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First Kiss

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Free Erotic Story Submitted By Heather

It was any other Wednesday at the youth group. The pastor had just begun talking when James walked in. He was wearing a light blue shirt and khaki pants. All the girls stared at him; no one had seen such a handsomely built Italian man. He acknowledged that he was late and casually grabbed a seat that was close to the door.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I was a senior in high school then, and he had graduated when I was a freshman, so we had an age difference, but that didn't keep me from fantasizing. Shortly after the daydreams and giggling, the sermon was finally over, and everyone ran out to the gym.

While everyone played dodge ball, my friends and I sat on the sidelines singing and talking about how handsome James was. Then 10 minutes later, we caught each other's eyes. He signaled for me to come over. I was dumbfounded and wasn't sure if he was signaling me or someone else.

So after a minute of confusion, I finally walked across the gym to the handsome 21-year-old. He called me sweetie and then asked me a couple of questions. He asked if I come to youth group every Wednesday. Yes, I responded. Then before time was over, he asked if I'd be coming next Wednesday. Yes, I am, I told him. Then we said our goodbyes and the week couldn't have gone by slower.

The next Wednesday rolled around, and he showed up. The same daydreams occurred, and finally, game time rolled around. This time was different. While everyone was playing a game, I, again, sat on the sidelines daydreaming about James and the possibilities. I had told all my friends about last week's encounter, and the whole youth group knew. Though, none of them believed it because James was like a local celebrity. He wouldn't hook up with a girl like me. But I finally got up the courage to talk to him. We exchanged numbers, and he told me he was playing a game the next day (Thursday) at the church. I told him I'd be there because I have to vend.

Thursday rolled around, and I couldn't wait for that night at the basketball game. It was also spirit week at school, so I was dressed up as a granny. I didn't even bother changing for the basketball game.

There was more than one game that night. James played first, but he stayed to watch the others. While watching the others, I called him on his cell and told him to come to talk to me in the vending area. He didn't answer, but a couple of minutes later, he walked in, and my heart began pounding. It was me, my BFF, Tara, and some other people. He and I went to a different area of the room for privacy, and then Tara followed along. After about twenty minutes of talking, he thought loudly, "is there a room in this church where I can be alone with Jenny?" Tara told him, yes, and she pointed to the toddler's room right across the hall. With no patience, he left us there and went to the toddler's room, waiting for me.

I went into the room and closed the door behind me. The lights were off, and it was silent. "I want to kiss you," James said. I, nervously, didn't know what to do or say. I giggled and quietly said, "I've never kissed a guy before." He questioned my honesty and said that it couldn't be true- that I was too beautiful not to have kissed a guy yet. (I was 18.) I assured him, no, and he didn't seem to mind at all. "I'll teach you, he said."

He then reached out and gently wrapped his arms around my waist. I, in return, wrapped mine around his neck. We then got closer to each other, and he whispered, "This is just a simple peck on the lips." Then he gave me a peck on the lips. We did the peck two more times, so he knew I was comfortable. (He definitely knew what he was doing.) Then, he said, "this is an actual kiss." My nerves were at ease as he pulled my face towards his and put his soft lips upon mine—his top lip in-between mine and my bottom lip in between his. Things began getting heavier as he pushed me up against the wall. After about 10 minutes of making out, he then asked me if I'd do it. I, of course, said no. (We were in a church.)

He seemed to respect that, so we continued to kiss more. Then someone knocked on the door. I told him to stay where he was as I checked to see who was there. No one was there. So I went to where he was only to see him sitting on the table. After being all worked up, I could feel my pussy throbbing for him. The adrenaline that I got from the knock on the door made me want him more. Him sitting there with his gym shorts and cut off shirt made me feel like I was in a movie. Was this really happening? Was I really just making out with James O'Neil, the hottest guy in town?

