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Trust Quiz: How Well Do You Trust Your Partner?

two mice hanging on a branchThe Importance Of Trust

The most fundamental foundation for any relationship is trust. In this trust quiz for couples, we will evaluate your level of trust and communication with your partner through a series of questions designed to probe your deepest feelings and behaviors. 

Trust Quiz

How frequently you share your passwords with your partner can indicate your willingness to be vulnerable and transparent in your relationship. How often do you share your passwords with your partner?

A) Never - 0 points
B) Rarely - 1 point
C) Sometimes - 2 points
D) Often - 3 points

Have you ever lied to your partner about your whereabouts or activities?

A) Yes - 0 points
B) No - 3 points

How would you react if your partner spent time with their friends without you?

A) Angry - 0 points
B) Jealous - 1 point
C) Indifferent - 2 points
D) Happy - 3 points

Do you have access to each other's social media accounts?

A) No - 0 points
B) Yes, but with limitations - 1 point
C) Yes, total access - 3 points

Have you ever gone through your partner's phone or personal belongings out of distrust?

A) Yes - 0 points
B) No - 3 points

Do you feel comfortable sharing your deepest secrets and insecurities with your partner?

A) No - 3 points
B) Sometimes - 2 point
C) Yes - 0 points

How do you react when your partner disagrees with you? The answer to this question can reveal a lot about your communication style and willingness to work together as a team.

A) Defensive - 1 point
B) Dismissive - 2 points
C) Open to discussion & willing to compromise - 3 points

Cheating is a betrayal of trust that can be difficult to recover from, so be honest about your past behaviors. Have you ever cheated on your partner?

A) Yes - 0 points
B) No - 3 points

Joint finances can be a sensitive topic that requires trust and communication to navigate successfully. Do you trust your partner to handle your joint finances?

A) No - 0 points
B) Sometimes - 1 point
C) Yes - 3 points

How often do you express gratitude and appreciation for your partner?

A) Rarely - 0 points
B) Sometimes - 1 point
C) Often - 3 points

Answer Key

0-10 points - Your relationship may lack trust and communication. It may be time to consider seeking counseling or addressing these issues with your partner.

11-20 points - Your trust levels are moderate, and there may be room for improvement in certain areas.

21-30 points - Your relationship is built on a strong foundation of trust and communication. Keep up the excellent work!

What's Next?

Trust reigns supreme as a critical component when it comes to deep and meaningful relationships. Without it, relationships will struggle to survive. Trust unlocks the door to interdependence, allowing one another to speak candidly and share innermost thoughts, emotions, and experiences without fear of judgment. To explore ways to increase trust with your partner, explore our helpful guides:

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