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Love Triangle

two women on man, erotic story, Love Triangle

Free Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

Helena and I were best buddies at work. We could talk about anything (and did) except sex. Now, I enjoy talking about sex as much as the next girl, but she is gorgeous and exudes sexuality, and I desired her. The problem was she was married, and I do not go there.

Well, not unless the husband or wife is OK with it and, ideally, joins in. And anyway, I had no reason to suspect she might be interested in a woman as more than a friend. Still, she was a beautiful person having that je ne sais quoi that reeks of sexuality.

Then the day came when she asked if we could have lunch outside instead of the cafeteria. Teary-eyed, she told be her husband had been trying to hook up with a dominatrix. She has gone down to the kitchen after he had left for work and found his secret email address open and found what he was looking for in an ad on Craigslist.

To his credit, he admitted he was married, in love, but he claimed that she was so submissive, and he longed to be dommed and just taken and made to suffer. She showed me a copy of the ad. It did not appear that he had any luck on his search, but that was beside the point.

I did not know what to say, so I just hugged her. "And, damn him," she wailed, "I always wanted to get a bit kinky with him, but he was always in charge, and he is soo good I always just let him." I continued to hug her, but my mind was racing. This was not the totally conservative woman I thought I knew. Then she totally blew my mind. "I even suggested to him that we find a woman to share. I have always been curious about being with a woman and would love to see him with another woman."

I was finding that sweet Helena had a deliciously dirty mind. My mind was racing, and my instinct was to kiss her right there and then, but I held off. I just said that I had some ideas but wanted to think about them.

The next day I asked Helena to go out to lunch. I told her had been thinking and that seeing he wanted a dominatrix maybe he should have two. Then I told her about my plan. She stared at me for a minute, and then her mouth curled in a deliciously, sexy smile. "I had always thought you were straight, but I have to tell you that, ever since we met, when I have fantasized about a woman, it was you and I think I am bisexual."

This was too much. I took her hand and led her to the restroom, and there we indulged in the kiss we both had been dreaming of. I whispered to her, "Call your husband and tell him you will be home late tonight." In response, she bit my ear and tongued it. Oh, my God, I had dreamed about her, but here it was real, and I came, hard.

The last thing I wanted to do was go back to work, but it was time. Thank God I had nothing pressing to do because I could not keep my mind off Helena. I cursed that I only had my modest "work" lipstick and then ran down to a nearby drugstore and bought my favorite vamp color. Finally, it was time to go home, and I went over to Helena's office. She looked at me and said, "that lipstick won't stay on for long." By some miracle, we got an elevator to ourselves and were all over each other. It was as much as I could do to straighten up before the doors opened and walk out, not touching her.

We walked to my condo, which is just down the street, went in. I had assumed that, as it would be her first time with a woman, I would need to take the lead. When tried to, however, set whispered, please let me. We kissed for the longest time, then she nibbled on my ear and kissed down my throat while unbuttoning my blouse and unsnapping my bra, then kissed down my belly while taking off my skirt. Dear God, no one could ever have guessed that she had never gone down on a girl before. I had three orgasms right in a row and resisted the fourth as long as I could, and when I finally gave in, I squirted for the first time ever.

She took her face away and, with cum running down her face, grinned, "I guess I must be good." Finally, I was allowed to undress her, and oh my lord. I knew from seeing her dressed that she had a sexy body, and I knew she worked out, but I was not prepared for a goddess. She was totally toned, had D cup breasts, and, to my relief, she was totally shaved. I do not like hair in my mouth. I took a nipple in my mouth and took the other between my fingers, and she groaned, but when I tried to lay her on the bed, she pushed me back and climbed over my face. I could see how she could be a good dominatrix. Now it was my turn to get my face wet. And my sheets are soaked.

She just moaned over and over. Eventually, she sighed and got off and snuggled up against me. I took her hand and suddenly realized how small her hands were. I took her hand to my pussy, and she started to play with my clit. That was exciting but not what I was looking for. Deeper, I whispered. She ventured a finger in. All of them, I said. Suddenly she figured out where I was going and patiently worked until her whole fist entered, and I had the longest and best orgasm I can ever remember having.

