong lips made love to hers; his tongue moved into her mouth with a sensual longing that only a man in love could provide. As their tongues and lips moved passionately together, Lily could feel her body catch fire, her face flush, and her panties moisten. It was the most amazing, passionate kiss of her life. It moved her very soul.

Lily quickly realized that she was romantically in love with Joe. After more kissing and making out in his car, a lot more, she asked what he thought their future held. Joe said with absolute certainty and conviction that he wanted to marry her. Surprised but pleased by his strong declaration, she smiled.

They spent the next afternoon at his apartment. When they kissed she could feel his moist, wanting lips against hers, and then his warm tongue slip in-between her cherry-colored lipstick and into her longing mouth. Their tongues slowly fucking one another deeper and deeper until the desire consumed them both. She could feel his warm, strong hands on her soft, milky breasts as he pulled back her blouse and lacy white bra, exposing her erect pink nipples that became more firm with his touch. His lips and tongue slid down her neck, and her breath became fast and heavy as her pussy flowed with wet cum, and she longed for his body to merge with her own.

He offered her sexual bliss. Her soft moans beckoned him for more, and she felt his fingers slide down her soft abdomen and into her lace panties. His fingers caressed her soft, trimmed, blonde pubic hair and found their way in-between her slickened pink, pussy lips.

As his fingers slid up and down her inner labia, her wetness covered his hand, and he knew how badly she wanted him. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him closer as she pulled open his jeans. Joe moved his pants and boxers down his legs as she removed her lace panties. In just a moment, they were embracing again, pressed against one another with their warm, nude bodies moving passionately against one another.

The head of his cock eagerly pressing against her tight opening thrilled him, and she looked at him completely in love and eager to feel him inside of her. He moved slowly, pushing his cock inside her feeling her lips pull apart for the first time, feeling her excitement consume him. She gasped as he filled her pussy, overwhelming her with his size.

As she felt his hard cock begin to penetrate her longing pussy, she gasped and felt herself completely losing herself in her desire for him. As he slowly thrust himself into her tight, wet cunt she moaned with delight and immediately began to climax from the sheer buildup of love she had felt for him for so long.

He moved in and out slowly feeling every part of her as she moaned and sighed with tears running down her face. She whispered: "I love you, Joe, I love you more than words can say." His eyes teared up, and he whispered to her his undying love and affection in return. It was the very definition of making love.

Joe began thrusting with more power behind his cock as he pushed into her wet warmth. She cried out as he began to cum while she was still contracting all around him surrounding him with her love. He thrust hard as he came, exploding inside of her. It was an earthshattering orgasm.

Lily lay in his arms afterward and told him how amazing it was for her to be with him and that she was so in love with him and never wanted to part. Joe was utterly in love with Lily and told her that he had never experienced something intimate and passionate. The two lovers lay there, sharing themselves and feeling that the future was theirs.

Joe continued to woo Lily, and she always matched him in effort. The two of them were closer than they had ever been to anyone, and they never seriously argued or were overtly disrespectful toward one another. He formally proposed on one knee offering her a beautiful engagement ring at the Jefferson Memorial where she cried tears of joy and said yes.

It was meant to be, after all, they were soulmates. 

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