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The Ultimate Rechargeable Sex Toys Guide

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Rechargeable Sex Toys

Rechargeable Sex Toy FAQs

In a world where many products are rechargeable, sex toys are no exception. Thus, it's crucial to know how to give them juice and keep them running at peak performance. So, let's dive into the electrifying details of charging these intimate tech companions and ways to keep them working correctly.

Properly Charging Sex Toys

If you have just unpacked your new sex toy, pause before you get into the sensual excitement of using it. Begin by diving into that manual—yes, even if it's the last thing you want to do because it can make your experience so much more enjoyable as well as protect your investment.

You will want to make sure to charge your sex toy for the stated amount of time within the instructions and heed the wisdom of the manufacturer's instructions over anything you think you know.

In the grand tapestry of tech, each manufacturer has a nuanced insight into how their creations operate. You may be surprised at how one sex toy can be quite different in its instructions from another, even when they appear to be similar.

Challenges With Sleep Modes

Laptops, desktops, and tablets with USB outlets tend to drift into a cozy 'sleep mode' like they're saying, "Not tonight, I'm too tired." Charging a sex toy from a laptop or other USB outlet that powers down on its own may not be a good idea if it goes into "sleep" mode.

This is because it may cause a problem with your sex toy receiving a proper charge. To prevent this, try charging your sex toy from a dedicated USB wall charger or ensure your computer or tablet is active.

The beauty of many modern chargers? The cord's removable. This means a world of devices, not just your sex toy, can hitch a ride to power town. Thus, investing in a dedicated USB adapter isn't just a good idea - it's a game changer because more and more products require USB outlets for charging electronics.

Finding The Dimple For A Jack Charger

Some rechargeable sex toys have a charger with a jack on one end and a USB connector on the other. These models are typically for waterproof sex toys, as the material (usually silicone) covers the opening of the charging port. These models are designed this way to prevent dust, debris, and water from easily getting inside. They also provide a smooth, uninterrupted surface when the jack is not plugged in.

Because of this, they form what looks like a dimple, indentation, or pinhole on the sex toy's surface. This detail might be hard to spot, so we have illustrated it in the picture below (the teal sex toy on the top left). Here you can see it is almost imperceptible.

On these models, you will take the charging prong (jack) and gently – but with purpose, insert it into the sealed port, pushing through the silicone barrier. You will want to ensure the prong is pushed in until it cannot go any further.

types of charging ports for rechargeable sex toys

Magnetic Chargers

Magnetic chargers may come with designed slots for easy attachment, while others can be placed directly on the exterior. Some can be tricky to locate, such as at the bottom of a sex toy, as pictured above. Most sex toys come with instructions, which you should always defer to; however, if you are unsure, you are always welcome to contact us for assistance. 

Magnet connections on sex toy charging cords are popular because they ensure the sex toy is more waterproof. With charging ports where you have to pierce the silicone with a prong, the silicone can get torn the more you charge it, leading to water ingress. Magnets will not do this, but they are not without their own challenges.

On models that do not click into place, this may make it difficult to know if your product is charging. When you walk away from it, make sure the charging indicator light is still on because any movement can break the connection and keep it from properly charging, thus causing the product not to have the power to work.

Keeping Your Magnet Charger Connected While Charging

One of the most common issues with magnet connections is that they can easily disconnect. There are a few ways to minimize the chances of this happening.

  1. Lay the sex toy horizontally on an even, unobstructed surface, ensuring a portion of the cable rests across this area so that the magnet is not hanging down and the surface of the table is supporting it. This will minimize the tension that is on the magnets.

  2. You can wrap your cord around a small yet heavy object to keep the cord from pulling directly onto the connection, thus lessening the strain on the magnets.

If The Magnets Repel Rather Than Connect

If you are experiencing the magnetic connection to be doing the opposite of connecting and are pushing the charger away, you have the connectors reversed. Just flip the connector around 180 degrees, and it will connect the magnets properly.

Rechargeable Sex Toy Travel Locks

Picture this: you're on the go, and your sex toy decides it's showtime in the middle of your journey. Awkward, right? That's where the travel lock swoops in. Many rechargeable sex toys have a travel lock to keep them from operating when you are transporting them.

Thus, when you first get your sex toy and push that power button, and nothing happens, don't panic. Your sex toy has not gone kaput already! It's just electronically locked.

Most travel locks just require that you hold down the power button for 2-6 seconds to disengage it. So before you dive down the troubleshooting rabbit hole, double-check if it's just erring on the safe side for you.

Please see our Sex Toy Travel Lock Guide for further help with this issue.

Keep Your Sex Toy Dry & Clean

While many rechargeable sex toys are waterproof, check before using and cleaning them, and a little pro tip, ensure the charging nook is as dry and parched as the Sahara before you even think about juicing it up.

In addition, inspect the charging port before charging for any dust or lint that may disrupt the connection and prevent the product from charging. A little gaze into that charging port could save you from a world where connections fizzle and sparks don't fly.

If you are unsure if your sex toy is waterproof or splash-proof, you can check our product descriptions, as we always provide that information on our products.

To understand the difference better, please see our helpful guide: Waterproof Sex Toys: Avoiding Common Damage Issues.

Use The Proper Outlet For Your Country

If you purchase a rechargeable sex toy that does not have a universal USB charger, and you are outside of the USA and are attempting to use a power adapter to convert a standard 120-volt plug used in the USA (US Plug type: US polarized ETL) you may run into issues.

