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The Grass Is Not Always Greener

couple kissing in field overlooking city, erotic story

Sex Story Submitted By Bob

The waters on the lake were a brilliant deep blue with just a slight ripple over the surface and black at the portions of the shore shaded by the big green pine and fir trees. Overhead and connected to the lake and forest was the azure sky with just a few white cirrus clouds scattered about. It was calm except for an occasional breeze that stirred the ripple on the lake.

The silence was broken only by the sounds of the breeze in the trees and far off birdcalls. Occasionally, a branch breaking could be heard. The only evidence of humans ever having been there was the small campsite where David Swenson's campfire burned brightly in preparation for preparing his dinner. The two flattened logs, adjacent to the fire, made for a solid work table and his small bivy shelter with a bed of pine boughs close by completed his camp.

It was a good camp, comfortable and efficient, and David, who had been coming here for several years, considered it well worth the two days of canoeing required to get there. Now, he had ten days of fishing, hiking, swimming, and communing with nature to look forward to, and he didn't anticipate seeing another human being for the duration of his stay.

As he sat later, enjoying his dinner, he thought about his life and what a shambles it had become. He thought about his ex-wife and about the intimacies they'd enjoyed at first. Six years ago, he had craved the touch of his new wife's flesh, and he never lost the feeling. They had been young, inexperienced, and right out of college when they'd married, and they learned about life together. Renee, his ex-wife, had been beautiful, loving, sensitive, and wonderful when they married. Over the years, that seemed to change.

Later, in his sleeping bag, David's mind returned yet again to thoughts of Renee He'd first detected problems between them, vague problems that she wouldn't t acknowledge or discuss. Of course, David was concerned, and he began to bring her flowers and candy as well as plan romantic times together. None of his actions seemed to remedy the situation, and after six weeks of this had passed, she finally confronted him.

"David, I'm leaving you. I can't live like this. I'm going to Los Angeles with Lena." She said calmly as she met him at the door when he'd returned from work.

"Why? Haven't I been a good husband? I love you," he said pleadingly.

"It's not you. I have to go."


"I don't want to discuss it. I'm leaving now."

The next morning the process server had handed David the divorce papers, and the following day the discussion of the family estate arose. Later, the family's fortunes went to Renee; her lawyers had seemed more competent. With those thoughts, he drifted off to sleep. He hadn't seen Renee again as she wasn't present at the divorce hearings.

The next morning, David awoke leisurely shortly after sunup. After he arose, he went to the lake to do his morning ablutions. Then, he scooped up water from the lake for coffee and proceeded to make breakfast. It wasn't until he was eating his breakfast that he realized he was still clad only in his boxer shorts. He smiled as he decided to just stay that way for a while; until the mosquitos became a pest. After all, there was no one there to notice. With each minute at his wilderness site, he felt his body relax, and his tensions left him. Life at the wilderness site became a comfortable routine.

It was the third day that he was paddling his canoe down the shore to a favorite fishing spot that he spotted it, a canoe, overturned and drifting along with some distance from shore. It wasn't quite right; someone had either drowned or was stranded. He moved to the overturned canoe and righted it to find the waterproof bags of supplies still lashed to the gunnels. Someone was certainly in trouble. He took the small boat in tow and drug it back to his campsite, where he beached it and removed the camping supplies. Finally, he hauled the new canoe further up on the beach, inverted it, and placed it over a log to store safely.

With the bags of camping supplies hung safely in trees, away from the bears, he went back, in his canoe, to search the area for evidence of people or bodies. He'd found no evidence of any human when darkness approached. Back at his camp, he was concerned that someone could be in serious trouble, and he was the only source of help for many miles. He ate his dinner with little relish as he thought of the poor soul or souls lost in the wilderness.

It was just as he was preparing to retire for the night that he heard it, a voice calling for help. He listened carefully and determined that it was coming from the shoreline, perhaps a half-mile from his camp. In response, he went immediately in the direction of the call, carrying his lantern and a small first aid packet. As he approached the area where he thought he'd heard the call, he heard a woman's voice call out weakly, "Over here!"

He raced to the water's edge and saw her with a shock that rocked him to his core. It was his ex-wife, Renee, lying in the water to avoid the mosquitos. She was weak, too weak to walk. "What the hell was she doing there?" he wondered as he prepared to return her to his camp.

It was nearly two hours later when David had carried her, his lantern, and first aid kit back to his camp. There, after getting food to cook, he opened her waterproof bags and retrieved her sleeping gear before making her a bed. Then, he fed her a spoonful at a time. Soon, she slept.

The next morning, David slept well past sunup, which was much past his usual rising time. Perhaps it was the lateness of his retirement the previous evening that caused it, but with arising, he smelled wood smoke. A look indicated that Renee was up and had rekindled the fire. Then, having completed his morning cleanup, he returned to the camp to get the water vessel for coffee and found the coffee already brewed. In addition, there were biscuits and eggs and bacon ready to eat.

Renee, who had been found barely conscious the previous evening, lay exhausted on her sleeping bag. David went to her.

"What the hell are you doing out here? You're supposed to be in Los Angeles." He demanded.

"I've made a terrible mistake." Renee said, "I knew you were coming out here, and I came looking for you."

"Well, you've found me. What the hell happened?"

"I wanted to talk to you, and I got a canoe, and I knew about where your camp is, so I made the two portages fine and got to this lake; then, I started searching the shoreline. It was difficult, and I pulled in to spend the night, intending to continue the search in the morning. Then, my canoe drifted away. I tried to swim out and retrieve it but couldn't reach it. I was cold; the mosquitos were vicious. Yesterday, I thought I was doomed, but then I saw the light of your fire and started toward it, but I was weak, needed food, and so very tired…" Her story trailed off as she faded off into either deep sleep or unconsciousness.

