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Poetic Erotica

man caressing woman's shoulders, erotica 
Erotica Sex Story Submitted By Jessica

The open fire danced joyfully about its confines, the flames hungrily devouring the logs, slowly consuming them. Mikayla watched entranced by the frolicking flames.

Her soft blue eyes mesmerized. The soft, warm rug beneath her felt good against her naked flesh. Her eyes twinkled as she sipped at her glass of red wine. Her eyes moved from the flames to her lover, who lay beside her on his back.

The fiery flames were casting flickering shadows across his body. She let her eyes wander over him, taking a journey of delectable delight across his body. Seeing him lying there, naked, bathing in the warm glow of the fire aroused her.

She knew that her lover's eyes were upon her. Her heart fluttered as she felt his fingers brush against her leg. He rolled over to face her. His fingers were tracing along her spine, sending shivers of delight through her body. She smiled as he buried his face in her breasts. His tongue was gently sliding across her flesh.

His fingertips slowly made their way along her side; her heartbeat slightly harder as goosebumps erupted in a trail behind them. He rolled her onto her back. The soft plush rug beneath her catching her. She loved the intimacy, the soft, gentle strokes of his fingertips against her flesh, the warm kisses of his lips upon her body, slowly he moved about her, every inch of flesh set afire by his touch, every inch of flesh enveloped by his loving kiss. Her heartbeat harder with anticipation. His lips encased her nipple; her breath quivered with delight.

She could feel the lustful desire burning at her body, devouring her. His tongue flicked about her nipple, the pleasure of the act stimulating her more and more. Slowly his lips moved down her breast. Her heart pounding as his tongue traced down her stomach. Her flesh tingled as inched ever closer towards her.

The first thing that she felt was his hot breath washing over her, sending an inferno of pleasure roaring through her body. But that was nothing in comparison to the moment his lips pressed against hers. A deep gasp of air filled her lungs as she felt his tongue pressed against her clitoris. Her lover moaned ever so slightly, the vibrations of lips tingling at her as his tongue slid back and forth.

Passionately he kissed upon her; she rubbed her fingers through his hair as his tongue danced across her pleasure zones. Her heart beating harder and harder with every stroke of his tantalizing tongue. Her body quivered. The pleasure was intense; she threw out her arms and clutched upon the soft rug that lay beneath her fingers, entwined with fabric. His tongue danced faster and faster, more and more vigor, the passion rolling through her body, the desire consuming her flesh, the immense pleasure welling up inside of her.

Moan after moan escaped from her lips as he embraced her, his lips pressed against hers, his tongue consuming her clitoris. Fire burned through her body. Her heartbeat strongly in her chest her flesh tingled, her muscles tensing more and more, the blood roaring in her ears. Euphoric delight gripped her body tightly, refusing to let go as she rushed towards the nirvana of orgasmic bliss.

Her eyes rolled as it happened. The orgasm came powerfully, shuddering through her shaking body, her muscles convulsing as she came hard. 'Oh fuck,' Mikayla screamed as she came. Her energy stores depleted, her body relaxed, she felt she was floating upon a cloud as she lay there. Her lover relinquishing his vigorous dance to a slow, gentle waltz. His gentle lovers kiss bringing a contented smile upon her lips as she lay there enjoying the pampering, each time that his tongue performed another step of the dance, another wave of pleasure rolled through her body.

She had barely come down from the heavens as she felt herself rising once more. Felt her flesh tingling, her muscles quivering. She gasped as his finger slid inside of her tight wet pussy. An explosion of pleasure ripping through her body. She moaned a heavenly moan as his finger pressed against her spot, the spot that sent a feeling rocketing through her flesh that no words could describe.

A scream of bliss erupted from deep within her as he sucked her clitoris into his hot wet mouth, his soft lips pinching it as his tongue rolled gloriously across it, sending a constant buzz of pleasure throughout her entirety. His fingers slid back and forth each time his tips thrusting upon her spot, then receding only to rush up once more and steal one more embrace.

The pleasure was insane. Her body had not enough room to store it, venting the excess in orgasmic scream that filled the room. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper he thrust, faster and faster he pressed against her spot, her flesh burned as his tongue flicked rapidly across her clitoris, the pressure building.

Her screams of pleasure ringing in her ears. Her muscles tightened. She clutched upon the rug tightly, her knuckles turning white. Her back arched as all of the muscles in her body tensed. She could feel her pussy clenching hard against his fingers, the fingers that she could feel sliding in and out of her. She could feel every tiny detail, every tiny movement, a bigger explosion roaring through her body every time he jammed upon her spot.

His tongue was rolling unendingly across her clitoris. Her screams were increasing with every moment. Her heart was beating so hard that she felt that it would explode. Her flesh burning and tingling. She teetered upon the brink of the orgasmic abyss.

Her body screaming at her to leap in headfirst and plunge into the depths of oblivion. Then it happened. Her body caught in the most powerful grip that she had ever experienced, her heart exploding, her flesh a raging inferno as the orgasm tore throughout her. Every fiber of her being shaken to the core by the powerful orgasm. Her scream unending as her body quivered her insides, contracting to the point of explosion.

Rolling on and on like a set of waves, back and forth, the orgasm rolled through her body, unending, unabated. Her head swam, she felt as though she would pass out as the pleasure rolled through her flesh. The orgasm devouring her, consuming her, the sensations enveloping her as she squirmed upon the floor her body trying desperately to release the extreme sensory overload that gripped at her, tore at her. Slowly the feeling receded, slowly the orgasmic bliss sated her desire.

Oh, how she loved her lover's tongues of flame.

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