I am not usually a screamer, and I do not remember screaming, but she said all my neighbors had to have heard. When she took out her hand, I continued to cum but finally calmed down and kissed her. I started to play with her pussy wanting to see if I could do the same for her and had thoughts of bringing out my strapon, but she said she really had to head home.

I sighed and thought, well, something to save for the next time, and I knew there would be many more times. Even after she got dressed it took her about fifteen minutes to leave as we just did not want to let go of each other When she left I got online, found her husband's ad and responded to it pretending to be a dominatrix who would be visiting town and would bring my whip and flogger and if he could get me interested I might meet him for a drink at the hotel bar and if I deemed him worthy bring him to my room. I attached a moderately sexy picture. I went to go to bed and found a soggy mess.

There would be no sleeping in that bed tonight. I threw the wet bedding into the washer and went to sleep on the couch. I had a difficult time sleeping, thinking of what had just happened and what was still to be. I gave myself another couple of Os before finally falling asleep from sheer exhaustion. In the morning, I checked my email, and sure enough, there was an email from Jim (Helena's husband) telling me a bit about him and what he desired, including some pain and attaching a picture of an absolute hunk. I wrote back and promised to contact him when my schedule was firmed up.

Helena and I arrived at work simultaneously, and it was all I could do to greet her usually. The elevator we got on was crowded, and she used that as an opportunity to rub up against me, which drove me to distraction. I was so glad we did not work together because I do not know how I could have done it that day. Again we went out to lunch so that we could hatch our plans.

First, we had to get Helena an appropriate outfit and a whip and flogger. I had a sexy black leather dress that would do. The next question was how we would tie him down as the typical hotel bed has nothing to tie anyone to. Then I remember reading about a hotel in town that offered suites with four-poster beds. Then I asked her how he was in bed. She said that she had only had two guys before him and no one else since so she did not have much to compare him to but that he satisfied her, was good for 6-7 times a night and after he had come a couple of times could make the next one last until she begged him to come.

Then she grinned slyly and said that the first time came so fast that she would just give him oral sex, and if the volume of cum had anything to do with making babies, she would have no difficulty when they were ready for that. I asked about size. She said that the first time she saw him, she was scared he was so big. I thought it could never fit, she said, but it fit just fine.

We picked Thursday as the day because, as she said, she needed to practice with the whip. We had a too-brief make out session in the ladies' room and went back to work I called the hotel and made the reservation. After work, we got ready for the BDSM evening, so we went to a local BDSM shop and picked out a whip and flogger. Then a very hot outfit for her that you could not wear thigh-high. We added a pair of thigh-high platform boots that took her from an already statuesque 5' 11" to 6' 4". I decided I wanted a pair like that too, even though they might be a bit much in public.

This was getting expensive, but she said that Jim was paying for it all whether he knew it or not and he could afford it. Then I tried on Helena's outfit, and she took a picture of me in it with the whip so that I could send it to Jim. The next day was Friday, which bummed me because I would not see her again until Monday. Come lunchtime, I said, let's go to my condo and lunch on each other, and we did, but an hour is not enough.

Monday, something occurred to me, and I asked her if he liked anything to do with his ass. Her mouth went in a circle and she said he loved a prostate massage when getting a BJ. So, I said, do you want to use the strapon on him, or should it be me? Both she said. She also said that he has a meeting on Thursday evening in Sacramento and that he would not be home that night.

We grinned. That week was like a dream. We had to be discreet, but when we could, we snuck off for a kiss and a feel, and two days she went home with me for an all too brief lovemaking session. I just hated that she had to get dressed and go through and reached out to her in the morning. We had decided to take Thursday off and met for a late breakfast. For the first time, I kissed her in public, and she kissed me right back, starers be damned.

