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Air Pulse Sex Toys

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Air Pulse Sex ToysAre They Vibrators Or Provide Suction?

Clitoral Suction Vibrators are often confusing sex toys to identify because they are not vibrators, nor do they provide suction and often go by various names such as Air Pulse Sex Toys and Sonic Pulse Stimulators. They are technically classified as clitoral stimulators, but because most people think they provide suction or vibrate, they are called various things by different retailers and manufacturers. Many bloggers call them Clit Sucker Toys, while we often call them Clitoral Suction Vibrators on our site as that is what many customers call them, and we want to make it easy for them to find.

Some Models Have A Vibrator Feature

Some air pulse stimulators also have a separate motor for vibration. Those sex toys are both an air pulse stimulator and a vibrator. 

What Are They?

These sex toys provide sonic puffs of air; some call them air pulse sex toys while others call it pulse wave technology. In fact, there is not one correct term as various manufacturers refer to this type of stimulation as different things. For example, Womanizer calls it Pleasure Air Technology, Satisfyer refers to it as Air-Pulse Technology, and LELO calls it SenSonic technology. It's all the same thing. They move using air puff waves over the clitoris to deliver intense stimulation. Some women feel that it mimics oral sex, while others indicate that they feel a unique stimulation.

How To Use Clitoral Stimulators

These air pulse sex toys are held in your hand. They have a small opening placed over the clitoris and held still as the puffs of air provide direct, intense clitoral stimulation. Lubricant, typically water-based, should be placed around the rim before applying to the clitoris to help create a firm, airtight seal and make the clitoral stimulator more comfortable to use.

The Noise Factor

It is not uncommon to find reviews from people talking about how loud some models of air pulse sex toys are despite low volume ratings. So how can that be? Is the customer right, or is the rating correct? Air pulse stimulators will be louder when removed from the skin or if it does not have a proper seal. To ensure the quietest operation, create a seal around the clitoris, turn it on, and then before removing it, turn it off. If you remove it from the skin, the noise level will rise, and with some models of air pulse stimulators, that can be a dramatic difference. 

The Heads

The nozzles of the air pulse sex toys are typically called Stimulator Heads, but the name can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some models come with multiple head attachments. This is because the clitoris can range in size, just like the penis. Models that have larger head openings will better accommodate those with a larger clitoris, and smaller ones will provide a better seal on a smaller clitoris. 

The quality heads are made from silicone; however, what level of silicone also varies. We have seen some people on the internet calling them medical-grade silicone, but that is not correct, and you should not trust anyone claiming that when it comes to sex toys. To learn more about silicone materials, see our guide Silicone Sex Toys: Is Yours Real?

air pulse stimulator heads

Benefits Of Clitoral Stimulators

Because this is a unique sex toy, they can offer benefits that some others don't, which include:

  • Air Pulse sex toys provide direct, focused clitoral stimulation which can be intense depending on the setting.

  • Clitoral stimulators like these, do not require any movement to use them; rather, they are held in one place during use.

  • Quality-made versions are so quiet you may not even realize they are on.

  • They do not cause desensitization the way that vibrators can when used for an extended period.

  • They work well for women who struggle to climax.

  • They can increase blood flow and the intensity of orgasms.

  • They can be good for women with a sensitive clitoris because they do not overstimulate the way some vibrators do, especially when in a low power setting is engaged.

  • Some women feel that they help them achieve multiple orgasms more easily.

Helpful For Female Sexual Dysfunction

Vibrators are loved by many for their ability to provide stimulation, but when you use them for an extended period, they can cause desensitization (numbing). One of the problems for those with female sexual dysfunction is decreased blood circulation to the pelvic region. While vibrators are great for helping to increase blood circulation, those with health issues with it can have a more challenging time getting their body to respond to sexual stimulation as easily. Thus, it can take them longer to get the blood moving to the pelvic area and feel the physical effects of sexual arousal. By the time this happens using a vibrator, some women may find themselves desensitized to the vibrator, making it difficult, if not impossible to climax. Clitoral stimulators that use sonic air pulses do not typically desensitize and thus may be a helpful tool for some women who have sexual health issues that cause dysfunction and decreased blood circulation.

Helpful After Desensitization (Numbing) From Vibrators

It can also work for those who do not have health conditions and who have experienced desensitization from using a vibrator. This means that a woman who has been using a vibrator and finds herself unable to climax because of numbing from a vibrator may be able to orgasm by switching to a clitoral air pulse stimulator.

Finding The Right One For You

While Womanizer and Satisfyer were the first brands to be released when it comes to air pulse clitoral stimulators, there are many other brands on the market. Some are well made while others are not; we carry only the brands we feel are worth your time. Here are some things for you to consider when choosing a clitoral stimulator that provides air pulse sensations:

  • The quietest model is from Womanizer, Satisfyer is close but a bit louder, and the LELO models are the loudest, so the brand will make a difference if noise is a consideration.

  • Some come with a hard, fitted travel case, such as the Womanizer Brand. This should only be used if the toy is completely dry, as putting it on when there Is any moisture inside may harbor bacteria, mold, or fungi. See more about How To Clean Sex Toys and How To Store Sex Toys.

  • Some of the higher-end models come with replaceable heads that have different sizes. However, some do not.

  • Some brands have a softer head that goes around the clitoris, while others are firmer. The firmer ones can sometimes make getting a seal more challenging.

  • The shape of the heads makes a difference. The one with the most pinpoint stimulation will be those with the extended heads. Those that had rose shaped heads are not as pinpoint intense as the nozzle-shaped heads.

  • The smaller models are harder to hold.

  • Different models have different controls. Most of them are small buttons, some have larger buttons that make it easier for those with mobility issues and disabled people a bit easier.

  • Like vibrators, the air pulse sensations can be stronger or softer depending not just on the settings but also brand can make a difference.

  • Many have pulse settings, but most women tend to prefer the steady, constant pulse settings.

Are They Ideal For Everyone?

While they are great sex toys and many women love them, like any sex toy, some don't like them and prefer vibrators. As we often say, there is no perfect sex toy; instead, it is about finding the ideal sex toy for you. If you have questions or concerns about air pulse clitoral stimulators, feel free to ask, as we are happy to help.

Also see our How To Choose A Vbirator Guide for more helpful considerations.

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