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How To Use Strapless Strap Ons

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Strapless Strap-On Dildos

Double strap-on sex toys, (often called a strapless strap-on), are wearable dildos that offer both the wearer and recipient penetration without wearing a sex harness. A double strapon (Hands Free Double Dildo) is a wearable dildo that does not require a harness that allows you to insert it inside the vagina or penis while thrusting it into a partner.

Double Strap On Diagram

The Feeldoe

One of the first double strap ons and most famous was called the Feeldoe made by Tantus. They also came out with a realistic-looking model called the Realdoe. Tantus has since renamed them, and their new names are listed below:

  • Feeldoe is now the Tantus Strapless Strap On Classic
  • Feeldoe Slim is now the Tantus Strapless™ Strap On Slim
  • Realdoe is now the Tantus Real Strapless Strap On
  • Realdoe Slim is now the Tantus Real Strapless™ Slim Strap On

Double Strap On Diagram

The Popularity Of Double Strap Ons

Double Strap ons have a curved shaft designed to stimulate the G-spot during vaginal penetration and the prostate for anal penetration. The Feeldoe also has nubs at the upper shaft base, designed to stimulate the clitoris if inserted vaginally. This is great for clitoral orgasms, and since the G-spot is simultaneously being stimulated, there is an increased chance of multiple types of orgasms.

The base of a strapless strapon (wearable dildo) also has an insertable bullet vibrator (see what a bullet vibrator is below) that makes the whole shaft vibrate. It can be used on other parts of the body, such as clitorally, while penetrating the shaft because it is removable.

Types Of Vibrators Diagram

It can be used for prostate massage, which is not only very pleasurable (it is the equivalent of the female G-spot), but it also promotes an increased output of ejaculate for added pleasure and health benefits.

How To Use Double Strap-Ons

  • Woman (cis or trans: post surgery) by herself using it for vaginal or anal stimulation. Easy to use handle makes this much more proficient at using it in a thrusting motion.

  • Male (cis or trans) using it by himself for anal penetration (also see How To Use Anal Toys). Easy to use handle makes this much more proficient at using it in a thrusting motion.

  • Female inserting the bulb/handle into her vagina while penetrating her lover. Vaginally if lesbian couple vaginally or anally. Just anally if heterosexual.

  • Male inserting the bulb/handle into his anus, allowing him to use the shaft to penetrate his lover. This will enable him to stimulate his prostate while penetrating his lover. The lover then received gspot stimulation if female or prostate stimulation if male.

  • Inserting handle into harness. While it does not need a sex harness and is more often preferred without one, it can be used in one. 

Before You Buy A Strapless Strap On

Something to keep in mind is that strapless strap-ons can be challenging for people to use as they require the partner wearing one to have strong pelvic floor muscles to hold them even for a short time vaginally. Using one anally can put a lot of pressure on the anus and strain the muscles there as well. The sexual position you choose can make gravity less of a challenge when it comes to the toy pulling on muscles, but just wielding it around can cause fatigue. It may be desirable to use a harness which will need to have an opening below the O-ring to allow the shorter part of the wearable dildo to come through and penetrate the wearer vaginally or anally. This will allow dual entry of the toy between partners. 

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