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Afternoon Delight Story

woman in bubble bath, afternoon delight sex story
Afternoon Delight Sex Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

I come home and find you in the master bathtub taking a bubble bath with your blonde hair slightly wet as you bath while sipping some white wine from a long-stemmed glass. There is a wet luster on your lips. You smile coyly and say, "Hello." Your ample breasts are wet, and your large pink nipples are hard. You've been waiting for me and thinking of our afternoon.

I sit next to you and use the washcloth to rub your back and squeeze the warm soapy water out of it onto your shoulders and watch as it runs down your back. We talk a little, and I see you have your finger and toenails freshly painted a pretty red color. Then I help you out of the bath and give you a towel. You wrap the towel around you and take your wine glass and say you'll be back in a few minutes as you walk off through the house to another bedroom.

There are fresh sheets turned down on our bed, and there are Liberator cushions all around. At the foot of the bed is a larger cushion/bench that is even with the top of the bed mattress. A small bottle of lube sits there within easy reach. Next to it is a glass handled whip with luscious strands of light teal colored lambskin tails. There is some light, soft, sexy piano music playing on the stereo. My cock is swelling as I think of what is to come.

I take off my suit and take a bath. As I soak in the tub and sip on a cold beer, I can feel where I have shaved smooth around my cock and balls. I know you like that. When I am finished, I get out and dry off and lay down on the edge of the bed with a cushion under my back, waiting for you with hard anticipation. We have done this many times before, but every time it drives me wild.

A few agonizingly long minutes later, you walk into our bedroom with your hair down and wearing a red silk negligee, red g-string that barely covers your swollen pussy lips, and black thigh high stockings. Your lips are in luscious red lipstick, and your eye makeup is done just right, accenting your sultry green eyes. Your breasts gently bounce with each sway of your hips.

You kneel down between my spread legs and sensuously wrap your fingers around my fully erect, hard, throbbing cock. I am in for a fabulous, wet, and sloppy blowjob, I can tell. Then you take me in your mouth and slowly stroke me at the same time. I hold your hair back out of your eyes and mouth as I enjoy the delicious, sexy show you perform just for me. As you slowly pull me out of your mouth, your lips lock around the head of my cock, and your red lipstick and red fingernails are so damn sexy. You lick the head of my cock and suck the shaft. You alternate that with sucking my balls and then deep throating me, taking it all in and slobbering all over it slowly stroking and squeezing.

I reach out and squeeze your tits and gently knead your hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger and softly and slowly pull them toward me one at a time as I hold your hair out of your face with my other hand. You let out a moan and tell me your clit is hard. I can tell your pussy is getting wet as you slowly rock your hips. And then you start bobbing your head up and down in a steady and rhythmic pace, making me groan with pleasure. I tell you to suck my cock just like that. You lift your head and whisper, "Fuck my mouth."

I gladly oblige. You tell me to stroke my cock in your mouth, and I do. You suck the tip of my cock with your red shiny, wet lips, and I feel like I am about ready to cum when you lift your head up and look me in the eyes and lustily say, "Fuck my ass." What a turn on!

You move to the cushion/bench at the end of the bed and kneel down on it. You bend down with your face in the sheets and your arms in front of you and lean forward over the body pillow against the cushion as you spread your legs and push your ass up. I kneel behind you between your legs, and I pull the G-string aside next to your lips, and I see your tight ass and glistening, smoothly shaved pussy spread before me. "Touch my clit", you moan. Not yet. I take both of my hands and stroke your smooth, warm ass cheeks and spread them apart. You groan in expectation of what will happen next. You want it, and it shows. I take the whip and softly run the lambskin tails against your pussy and up along the crack of your ass. You whimper and wiggle your fine ass in anticipation. Then I whip your ass cheeks with it, and you writhe under each slap of the lash and groan for more.

"Touch my clit", you say again, but this time in a low and rushed whisper with a sense of urgency. I pour some lube onto my fingers and rub it on the head of my cock. And then I kiss your ass cheeks as I take my wet fingers and stroke your pussy lips as I slide them down to your hard clit begging for attention. I gently rub around it and over it in a slow, soft circle. You moan louder and squirm under my touch. Then with my other hand, I spread your ass apart, and my tongue slowly and wetly swirls around your anus. I lick it and tongue it and press gently on it with the tip of my tongue as I touch your clit. You are rocking back and forth and around as sweet sounds moan from your throat. "Put it in. Put your cock in my ass!" you quietly scream.

I take a long last stroke with my tongue as my fingers slide from your clit and up your slit along your now very wet pussy lips. I gently rub circles around your hole and press a finger slowly in just a little and wiggle it around to tease you as your ass pulses in anticipation. Then I stand up, and with one hand, I spread your ass, and with the other, I take my hard cock and guide it slowly into your hole. You gasp with pleasure as the head slides in and you grip it so tightly. Your fingers are tightly gripping the sheets as my cock goes in easily; you are so really ready for it!

I moan because it feels so fucking good. I slowly push in and stay shallow to feel you tighten and push back and forth. I pick up the glass whip again and slap your ass with the lash as I hungrily fuck your ass. You writhe and squirm beneath me. I grab your g-string around your hips and pull on it as I thrust rhythmically into you. Your black thigh high nylons feel so smooth and help make you look so fucking hot and sensuously slutty.

