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The Sensual Bath Cuckolding Story

woman on bed in lingerie, cuckolding story 

Cuckold Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

This is a true cuckolding story that includes two men and one woman. It is written by the point of view of the woman and involves a threesome.

The magnetic feeling was always there. After that first kiss, if you got within a certain proximity to me, your body just automatically moved in. That draw was always present, like some scientific law. And when your hands did touch me, they seemed to fit so perfectly.

I had been soaking in the bath when I heard the front door open and close. The bathroom was just opposite, and I had left the bathroom door ajar. I had lit a few candles for a little me time; it had been a long day, time to chill. A cold glass of wine perched on the corner of the bath. "Hi Hun," I call out from the dimly lit room. Eyes view me speculatively through the crack of the door.

I see you smile and a little wink. Hmmm...What are you up to? I wonder as I return a quizzing glance. "Need a top-up babe?" as you ask casually and glance over to my glass. " No, I think I can manage, thank you." I rise from the bubbles and reach across for the glass; I take a long swig, not noticing you have moved away, but I can still feel eyes gazing at me. Standing just outside the door is your drinking buddy.

We had briefly met before when he came with his girlfriend round to the flat. The corners of his mouth were raised into a sexy smile as he cast his eyes over my heaving bosoms. Oh heck! Unexpected guest, why didn't Stephen warn me! He is distracted by you when you suggest he grabs a beer. The bottles are cracked open. You switch on the iPod, and a tune rings out. I can hear mellow chat and raucous laughter. I decide I'm not going to get much peace now.

I pull the plug, take the last gulp of wine, and grab a towel to wrap around me. I pad onto the floor in my bare feet and rub myself down. As I look in the mirror, my face has a rosy glow, fresh-faced, and whispers of hair start to fall from my 'up-do'. Once dry, I grab the glass and pad my way up the corridor and direct it to the kitchen. I can see you smiling out of the corner of my eye. I mouth at you, "you're so naughty, why didn't you warn me?!" Your grin says it all, I start to pour the wine and you move close into me, "here, let me do that, babe," and your hand slips around my waist, and you take the bottle from my hand.

You whisper into my ear, "fancy some fun later? " and cock your head in the direction of your friend. I take the glass out of your hand and push you back, "maybe…maybe not," and I turn away, and your hand takes charge of my backside, slap! Oh Fuck, I yell back, "You never learn, do you!" as I wag my finger back at you and trying to look cross, but I'm laughing really. You grab my hand and roll me back to you, into you as you kiss me on my lips, and I return the kiss with the same intensity. Your hands move to my sides, palm curving to the shape of my hip bone. Your hands rub the edges of my towel over my buttocks, which seems made for your touch, giving your buddy a very tidy view of my nude rear. He watches on as we tease each other.

When you move your hands upwards, cupping my breasts, you let out a low growl, your senses taking over. I make sweet little sounds in your arms. When the kisses became heated, you could feel the moans emanating from me. When you dip your head into the crook of my neck and kiss and nibble there, I let out these perfect little whimpers. It was always building between us. Every moment with us together was foreplay. It didn't matter if we were touching or not. The way I walk near you, the touch of my hands when we chatted, the way you watched my lips move, and my eyes search you sexily when I spoke, it is all part of the seduction between us.

I feel your buddy's eyes on us as well. Watching. Your breath rises as I begin tracing the shape of your lips with my fingers, and I am drinking in your gorgeous smile from your eyes. I turn and pose myself in your arms for him, reaching my arm up and around stroking you as I sip my wine, I watch your buddy clearly feeling hot at this point, my eyes stare at him intensely just to see him shudder. I start getting wet. You're kissing, and a few dirty words in my ear does it.

Your hand rises up the inside of my towel. You make me squirm and writhe with the touch of your fingers. I was feeling lost into the seduction and sexiness, the wine is beginning to give me a heady feeling, and I relaxed totally into your arms. I close my eyes and feel my legs being parted. Your buddy begins kissing me between my legs, and I buck my hips and beg for you to stop. The sensation of warm lips lapping at my clit while you massage my breast and nibble my ear was so erotic. My whispers fall on deaf ears, and I realize that there is only one way this was going to go. When he slipped in, it was like warm wet heaven. I was tight. I knew he was very experienced.

You whisper in my ear, demanding I am to be a naughty girl for him. You like me to say it. "You're a naughty girl, aren't you?" My little head would nod as I wrestle with whether to blush or cum. You release the towel away from me, exposing me. I can feel your hands slide up and down, and he is looking up at me as he is kissing his way down my thighs before he rocks back on to his legs and takes complete view of me.

The smiles are exchanged between you both, a bit of a 'cheers mate' exchange. I feel you push forward, and I suddenly find myself on my feet trying to remain steady. You step to the side, grab your phone, and prepare to film what is about to take place next. I am taken to a chair and placed on his lap. He kisses me and sweeps my legs apart with his hand massaging the inner of my thighs. As his tongue reaches inside my mouth I feel his thick finger slide its way inside me, moving in circles and releasing again, I take a breath just enough before he thrusts his tongue back in and pushes his way in with two fingers.

I am moaning, unable to resist the urges I am feeling the squirting over his lap as he teases my internal erogenous zones. You stand close by watching him take me, filming, and you can't resist touching my breasts playing with my nipples, and my hand reaches out over to you, and I feel your hard cock. I know you are tempted to let it go, you would love to put it in my mouth, but you just want to watch for now. "She likes to be slapped," I hear you say and I am turned over onto the table, my nipples hit the cold surface of the table, and I am pushed down hard while I feel the hand slide gently over one cheek and then slap! I gasp out.

The second cheek is rubbed and slapped! I scream out. Again and again, until I am breathless and begging to stop, you both start to undress as you allow me to breathe. This time it is you who takes me, so sweetly laying me on my back and you rub my clit while looking into my eyes, they are wild, fantasizing, wanting and needing me. Your buddy hangs his hard length over me, and I grab it with my hand jerking back and forth. Your fingers search me, finding me. I am shuddering on the hard surface.

You swap places, and just as you slide your cock into my mouth, he enters me. I am moaning and writhing; I am let go climaxing all over him as you climaxing over me and he inside me.

When he left, you held me, knowing we have all the time in the world to be naughtier with each other. I clung to your shirt as you slipped your hand to the familiar curve of my bottom. The rest of the night would be nothing but wanting for just each other again.

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