David's concern for her was that for any half-dead person found in the wilderness, and he determined not to be influenced by his ex-wife who had left him. He left her alone; if she were unconscious, there was nothing he could do; if she were just fatigued, the sleep would help her. He ate his breakfast. Then, for the rest of the day, he looked over her as he would any sick patient.

Late in the afternoon, she stirred, and David assisted her off to the woods to relieve herself. They returned shortly and came to the fire where David prepared dinner. As she got seated by the fire, she said, "David, I love you. You're a good man, and I've made a terrible mistake. I want you back, and I came out here to ask you to take me back."

"We can talk about this more later; I suggest you just focus on feeling better and give me some time to take all of this in," David said cooly.

Then, with the situation temporarily under control, he began to think about Renee's earlier words. They were either welcome words or words to be ignored, and he despised her for saying them. She had left him, divorced him, and had taken most of the family estate with her. She had trampled on his feelings and left him for something better. Now she was back. On the other hand, she was once the only woman for him, and he remembered their intimacy and the good times. Could it be that way again, he wondered?

Later that night, after much consideration, he had reached a decision. If he took her back and she left again, he wasn't sure if he could take the effects on his mind and body. He must not renew the old relationship, and he fell asleep.

At sunup, he stirred the fire, made tea and porridge, and prepared for the day as Renee continued to sleep. Every few minutes, he looked in on the sleeping woman and found her breathing steadily and fast asleep. At noon, he took his fly rod down to the lake and made a few nice casts with the Mayfly fly on the end of the line. In an hour, he had five nice sized trout ready for cleaning and supper.

Still, Renee slept, and shortly after four o'clock, she appeared from her tent and walked rather steadily towards the woods to relieve herself. Then, on her return, she lay down on David's poncho and seemed to be doing better physically, and he could not help but find her attractive even stripped of make-up and not at her best.

Deep down, he knew that he still wanted her, but his wounds made it impossible for him to trust her.

"Why now?" David finally asked.

"I went to LA because I felt like I had settled down too early; I wanted to find myself and see what possibilities were out there for me, but with every new person I met, I could not stop thinking of you and comparing them to you. I realized that you are the love of my life and that no one would ever be able to compete with how you make me feel."

"So, you just wanted to go out and screw around with other men to figure things out?" David quipped.

"No, I never even slept with anyone else, I just dated people and nothing was ever right, nothing ever felt right the way it felt with you." Renee began to cry and hunched over.

David felt relieved that she had not been with another man and knew she was sincere as Renee was never one to put on a show with her emotions.

He moved closer to her and put his arms around her. Before he realized what he was doing, their clothes were off, and his hands roved over her bare flesh, feeling the heat of her body. He was scared, but he did not care at this moment enough to stop. He wanted her, and nothing could interfere with the strong desire he felt for her now.

As their lips parted, David moved downward and began the pleasant task of suckling her beautiful breasts, which brought out her finest response. As his lips connected with her familiar nipples, David had lost himself in the moment and the long-missing pleasures that he'd once enjoyed. He acted in response to his bodily needs and desires. Soon, he was totally involved in making wild passionate love for his ex-wife. Nothing else mattered.

As David slowly re-familiarized himself with the features of Renee's beautiful body, he grew relaxed and happy. It was like coming home from a long, unpleasant journey. He dared not recall the past or envision the future; his life was now. When his hands moved to her groin, he felt her wonderful, wet pussy. As his hand toyed with her vaginal lips, his fingers tweaked her clit, she moaned and begged him to fuck her. His cock nestled against her pussy and then slipped easily inside of her well-lubricated vagina, and the sensations were those he recalled from long ago, and there was nothing to compare.

Their eyes met in a blaze of passion, as David felt his cock fully impaled with the crown resting against her cervix. He stopped his movements to allow their bodies to adjust to each other as he'd done with her many times in the past. It was a joyous occasion as they moved together, excited and happy. Renee was the one to commence the thrusting as she utilized every bit of her strength to encourage David. Again, the pleasure was as intense as it had been years ago when they'd fucked.

As the thrusting continued, Renee returned each of David's thrusts with her own counter thrust. The sensations were intense, and David found his hands sliding up and down her soft breasts with erect nipples begging to be sucked. He curved his body enough as he thrust inside her to put his mouth onto her rosebud nipple and suck it until she was panting and squealing with delight.

Her hands found his firm ass, and she wrapped her legs around him to pull him in closer as he felt his piriformis muscles clench as he thrust. Their bodies drove each other to new heights of passion. They began fucking hard and fast until Renee sang out that she was gonna cum. As she did and the waves of orgasmic pleasure enveloped her, the wet walls of her pussy gripped along his rigid shaft with intensity. Feeling her contracting so hard against him, the sensations triggered David's release, and they reached their peak together. Afterward, they enjoyed the afterglow that follows good sex together.

The days past and with every moment, their relationship became stronger than it ever had. Renee talked about her dreams now in wanting to be a good wife to him, and David reveled in the attention he thought he has forever lost. It was on the trip back to civilization that David decided to remarry Renee as she seemed to have been truly sorry for what she'd done and wanted to resume their marriage. He was happy, and the lake became the site of their small 2nd wedding ceremony and that of every anniversary thereafter.

They recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary at the lake.

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