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MMF Story

woman holding shirtless man from behind, mmf, threesome, cuckolding story

Cuckold, Threesome, MMF Sex Story Submitted By Davemel

We answered a few ads for some new and extra sexual experiences. We met with couples and single guys (for a drink) and discussed the possibilities. We would be prepared to fuck in the same room as another couple. Watch and be watched and agreed we'd enjoy an erotic experience. We were told we were naive and that we must be prepared to swap for a fuck. We thought that should depend more on the arousal of the female than the demands of the male.

We had just about given up on finding someone who might just want to enjoy extra stimulation (we sort of thought we might have a touchy-feely experience). I admit I had a fantasy about seeing Mel; my wife truly enjoys herself with sex. Much better than I alone could provide, it was this idea of bringing more excitement to our sex life that appealed to us both.

Then we met a couple; Terry and his girlfriend. Terry considered himself a stud, and his girlfriend was very explicit, saying he's a good fuck. Terry described how he was in demand as a stud while still unsure as to our being able to cope with his expectations regarding a fuck; we thought as a foursome, we should be able to have a sharing experience. Agreeing to a fuck should be a mutual decision and we were open to a threesome.

Over a drink later, we all agreed to meet up later. At the arranged time, I was disappointed when Terry turned up on his own; however, Mel thought we should seize this opportunity and suggested a gentle beginning would be for her to dress in a sexy outfit. We agreed and suggested adding a blindfold and to video the experience. If Mel enjoyed the attentions of Terry, I expected to see her have another lovely fondle of his impressive cock.

Video camera running, Mel faces the bed in a red blindfold, blouse, bra, panties, suspender belt, and fishnets. Terry behind, wearing only shorts, he caresses her tits over her blouse, she is aware of his hard-on bumping against her buttocks. Removing her blouse then her bra, he continues gently to caress and cupping her tits while giving greater attention to her nipples. Terry's gentle caresses were exactly what I hoped would cause her to want to have sex.

Mel obviously enjoyed Terry's attention. Seeing her encourage such intimate and erotic caresses, she began to want more. Terry continues to caress and undress Mel. As he removed her panties, you could see that he had a bulging hard-on. Terry caresses her pussy while Mel wearing only a blindfold, reclines on the bed. He gently fondles her tits, and leaning over, takes her right nipple firmly in his mouth, licks and sucks, she lifts up offers and encourages him to suck her left. She could feel the lustful desire burning at her body, devouring her.

His tongue flicked over her nipple, the pleasure of the act stimulating her more and more. Slowly his lips moved down her breast. Her heart pounding as his tongue traced down her stomach to her waistband, Mel is able to slide her hand up to his inner thigh until she is able to palm the weight of his balls. Lifting her leg, he takes her foot to his mouth, licks her toes. She is laughing at his touch and sighing with pleasure. Picking up some massage oil that was out and pouring a little in his hands, Terry caresses and oils over tits, belly, legs, and feet.

Terry smoothly slides his still oily palm over her bush; her flesh tingled as his mouth inched ever closer towards her sex. The first thing that she felt was his hot breath washing over her, sending an inferno of pleasure roaring through her body. But that was nothing compared to the moment his lips touched her pussy. A deep gasp of air filled her lungs as she felt his tongue slurping against her clitoris. Terry moaned ever so slightly, the vibrations of his lips tingling as his tongue slid back and forth. She rubbed her fingers through his hair as his tongue danced across her pleasure zones.

Her heart was beating harder and harder with every stroke of his tantalizing tongue. Her body quivered. The pleasure was intense; she threw out her arms and clutched upon the bedsheets that lay beneath her. His tongue danced faster and faster, more and more delicious probing, the passion rolling through her body, the immense pleasure welling up inside her.

Moan after moan escaped from her as his lips pressed against her pussy, his mouth consuming her clitoris. Her flesh tingled, her muscles tensing more and more, the blood roaring in her ears, delight gripped her body tightly, refusing to let go as she rushed towards orgasmic bliss.

Her eyes rolled as it happened. The orgasm came powerfully, shuddering through her shaking body, her muscles convulsing as she came hard. "Oh, fuck," Mel screamed as she came. Her energy stores depleted, her body relaxed, she felt she was floating on a cloud as she lay there. Terry was relinquishing his vigorous tonguing to a slow, gentle probing, bringing a contented smile upon her lips as she lay there enjoying the pampering, each time his tongue slid over the clit, another wave of pleasure rolled through her body.

She had barely come down when she felt herself rising once more. Felt her flesh tingling, her vaginal muscles quivering. She gasped as his finger slid inside of her, tightening wet pussy. An explosion of pleasure ripping through her body. She moaned an "Oh god!" as his finger pressed against her spot, the spot that sent a feeling rocketing through her flesh that no words could describe. A simpering moan of bliss erupted from deep within her as he sucked her clitoris into his hot wet mouth, his soft lips pinching it as his tongue rolled gloriously across it, sending a constant buzz of pleasure throughout her depths. His fingers were allowing her pussy lips to relax as his tongue slid out. He needed to lick his lips and swallow her creaminess, each time his lips receded, she moaned and thrust up, encouraging him to once more tongue probe her eagerness.

The pleasure was insane. Her body had not enough room to store it, venting the excess in orgasmic moans that filled the room. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper he thrust, faster and faster he pressed against her spot, her flesh burned as his tongue flicked rapidly across her clitoris, the pressure building. Her cries of pleasure ringing in her ears. Her muscles tightened. She clutched on the bedding tightly, her knuckles turning white. Her back arched, as all of the muscles in her body tensed. She could feel her pussy clenching hard against his fingers, the fingers that she could feel sliding in and out of her; she could feel every tiny detail, every tiny movement, a bigger explosion roaring through her body every time he jammed upon her spot. His tongue was rolling unendingly across her clitoris. Her cries were increasing with every moment. Her heart was beating so hard that she felt that it would explode. Her flesh was burning and tingling. She teeters on the brink of orgasm until she explodes, squirting cum into Terry's mouth and him greedily swallowing each drop.

With that, Terry kissed Mel on the lips smiling. He thanked her for her trust and promised to return with his girlfriend for more later that night, and so it was that more adventures with Terry began.

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