This is because some manufacturers may void your warranty for fear that you may be causing unintended damage to the sex toy. It is why many sex toy manufacturers will not allow us to ship products specifically for USA outlets outside the United States.

We highly recommend you contact us to purchase a specifically designed model for your power outlets if you are outside of the USA, as many manufacturers have them available.

See our Sex Toy Voltage Requirements Guide for more helpful information on this topic.

Annoying Flashing Charge Lights

In the world of rechargeable sex toys, there is often a luminescent dance of LED lights that might just interrupt your beauty sleep. If the pulsing glows and rhythmic flashes conjure thoughts of an impromptu disco, consider a daytime power-up or perhaps a stealthy light-masking strategy.

Some people place them in drawers and run the electrical cords through the back of the bedside table, while others simply put clothing or a towel over them to hide the flashing light.

Label Chargers & Keep In A Safe Place

You know that feeling when you have a drawer full of cables, but curiously enough, you don't know which one goes to what? Well, if you have different chargers for various sex toys, you may run into the same issue.

That is why we recommend you label your charger cords to keep track or store them in storage bags with their cords. This way, you can find them easily and enjoy the heat of the moment without any headaches. Trust me, when you're in a hurry, you don't want to play the "Which charger is for which sex toy" game.

You wouldn't believe the number of emails from customers we have received who have misplaced their charger that powers their favorite sex toy. We get it; losing your charger can be a real bummer. Should that unfortunate event ever happen to you, don't panic. Reach out to us, and we can help you try and locate a replacement charger for your sex toy.

Sex Toy Temperatures

Your modern sex toy is not so different from many high-tech devices, meaning they should not be housed in conditions like the Sahara at noon or Antarctica mid-winter. Not ideal temps for the internal lithium-ion batteries, right?

Pushing these batteries beyond their recommended temperature thresholds is a surefire way to zap them of their longevity. Thus, make sure to keep your sex toy in a temperate environment avoiding overly hot or cold conditions.

In addition, heed the manufacturer's guidelines when charging them at temperatures outside what they recommend for a more enduring and electrifying experience.

What Are Ideal Sex Toy Temperatures?

The ideal temps for lithium-ion batteries are typically 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). When you dive deeper into the thermodynamics of such sex toys, you will find that if you crank up that heat past a sizzling 113°F, you will accelerate aging and even create safety risks of fire.

But go the opposite direction? Slide below the freezing point of a frosty 32°F, and you will increase the battery's internal resistance, leading to diminished capacity and performance.

For best results and the longest rechargeable sex toy lifespan:

  • Keep your lithium-ion batteries in a moderate-temperature environment of 68 - 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Avoid leaving devices or batteries in hot environments, such as resting near or on a heater or near devices that run hot.
  • If your sex toy becomes too hot to touch, it's a good indicator that the battery inside is operating outside its ideal temperature range.
  • Some higher-end sex toys come with thermal management systems to regulate battery temperature, but it's always a good practice to be aware of the environmental conditions.
  • Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for specific temperature recommendations.

Worries About Overcharging Your Battery

Most sex toys are predominantly juiced up by lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries, just like your phone or laptop. Many people worry about overcharging them and reducing the battery's life, but that's not typically an issue with these dynamos.

The higher price tag on the rechargeable sex toys we sell is due to the luxury of higher-quality batteries and components. Next time you're recharging, remember: there's some serious tech under that silicone!

The Inactive Battery Drain

Some rechargeable sex toys will drain energy when inactive, so remember, if it has been a long time since you have changed the sex toy, you may need to recharge it again to ensure it's at peak performance for your next rendezvous.

Also, if you don't plan to use your sex toy for a while (more than one month), you may want to store it at a 30 - 50 percent charge. Why, you may wonder? Because storing a fully discharged battery in a sex toy for an extended period can cause it to lose its charging capacity. After all, even our most intimate tech needs a little TLC in the energy department.

If you continue to store your sex toy without using it, it's good to give your sex toy a smidge of power now and then. Think 30-50 percent every half to a full year. The optimal amount of a 30 - 50 percent charge is because letting a battery that is fully charged brim to its max and then neglecting it might make your trusty toy less, well, trusty over time.

And letting that power drain entirely? A no-go for keeping its charge game strong. Running a Li-ion battery down completely will also diminish the charging capacity, so leaving some power in it is the best way to store it.

To determine what percentage of battery you have used, you will need to know how much run time you have on your sex toys or use a sex toy that has a battery indicator. 

For example, say your sex toy boasts a maximum operational window of two hours when fully juiced. If you've spent an hour with it in full swing, congrats: you've burned through half its stamina, sitting at 50% battery life. 

We typically will indicate charging and run time in our product descriptions, so you are always welcome to reference that information on our site. 

Rechargeable Sex Toys Life-Span

If you follow these tips to care for your sex toy, it should last you for years to come. The rechargeable battery is the unsung hero of stimulating sex toys, and its lifespan varies by brand and model.

By taking care of your sex toy, you can find the length of life in your sex toy goes well beyond the manufacturer's warranties, which are typically anywhere from a year to an entire decade.

Rechargeable sex toys are great since they can always be charged up and ready to use at full power; unlike cheaper vibrators that use costly disposable alkaline batteries, they never have to be replaced.

If you do roll old-school, and use a disposable battery-operated sex toy, make sure to see our helpful guide: Sex Toys & Batteries.

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