I let my mind go to ease as I walked closer to him and then began to sit upon his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist. "Kinky." He said. We started kissing again. Then he lay down as I lay on top of him. He knew how to kiss, and the feeling of his soft lips against mine made my pussy throb against his cock. I began to sway my hips back and forth, up and down as I felt his cock begin to enlarge between my thighs. He began unbuttoning my top as we continued to make out. Then, moving his lips to my chest, he began to tease my nipples with his tongue. He flickered them with the tip of his tongue and then wrapped his lips around them. I moaned at the sensation it sent down my body to my pussy.

Then someone knocked at the door again. The adrenaline rushed through our bodies as I struggled to button my top. He got up quickly and checked to see who was at the door. No one was there. Then he came back to where I was. I sat at the end of the table with my feet sitting on the floor. "I don't want to get caught," I told him. "We won't. But I'm certainly enjoying the adrenaline rush!" he joked. He came closer to where I was, and we began kissing once again. He was standing while I was sitting, so I lay down to make it more comfortable. He lay down on top of me as we continued to make out heavily. Things were going further as he rubbed his hand on my right inner thigh. I could feel him eagerly trying to get into my panties with his fingers, but I pushed them away. "We're in a church." I reminded him. "Just one quick glance." He said. After a second of doubt, I finally gave in. We'd gone this far, why not?

He sat on the floor, his head in-between my spread legs. I laid on the table, my pussy throbbing, longing for him to be inside me. He came up to me and kissed me on the lips again. He ran his fingers down my thigh, then under my panties. He lifted up my dress with his other hand and began kissing my neck all the way down to my stomach. Goosebumps overwhelmed my body as I felt a vibrating sensation come over my wet pussy. His lips got closer to my panties, and he pulled them off with his teeth. I tried to make it easier by pulling them down with my feet. I felt much more comfortable with them around my ankles than all the way off, much safer just in case someone knocked again.

He then began to pursue my pussy. I laid there on the table, with my fingers massaging my clit as he finally removed them. I put my hands upon my stomach as he rubbed the tip of his tongue over my clit. Teasing me, I jumped at the sensation. I'd never felt that before. Then he began fingering me. He put his forefinger inside of me as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. I could feel the pressure of him inserting more fingers. Thrusting in and out of my throbbing pussy, I almost hit climax, but then he stopped as if knowing it was about to occur. He then stuck his head in between my legs and then began to lick my lips.

I could feel his moist, wet tongue going deep in between the crevices of my lips. He then began fingering me again as he licked my clit. Gently yet, with enough pressure that I had an orgasm. I bit my lip with fear that someone heard me moan loudly. But he acted as if not occurred. He adjusted himself as he went back for more. I could hear the sound of my pussy juice swiped against my thighs as he licked it off.

I began to thrust my pelvis towards his face as he began licking my pussy once again. This time he wasn't as gentle. He was rougher. He pushed his hard tongue against my clit and then circled it with the tip of his tongue. After circulating my clit, he went down my lips and inserted his tongue into my already dripping wet pussy. My pelvis thrust more and more as he inserted his tongue deeper, moving it around to satisfy my needs. Then, after reaching down to rub my clit; I reached the best orgasm I ever had in my life. I moaned so loudly that I thought we were going to get caught. But luckily, we didn't.

After the magnificent orgasms, we got dressed and began making out once again. I could taste my pussy juice on his lips. The bittersweet taste of it made me long to feel his cock. He then lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He brought me down where I could feel his cock in between my thighs. We kissed deeply as I thrust my pussy towards his enlarged cock.

But another knock came on the door and reality set in. We had to go. The basketball games were over, and everyone was leaving, so we said our goodbyes and parted.

He called me up, and we had phone sex that night. Then the next day, he picked me up from school, and we went back to his house, where we had four long hours of hot, sweaty, rough sex.

James O'Neil, the guy who I thought I would only have sex within fantasies, was not only my first kiss but also the guy who I gave my virginity to. WOW! What a couple of amazing days that was! I'll never forget him.

Every now and then, we call each other up, for a booty call, but it's been nothing more between us but sex.

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