The negligee has slipped up over your hips as I ride your ass in sheer excitement. We both are overwhelmed with the ecstasy of this intense and intimate moment and the pleasure it brings. I grab a handful of your long blonde hair and stroke it as I pull your head back, and you arch your back into me. I push in deeper, and you gasp more, and "Oh yes, Fuck!" rushes from your mouth. You moan and squirm and push back forcefully and eagerly as I deeply penetrate you.

I grab your hips and squeeze your ass cheeks, and you love it. Your tits are swaying as you thrust against me. Your nipples and clit are rock hard. The sweet sounds of making love and raw grunts and sexy groans fill our bedroom as my balls are slapping against your wet cunt. I fuck your ass deeply with long thrusts, and the strokes become faster as the pleasure rises, and the orgasm builds. Suddenly I explode into your ass with a load of hot cum. "Fuck yeah!!" I am quivering as I thrust deeply into you and feel your ass grip my cock. You moan in thorough delight. I am light-headed and seeing stars.

You command, "Stay in," as you slowly thrust back and forth into me, milking all of the cum out of my dick with your big, luscious, tight ass. I roll down from the climax, catching my breath. "Stay in," you command again. My cock slowly softens as I look at the silky red negligee pushed up over your hips as I run my hand up your back to your hair and grab a handful and gently pull your head back again. You are so fucking sexy and just made me feel sooo damn good. I pull out of you as you sigh. I grasp your ass cheeks and pull them apart to watch as my cum dribbles out of your ass and down into your wet pussy.

I tell you to get up on the bed. You slowly crawl off the cushion/bench and lay down on the bed with your legs spread wide. You lift your hips, and I help you pull the G-string off. This is no time to be even ever so lightly restrained. Your wet pussy is waiting to be satisfied. I kneel by your side and squeeze your tits and roll your nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

I suck on them and feel their hardness between my lips. Then I glide down your stomach to the hot wet pleasures below. Your smoothly shaved pussy lips and hard, ready clit are beckoning for attention. It's your turn. You reach between my legs and fondle my partially engorged cock in your hand. Your fingers brush seductively against my asshole. You moan in anticipation.

You take your hand, and I can see your red fingernails spread your pink pussy lips apart for me as my face nuzzles between your spread nylon encased legs. You thrust your hips up at me as my tongue licks at your lips. "Oh, yes!" you gasp between breaths. You are wet with pleasure and ready for a tongue fucking to match the cock fucking your ass just took. I reach under you and pull your legs apart wider as I feel the tops of those sexy damn nylons gripping your willing thighs. I lick the sides of your pink folds, inside and out, and my fingers spread your lips. My tongue slides up to your pulsating hard clit.

I can feel your heat, and you are incredibly wet. I reach up with one hand and squeeze your breasts and toy with your nipples as the fingers of my other hand play with your cum dripping asshole. I graze my tongue over the top of your hard clit as it reaches out for me as you gasp. I lick it and suck on it and swirl around and around. Your hips thrust into me. I flick my tongue over your clit faster and find the rhythm of your desire. Your breathing quickens, and you arch your back and thrust your hips into my face. I can feel you groan and squirm and quiver and hear you moan as the orgasm washes over you in waves of excruciating pleasure. Your sweet pussy juices soak my face. It seems like it lasts for a very long time.

And then in a rush, you push my head off of your hypersensitive clit as you come crashing back down. You try to catch your breath in rapid gasps as I stroke your thighs and slide back up to lie side by side with my sex goddess. I stroke your hair and tickle your skin with my fingertips as we cuddle in post-orgasmic bliss. We lie there, and I whisper, "I love you," in your ear as my hands slide soothingly over your body and draw you close to me as we rest. You tell me you love me too and that you are a very happy woman.

We lay there together for a while, not speaking as we drift off. You are on your back as I am at your side. After a short time, you gently reach over and take my hand and guide it to your pussy. This tells me what you want without speaking a word. I am surprised and excited since we are usually "one and done." But on his late afternoon, as the light is fading outside, you are especially hot and horny. I rise to the occasion. I shift myself over, and my face dives eagerly back between your legs and still wet pussy. I devour it all and eat you once again. Your clit and pussy juices taste so good as I lick you to the verge again.

My cock has now grown hard as you squeeze and stroke me. I want to put my cock in your mouth and have you suck me until I come all over your wet lips and tongue. But at the moment, my tongue is enjoying your other very wet lips and once again, very swollen and hard clit - the center of your desire. This time you cum quickly and are now thoroughly soaked, as are the sheets. But I still have a hard cock, and I shift between your legs and penetrate your willing and waiting pussy. I slide in and out as I thrust into you.

The silky, warm feeling is fucking fantastic. I lift one of your legs up against my chest and grind into your pussy with a different feel for us both until I once again explode. Then we collapse together, totally spent and thoroughly in love as the sex has gotten better and better through the years. I pull the sheet over us as I roll over next to you on to the wet spot of our love. I can't wait until we regain our strength to make such raw, lustful love again. Perhaps next week, in the afternoon?

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