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Top 7 Risks Of Sex Toy Parties

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

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You may already be familiar with the trend in sex toy parties. Modeled after Tupperware parties, many women and even couples have get-togethers where a host presents sex toys and provides lubricant samples for all to try. It is a clever idea and can be fun; however, there are some things to note when attending a sex toy party.

Lack Of Sex Education

The biggest issue that concerned us about many of these sex toy parties is that some of the consultants giving them were uneducated about sexuality and could not provide accurate information. Some consultants want to work from home and have no experience or study in sexuality or sexual health. While many sales representatives from sex toy parties are great salespeople, when they are not adequately trained in sexual health, they may be inadvertently suggesting something that may harm their customers.

Many sex toy consultants can make sure you have a good time and find something fun. Just keep in mind that sex toys used by people with health conditions, sexual abuse issues, allergies or by those who do not know how to use or care for them properly may be at risk for health issues. These include but are not limited to erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, vulvodynia, urinary tract infections, an enlarged prostate (prostatitis & BPH), prolapsed vagina and many more.

This is why consumer education is so important and something we take seriously and why it is crucial to find someone who takes their job seriously and gives a great party with the trifecta of products, entertainment, and education.

Sex Toy Risks

Did you know that you should never put a silicone lubricant on a silicone toy unless it is 100% pure silicone or it can melt it? Did you know you should not store jelly (elastomer) sex toys together or they can chemically melt one another? Did you know that using a prostate massager if you have prostate cancer can spread cancer? Did you know that many of the lubricants on the market contain parabens that are harmful to your health?

Many sex toy party reps do not know these things either. Their training focuses on the marketing of the products, not the safety and health issues regarding them. There are many other examples of sexual health issues to be concerned about as a consumer which is why we provide so much free sex toy education on our site. We also have customer service representatives who are trained to answer questions accurately because your health matters to us.

Toxic Sex Toys & Lubricants

When you buy sex toys through a party, remember to check if they may contain toxins such a phthalates or lead. You can view our Sex Toy Materials Guide to check if you are unsure as well as our guides on:

One area we find many sex toy consultants getting wrong is saying that the lubricants they are selling are paraben-free when they are not. Ensure that the product you buy says what materials are in it and learn how to check if parabens are in your lubricants by checking the ingredient labels.

Shady Sex Toy Party Companies

There are over 10,000 of them sex toy party companies, and that number is growing. Some are not well thought out, and even those that may take advantage of both the consultant and the consumer. That is another reason it is essential to do your research before choosing one.

Overpriced, Cheap Sex Toys

Your representative can throw you discounts on products, so make sure that you can do some price shopping online first if there is something in particular that you want. We found that our products are typically 1/2 to 3/4 less expensive than the sex toys offered at a sex toy party because the sex toy party company has to increase their sex toy priceses to allow their consultants to get a cut of the profits. In the end, you pay more for many of the cheap sex toys that are offered through sex toy party companies.

Educated & Certified

There are a variety of certifications, degrees and education one can have in sexual health. One such organization is The National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS) which is a trade organization that provides resources to unify and positively impacts adult toy businesses. NAASAS offers education and certification to Sex Toy Party Representatives and has a logo to look for when choosing a party representative.

Find A Sex Toy Company You Can Trust

When you want the best sex toys and romantic gifts, you have come to the right sex toy company. Not only are we discreet, but everything we sell is with your health in mind. From body safe sex toys to pure paraben-free personal lubricants, we have what you need to keep sex healthy.

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