About noon, we went to the hotel to check-in, figuring we could at least stow our stuff there but, even though registration was not until 3 pm they were able to give us our suite. It was ridiculously lavish, but we loved it. I was a little puzzled as to why she had a man's shirt and pants in her suitcase but said nothing. We had hours to go and had time to explore each other, and we did. I could not recall ever being so content.

It got time to meet Jim, and I got dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that those boots were really a bit much but kept them on anyway. I was quite nervous. I really am not dominant and was not sure I could pull it off. Oh, I can take charge, but the whole master/mistress thing is not me. For my sweet Helena, though, I would do my best. I had told Jim that demanded punctuality and that if he were not waiting for me, I would turn around and leave, and there he was.

Despite the pictures and Helena's description, I was expecting an unattractive specimen. Still, he was everything Helena had said and had that special aura about him, just like Helena. How am I going to dom this man? I wondered, and if it were not Helena's husband, it would never have happened. I sat down, crossed my legs, and ordered a Jameson's. We made some small talk and said to him, so you want to cheat on your wife? Yes, he said, and I expect to be punished for it. You will be I said and gave him the spare key to the room and said I was going upstairs to change, and in fifteen minutes, he should come in. I got back up to the room, and Helena was in her outfit, and I went creamy and wanted her right there.

We had a long kiss, redid our lipstick, and I got out of sight (though I could peek), and she stood in front of the door, legs apart, and the whip in her hand. Eventually, the door opened, and Jim just stared. Helena said, close the door, you fool. When he did not (he was just too astonished), the whip snaked out and curled around his leg. She had been practicing.

He closed the door. So, you wanted a dominatrix, she said, and he nodded. Well, now you have two, and on cue, I came into view. She walked up to him, hit him across the face with the handle of the whip, grabbed his hair, and walked him to the bed. I followed, whacking him on the rear. We tied him down, but Helena judged my knots too loose and tied him down more firmly. Then we made love. I loved it, but I could also see that beautiful cock hard as a rock and wanted it but ignored it.

Finally, Helena asked what should we do with this? Your call, I said. She played with it until he came. She had not lied about volume. He just came and came, and we both took our mouths full and kissed, his cum running down our chins. She smacked his face, but I just sucked on him until he went limp. We snuggled and held his cock until he got hard again.

I asked Helena if she could mount it, and she nodded. I redid my lipstick, went down on him, and then mounted him. I could feel Helena's hands on my breasts and then her feeling my ass. She was putting something moist up it, and then she took me with the strapon. Oh, Jesus, I was sooo full. Helena whispered, do you like this baby, and my only answer was an orgasm. Finally, he came. She smacked his face and undid the ropes and told him to bend over. Then, with no preparations, she took his ass. It had to hurt, but he took it and got hard again.

I went and sucked on that gorgeous cock while he got slammed and loved it when his cum overflowed my mouth. Finally, he said I had been a fool. She bloodied his nose and said yes, you have, and you are paying for it, and he just smiled. He got hard again, and I wanted him up to my ass. And I rode him, and my sweet Helena fingered my pussy. Then she tied him down again and took me to the Jacuzzi. She poured me a brandy and offered me a cigar. I was never a smoker, but this felt right, and I took it.

The rest of the night was a dream. We had to go to work in the morning, and all I wanted was Helena. We continued to be lovers, and I shared their bed often. They got into the pain thing to the point where they devoted a room to be a dungeon. When we were together, I had to ask that a red ass was the limit, and they agreed.

I was at a point where I wanted a relationship forever. My problem was I realized I was in love with Helena, and she was taken. I tried to tell her I loved her but did not dare revealing it as I feared it would ruin everything.

Then one day, she asked me to her place, and instead of taking me directly to bed, she brought out the brandy and cigars. I have something to say, she said. Remember when I said I was curious about a woman? Even then, I loved you. Yes, I love Jim and always will, but I love you too. We have talked, and he can share. I just do not want to live my life without you, but if love is out of the question, so be it. I went to her and kissed her, and we made the sweetest love we had ever made.

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