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Erotic Lesbian Story

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Erotic Lesbian Story Submitted By Shelley

Lacey lit a Dunhill, took a long drag and exhaled slowly. It was twilight now, her favorite time of the evening. Those fleeting moments between day and night splashed orange-pink hues on a blueberry grey horizon. This time of day calmed Lacey's restless spirit. She often experienced the peace and comfort of her Japanese ancestors' presence in the subdued glow of twilight.

A low-flying Cessna cruised over the summer cottage located almost 100 feet from Lake Bonnier's waters edge. In its wake, the first star twinkled. The plane's engine's low hum was soon joined by the treble notes of human vocal cords behind Lacey.

The February night symphony of lake, creek, wind, crickets, birds, and tall pine treetops overhead faded into the background. It was Colette. Lacey's extroverted Creole friend was finally home from a day of teaching at the university. "Hey, lady. What are you doing out here on the deck, all by yourself? It's chilly." "Hmmm, just thinking," Lacey responded without retreating her gaze from the woods, sprawled below on each side of the cottage.

The lake lapped at the shore directly before them. On the east side of the deck, where Colette came to lean against the railing, a deer peeked out from the trail that crossed the gurgling creek in the front yard. When it decided the two women posed no threat, the deer pranced across the grass, separated the stilted deck from the lakes pebbly beach down below, and leaped into the woods on the west side of the property. Colette slid an arm around Lacey's waist and brushed her lips against the back of her neck, nudging the straight black hair with her nose over Lacey's shoulder. Both women stood 5'7" tall, their soft brown and olive complexions, respectively, were complimenting one another.

Colette's medium build, hourglass shape, and 34C breasts attracted Lacey to her on the first day they met, at the downtown coffee shop. Colette, however, was mesmerized by Lacey's coal-black eyes, a seductive smile on sensual lips, and slender, hourglass frame. "Missed you today, baby," she whispered softly into Lacey's ear. "I couldn't stop thinking about the taste of you on my lips so sweet, so-o-o intoxicating." Lacey's body felt good against hers. Lacey shifted her weight from her left foot to her right and moaned at the thought of Colette's mouth buried in her passion fruit. She loved it when Colette hungered for her this way.

When they met five years ago, they did not let a single day go by without loving one another into pure exhaustion. Now, only the responsibilities of life got in the way, which delayed gratification made their lovemaking all the more passionate and beautiful when time did permit the luxury. "I have tantalizing thoughts of licking, lapping and sucking all your pussy nectar," she continued, nibbling now on Lacey's ear lobe.

Lacey's head fell back on Colette's shoulder, emitting a stream of smoke through her parted lips, a gossamer column into the now darkened, starry sky. She felt Colette's right hand massaging her 34A breasts, index fingers outlining circles around her erect nipples, and a warm, wetness forming in her panties. She moaned in surrender.

The yearning lady slowly had her way with her pensive friend. "Hmm-mm. The mangoes are ripe for the picking," Colette noted approvingly. She squeezed Lacey's long, hard nipples rhythmically between her fingers and sashayed her mound back-and-forth across Lacey's perfectly round derriere. Lacey felt her pussy lips swell and the beginning throb that would undo her into Colette's knowing lips, tongue, and hands. She had forgotten there was life down there amidst the rush of work, deadlines, revisions, and everything else she loved about litigation.

She smiled in response to Colette's coaxing and took another drag on the cigarette. She enjoyed the foreplay and was in no hurry to end it. Colette continued the seduction with more baby kisses all over her neck. Lacey put the cigarette out in the ashtray on the rail. She gently loosened Colette's embrace around her waist, to turn around, face Colette, and be taken by her. Her blouse was promptly and expertly unbuttoned. Colette was determined to undo this workaholic and cream all of Lacey's tensions onto her ravenous lips.

Licking Lacey was her favorite part of their lovemaking, and Colette always succeeded in driving Lacey into oblivion. She finally released the breasts she had been massaging earlier from their bra cups and cradled them with her hands. The chill of the evening made Lacey shiver, but she did not protest. Colette engulfed one breast with hungry lips and massaged the other. Lacey moaned in pleasure. Colette suckled slowly at first, taking care to nibble and flick the nipple between her teeth, and then greedily sucked the whole breast into her mouth, loving the softness of it and the way it tingled and wet her mound.

She briefly raised her head to watch Lacey watching her, and, at that moment, Lacey grabbed Colette's face with both hands. She kissed Colette sensually and thrust her tongue into her surprised lips. Colette unzipped Lacey's jeans while their mouths licked, sucked and slurped tonguing passionately and raising the temperature between them. She recalled how Lacey had taught her how this type of deliberate lovemaking slow, deliberate, and often dramatic in its movement-- heightened orgasms with the intensity of sheer erotic force.

