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Her New Experience: A Lesbian Story

two woman kissing, Lesbian Story

Lesbian Story Submitted By Chrissy Larkin

I'm 55 years old, married, and identified as straight. I have an active sex life with my husband, so I don't even masturbate. I can't remember the last time I went solo. I've never felt a desire to experience lesbian sex with another woman until now.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and neighbor Denise broke her leg in an accident. The break was bad and put her in a large cast covering much of her leg. Her mobility was significantly impacted. Last week her husband had to leave on a business trip that would keep away from home for two nights. I volunteered to spend both nights with Denise and help with cooking and anything else she needed while her husband was away, and she remained essentially bedridden.

I made dinner for Denise and, after we finished, she encouraged me to mix a pitcher full of gin and tonic, so we could have some fun while watching a movie on her TV in her bedroom. Denise is about 45, a short, slender woman with short hair, a pretty face, and a beautiful smile. As the evening wore on, the drinks flowed, and we had a grand time, half talking, half watching what was on TV.

I could see Denise was getting rather drunk as her words began to slur, and at one point, while we were watching a mildly R-rate movie, she made some loose remarks about sex. I was pretty high myself, but not nearly as drunk as Denise.

At the same time, I could see my friend was a bit uncomfortable. She kept wincing as she tried to move, and the cast chafed on her thigh. Finally, in frustration, she gave up on watching and, with my help, rolled over on the bed, facing downwards. In a slurred but pleading voice, she asked if I would mind putting some lotion on her leg where the cast ended.

I grabbed a bottle from her bedside table and began to rub the massage lotion on to her red and tender skin. My hand was only inches from her crotch, which was covered by her nightgown, but I kept massaging where the skin was chafed. Denise made murmurs of appreciation, her face buried in her pillow. But then she reached down and tugged up her nightie and asked me if I could massage a little higher. I found myself staring at the lower half of Denise's naked rear. Feeling somewhat uninhibited by the alcohol, I took a moment to admire her lovely looking skin, the dark curve of her fanny crack, and imagined what lay between.

Slowly, I began massaging with the lotion, rubbing the uppermost part of her thigh, just below her left fanny cheek. Despite the liquor, I could feel my pulse pick up at the uncertainty of what was happening. It didn't take long to realize Denise was also feeling very uninhibited by the alcohol. Her occasional murmurs turned into soft moans of satisfaction. Slowly, Denise parted her legs a bit more and scooted down, pressing her warm vulva against my hand.

I felt her wetness and knew immediately she was aroused. Much to my dismay, so was I. For a brief moment there was absolute silence in the room other than the sound of a ticking clock. I ran my fingers up and down the lips of her vagina and felt her pea-sized clit. I touched it softly, trying not to over-stimulate the sensitive nub. Denise started to roll her hips, thrusting them back for more contact. I obliged by inserting my middle finger into her wet loveliness. Oh, I couldn't believe how excited I was becoming; to feel another woman so intimately and to feel her respond with such obvious sexual excitement. My head was spinning, literally and figuratively.

I moved my fingers in and out rhythmically and soon heard that familiar smacking sound as Denise grew wetter and wetter as she moaned louder and louder, even though her face was buried into her pillow. Despite my own increasing excitement, I concentrated on pleasing my friend and began thrusting two fingers in and out of her rapidly, replicating the rhythm of a man. Soon, I slapped the base of my hand against her vulva and clit as I pumped her and brought Denise to the edge. And then I began to feel her lose control, as her muscle spasmed and as her hips shook and her fanny quivered.

Between the alcohol and my beating heart, I felt incredibly dizzy from what had just happened. I had just finger-fucked my neighbor and a good friend to a gin-soaked orgasm! Somewhat embarrassed, I staggered to my feet and mumbled that I need to get to bed. Denise said something, but she was too inebriated to make sense. I was hoping everything would be forgotten when we woke up in the morning.

I got to the guest room, closed the door, and stripped off my clothes as quickly as possible. I held the fingers that had just been in Denise's wet pussy under my nose, breathing in her sexual musk as I masturbated feverishly for the first time in years. I came with a thundering, thigh-shaking orgasm in about 60 seconds, but before it had even finished my last orgasmic convulsions, I fell sound asleep, exhausted.

