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Sex Machines

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
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Sex toys, sex robots, and sex machines aren’t the same. Sex machines and sex robots are a type of sex toy, with sex robots typically providing more features and a higher cost. They also are more human-like in design and function. 

Sex Machine Benefits

Sex machines can be used solo or allow a partner to watch you while you use them. They can provide a way for you to stimulate yourself without having to hold or move a sex toy. This makes it a viable option for people with mobility issues and disabilities. See additional sexual products for disabilities, plus-sized sex, and mobility issues.

Because of its ability to run for long periods, it is excellent for those who desire prolonged sexual stimulation or help in achieving multiple orgasms. For these reasons, it can be used as a prelude to sex or an extension of vaginal, anal, or penile sexual stimulation.

Types Of Sex Machines

There are a variety of features that a sex machine can offer a user and can be designed to use with dildos, anal toys, and masturbation sleeves. They can move back and forth much like the older models of the Sybian and up and down like the thrusting of a Jetaime, which went out of business.

Newer models like the Unicorn or Cowgirl offer features similar to the Sybian, while Lovebotz features similarities to the Jetaime. Thus, it can be more affordable to get a sex machine than the cost of making your own. It can also offer the peace of mind that it is safe to use along with materials that are phthalate free.

What To Look For In A Sex Machine

A quality sex machine will have a strong motor that provides ample power without causing harm to the user. It should have a safe way to plug it in, and if it is not waterproof, you may wish to plug it into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet for safety. The casing should be durable and allow ample weight to rest on while providing surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect. Remote controls can make it much easier to use with or without a partner. It should be comfortable and provide pleasurable features. You may also wish to review our sex toys guides which review similar things to look for in a sex machine:

Do It Yourself Sex Machines

It is not uncommon to have some ambitious soul who wants to head out to the garage and put together a sex machine; after all, many people pursue making homemade sex toys. However, keep in mind that many novices who do not fully understand human anatomy, chemical interactions with lubricants, toxins in household materials, and other risks can make sex toys downright dangerous to use. For example, we have seen people use drills and cement mixers to create sex machines. Often it is underestimated how powerful these motors are, which can lead to irritated or torn tissue of the vagina or rectum and may be so powerful they break bones.

Sex Machine Fails

In some of these pictures, people have used mixers, saws, drills, and other tools to create homemade sex machines. These are examples of sex machine fails as they are made with unsafe materials or motors.

 Homemade Sex Machine Fails

Dangerous & Ineffective Sex Machines

Names of sex toy machine fails include the following models and the reasons we do not feel they are worth consumers time.

At top speed, it must be strapped down or the bar jolts the entire machine.

It only vibrates and does so with a lot of force. Bulky with minimal options. It is not recommended.

Goat Milker
Intended to suck nipples and cannot be used on the clitoris. This is farm equipment and is not intended for use on humans.

The Toolbox
It can't be mounted, which creates height restrictions. While it has some adjustable features, it is not recommended as a sex machine as it is not that powerful and is an awkward design.

While it can adjust to any angle from vertical to 15 degrees downward, and the unit elevates by remote control, it has a very rough start. It has to be inserted while in motion, which makes it very impractical. You cannot insert and turn it on; overall, the machine is ultimately too dangerous.

Loving Chair
Massive, limited positioning, and can't adjust the stroke. Bulky with limited options. It is not recommended.

Crystal Palace
While it provides smooth stroking with adjustable speed and depth, it is too fragile and easily broken. This is not a sturdy or practical sex machine and is not recommended.

This provides a powerful hammering action and noise while the depth, hammer, and speed are all adjustable. However, it's cumbersome, making picking it up very challenging. Thus, it is not recommended for something that needs to be moved.

This was made for double penetration and had excellent flexibility and the ability to be angled. However, it is extremely heavy and has a jerky motion. This is not a practical sex machine and would not be easily moved, certainly not discrete, and not the most fluid in movement.

Double Crane
It has an adjustable arm that breaks down for easy storage. The stance can be adjusted nicely for anal sex. However, the depth is not flexible, and the speed adjusts but not easily. It is not practical due to the bulky design, which presents with varied limitations.

This only rotates and does not provide any realistic thrusting and is nothing more than a modified drill with duct tape. Dangerous as sparks come out when in use. It should not be used as a sex machine.

This does not provide a very smooth thrust. It is simply a modified mixer with pipe with very few options and is not recommended for use as a sex machine.

This is one of the most elaborate sex machines for two people, but it is extremely heavy and requires two people to move it. It is highly impractical and would require an entire room to house it.

This is a modified bike pump where you cannot alter stroke depth. It has components not suitable or safe for sexual use.

Concrete Vibrator
This concrete mixer is way too powerful under normal circumstances and could easily break bones. Under no circumstances should this ever be used other than its intended use as a concrete agitator. NEVER use it for sexual pleasure.

Explore Recommended Sex Machines

To see the best sex machines, make sure to explore our selection with quality and your safety in mind.

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