The pleasure principle rules, Lacey said. When the fly was open, Colette dove her right hand deep inside Lacey's panties. She cupped her nest and probed the longest finger into her. Lacey's responsive gaze was lecherous; she wanted it done to her. Colette kissed Lacey again, continuing to probe softly into the slick recesses of Lacey's beautiful, clean-shaven lips, which were now pressing and gyrating against Colette's palm's hand. Lacey's panties were completely soaked.

She grabbed Colette's buttocks with both hands to control the rhythm of each jolting wave of pleasure. Oooh, Cole, I love it!! I love the way you make me feel. Lacey was on fire and ready to 69, but Colette wanted her to burn a little while longer. Still cupping the mound, she added the ring and pointer fingers to stroke Lacey in triplet, bringing out oodles of more warm, juicy nectar, the way she liked it. Lacey leaned back to rest her elbows on the deck railing. She circled her hips slowly to the rhythm of Colette's loving fingers.

Colette watched her, longing to put the cum dripping out and around her fingers into her mouth. Instead, she simply commented, your nectar baby so much of your sweetness, dripping out onto my fingers. You know I love the taste of you, don't you? Lacey gave her a painfully acquiescent smile. She knew Colette's yearnings better than she knew her own. Colette gratefully withdrew her fingers from Lacey's pussy and stuck them into her mouth. She sucked and licked them fervently. Mm-mm-mm. She responded, savoring the sweet yumminess her friend, and quickly shoved the fingers back into her, at the commencement of another orgasm.

Lacey was turned on by the sight of Colette enjoying the taste of her. She wanted to taste her pussy juices, too. She took Colette's face into both her hands and tongued her expertly-- licking inside and outside Colette's lips before sucking gently on her tongue. Their tongues danced rhythmically around one other, lingering on the pleasure of sober, uninhibited lust shared by familiar lovers. But Colette was not yet finished with Lacey's flowing river. She stepped back. The heat emanating from their bodies foretold the insatiable desire, which would burn long into the night and until early morning before it could be cooled satisfactorily.

Colette pulled Lacey's jeans and panties down to her ankles and stayed on her knees, nuzzling her nose into her friend's beautifully clean-shaven candy box. She loved the smell of her but, rather than toy with Lacey's pussy lips as she usually did, Colette simply plunged her tongue, lips, and mouth upward into Lacey's eager cunt, licking and sucking eagerly while massaging Lacey's buttocks in the open-and-close rhythm. Lacey's juices were all over her nose, face, and hairline, but Colette didn't care. Lacey pressed her lips and gyrated on Colette's face, running her fingers through Colette's soft brown, golden-streaked mane, moaning with sheer delight. Colette gently pulled Lacey's clit between her teeth and sucked it until she felt Lacey begin to cum. Fingers, baby? Lacey pleaded. Colette added three fingers to her clit suckling, just before Lacey climaxed. Ah-hh, yes, yes! My God, I needed this. It feels so good!

Colette slowed the finger-stroke, allowing Lacey's multiples to subside pleasurably. Each breath Lacey exhaled was a little more relaxed than the preceding one. Colette enjoyed watching her bask in the afterglow. She kissed easy pussy lip and Lacey's clit. Lacey shuddered. Colette licked each pussy lip, savoring the feel of it, like the feel of a tongue gliding on an ice cream cone.

She could keep Lacey in her mouth forever. When Lacey's contractions ceased grabbing her fingers, Colette slid them out of the hot, gooey kitty. She pulled Lacey's jeans and panties up to her waist and embraced her in the cold night breeze. Their bodies were molded together while they licked, kissed, and sucked one another's neck, ears, face, and lips. They ground their hips and bumped their wet mounds together through their clothes. Neither of them liked to rush, although there were occasions when they engaged in pure, rough, animal passion.

Colette whimpered as she came, gathering Lacey's face in her hands and smothering both their cries of pleasure with mouths pressed together tonguing and sucking greedily as they slid down the other side of the orgasmic precipice. When they were done, they rocked quietly beneath the moonlight.

Finally, Lacey broke the revelry, without releasing Colette from her arms. They smiled at one other for a moment before savoring another kiss. The final release of their lips was a punctuated suck, which echoed on the night breeze. I've got the munchies now for you, Lacey whispered. Let's go inside? Colette already wet from their kitty dancing, quivered at the thought of what she knew was to follow. She was also anxious to get at Lacey's rosebud, which she had not been able to do on the deck. Ok, let's go inside.

She took Lacey's hand, and they walked together through the French doors. The fire was still ablaze in the fireplace and, before long, so would their entangled bodies be ablaze on the bear rug.

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