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Sex Toy Voltage Requirements

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

outlet, Sex Toy Voltage RequirementsFor Sex Toys That Plug-In Or Recharge

Some motorized sex toys have a plug to charge or use them and require 120 Volt outlets. Using adapters in some cases may cause damage to the sex toy. Never plug a North American style 120 VAC adapter into a 220 VAC outlet as this will cause a violent short and present a serious burn and fire hazard.

Many sex toy manufacturers are moving toward using USB chargers to make them so that they can be used anywhere in the world. If you want to double-check on whether or not the rechargeable sex toy you are interested in has or offers a USB cable, please refer to the product information we provide on our site or contact us, as we are happy to provide you with that information.

Rechargeable Products

While all rechargeable sex toys are different, we have found some basic guidelines that most have in common, and we highly recommend you follow these tips. Not following them may void the manufacturer's warranty.

Do Not Use Other Equipment
Use only the charger that came with your sex toy.

Insert Carefully
Take care in inserting the jack into the sex toy, as forcing it may cause the jack to break off in the sex toy causing damage.

Charging Time Required
Charge your sex toy for a minimum of 24 hours for the first charge. Some manufacturers recommend up to 48 hours. Additionally, many manufacturers recommend 12-hour charging times thereafter.

Do Not Fully Discharge Batteries
Completely discharging the battery may damage most rechargeable batteries permanently. If it has a NiMH rechargeable battery inside, as many new rechargeable sex toys do, it is designed not to have memory problems associated with NiCad batteries, so there is only harm and no benefit to running the batteries down to zero. When the power starts to fade is when you need to recharge it.

Keep Charging Or Store
NiMH rechargeable batteries can not be overcharged, but you should unplug the sex toy and its charger for long-term storage.

We Recommend Water-based Lubricants
Because many are unsure of what their sex toy is made of, we recommend using water-based lubricants with any sex toy to ensure that there is no chemical reaction from the lubricant.

Avoid Electrical Shock
Keep your charging adapter away from water to avoid the serious risk of electrical shock.

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