Hours later, I awoke, groggy, hearing Denise call my name. I had no idea what time it was and was a bit shocked to find myself lying naked on my bed until I remembered what had happened before falling asleep.

I threw on my nightgown and stumbled into Denise's bedroom. She was leaning over her bed, throwing up into her trashcan. The poor girl had drunk way too much and was now paying the price, gagging, and retching. When she stopped, I kneeled down and wiped her face. She looked up at me and asked in a husky voice if I would help her to the bathroom so she could pee.

We struggled down the hall and into the bathroom. A night-light was on, so I didn't turn on the lights to avoid the harsh glare. With great difficulty, I eased Denise down on to the toilet seat and soon heard her pee's gurgling sound splashing into the bowl.

Denise was still quite drunk, and I noticed some vomit had stained her nightgown. I quietly asked her if she wanted to change, and she nodded slowly. As Denise continued to pee, I reached down and lifted the gown off. I looked down and found myself looking at the rest of her body. Her breasts were modestly sized, but she had luscious nipples that, to my surprise, appeared erect. In that soft light, I thought she looked incredibly attractive.

I dropped the soiled gown on the floor and was about to go back to Denise's room to fetch a clean one when she put out her arms and stopped me. Please don't go, she said, as her pee now splashed in little spurts. I didn't move any further and then realized that Denise hadn't taken her hands off my sides. The only sound was of her pee, now trickling into the bowl.

Slowly, Denise ran her hands up and down my outer thighs, and then she tried to slide one hand inside my gown and onto my inner thigh. I looked down, my body shaking, and took in the strange view of Denise, sitting naked on the toilet, her legs splayed apart, one in a long cast. In the soft light, I could make out a dark, thick bush.

In any other situation, I would have been hard-pressed to see the eroticism of the situation. But not now. Denise's hands fumbled with my nightie as she tried to caress my vulva. Suddenly, I heard her whisper, take it off, please. It took me a moment to react, but when Denise started to lift the bottom of the nightie, I understood, and slowly removed it.

I was glad the light was dim. Unlike Denise's slender body, mine was rounder, plumper, and older. My 38d tits sagged, my tummy bulged a bit, and I had a bush as thick as hers. But the alcohol-laced lust had us both in a new frame of mind. Denise tugged me closer to where she was sitting on the potty. She leaned forward and began licking me. It was like a mild electric shock.

Almost at the same time, she inserted her finger into my sopping opening. My knees buckled slightly, but I reached down to steady myself by holding Denise's head close. I could hear her licking and heard the sopping sound as her finger moved in and out like a slender phallus. This time, I really felt my climax, every earth-shattering spasm of delight. It was so strong, so deep; I had felt nothing like it before. I knew why.

As I caught my breath, Denise tugged on me. Please come down; she said in a stronger voice—your tits. I want to feel them, she said. I was now inches away from Denise, kneeling in front of her. She smelled of gin. She caressed my breasts, and almost automatically, I did the same to hers. Her nipples were so hard; I couldn't help but to squeeze them, which made her moan with distinct pleasure.

And then she began kissing me. Deep tonguing kisses that just melted me. My husband never kissed me like that. Nor did any of the men I had ever kissed in my entire life. I was in ecstasy. I kept one hand on her lovely nipples and with the other, reached down and began to play with Denise's cunt. It was sopping like mine, and her clit was swollen, no longer a pea but more like a pinky finger (at least it felt like one). She shuddered as I massaged her, and as we kissed. In a minute or two, I began to feel Denise sway, almost undulate, moans seeping out of her throat, despite the fact our lips were fastened together as we kissed each other torridly.

She moaned deeply, and for a split second, I feared she was going to be sick again, but instead, she started climaxing and, as she did, spurts of ejaculate shot from her urethra, splashing on my fingers which were jammed into her honey box. As she continued cumming, she sucked on my nipples and then bit them gently.

Somehow, we both got up on our feet and staggered towards Denise's bedroom. We kept trying to kiss and fondle each other, but Denise's leg cast made the whole thing very clumsy. Eventually, we made it. Denise lay down first, and then I lay next to her. I remember kisses and more fingering, and then the next thing I knew, Denise was asleep, even as I continued to kiss her and finger her. I couldn't stop. A door had been flung open, and I was running through it.

All I could think was that I would be with her for another 24 hours.

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