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Hummer Automatic Suction Masturbator

Hands-free Masturbation Sleeve

by Vedo
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  • Product Details
  • Cleaning & Care
  • The VeDo Hummer Super BJ Machine is an automatic suction penis masturbator with an impressive range of 109 suction impulses per minute. It offers a selection of 5 intensity levels and 5 speeds, culminating in 25 combinations to ignite your sensations.

    It has a stretchy sleeve that comfortably accommodates a length of 6.5" and a diameter of 1.02", so it comes with an integrated glow-in-the-dark penis ring. The remote control allows for a hands-free experience, offering the luxury to relax and enjoy the moment entirely.

    Its plug-and-play feature ensures you never need to worry about charging, enabling continuous pleasure without interruptions.

    Pump unit, a black box that contains the motor
    An outer sleeve made from silicone
    An inner sleeve made from TPE
    Two hoses
    A hose connector
    USB charging cable
    Remote control

    Please note: At times, you may notice an oily residue on the black silicone sleeve due to prolonged contact between the two sleeves or temperature changes. This is a glycerin-based residue and is entirely harmless. It can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

    • Requires Assembly
    • Easy Cleaning
    • 109 Suction Impulses Per Minute
    • 5 Intensity Levels And 5 Speeds
    • 25 Ways To Have Your Best BJ
    • Glow-In-The Dark Inner Sleeve
    • Plug-In Power Cord
    • Sleek Remote Control
    • Hands-Free
    • Body-Safe, Phthalate-Free
    • Material: TPE, ABS (plastic)
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
    • Main Unit Size: 8.26" x 3.18" x 5.11"
    • Sleeve Length: 6.5"
    • Sleeve Diameter: 1.02"
    Tips & Guides:
    Suction Intensity 4 | 5
    For those who enjoy moderate to strong stimulation.

    Noise Level 4 | 5
    Level 4: This is a louder-than-average vibrator and is similar to the sound of rain so that you can hear it through a door. Possibly disguised with music or a white noise machine.

    Item Number: 789185756871

    The Differences Between The Vedo Hummer & Vedo Hummer 2.0

    The Hummer 2.0 is sleeker than the original, with rounded edges and stainless steel accents.

    The power levels: the original can deliver 109 suction impulses per minute. While impressive, the 2.0 takes it to another level, with six speeds reaching 180 suction impulses in 60 seconds.

    The 2.0 also has 8 fully automated suction modes/patterns plus 10 vibration modes from the textured sleeve.

    The texture of the inner sleeves: The sleeve in the original Hummer is soft and smooth, without ridges, whereas the 2.0 model has ridges.

    The 2.0 features an added pleasure ring which is a concentric circle of soft nubs that add a stroking sensation while the machine vibrates. Each nub is about 0.4″ long.

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    Always buy from an authorized sex toy dealer to avoid sex toy scams, knockoffs, used sex toys, toxic materials, or unhealthy ingredients. We care about your health and provide only the best body-safe sexual products.

  • This product is made of a porous material, which is stretchy and soft. Using a sex toy cleaner is a preferred method of cleaning porous materials as they can reduce microorganisms. Allow the sex toy to soak in the sex toy cleaner for at least ten minutes before rinsing off. Because the pores are tiny, this material cannot be sterilized entirely with a toy cleaner. That is why allowing it to completely air dry and store it in a cool, dry place is essential. Take care to avoid contact with any electrical components. Use only water-based lubricants with this elastomer toy. Avoid silicone and oil lubricants as they may adversely affect the material.

    Please note that the information on this page regarding care and guidelines are general tips for sexual products. Always defer to specific instructions that a manufacturer provides with their product.

    Sex toy storage bags should be breathable to prevent bacteria and mold from building on them in between uses. Make sure to check out our sex toy storage bags, cases, and more for properly storing your sex toys.

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