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Sharing My Wife For The First Time

two women and man in silhouette, erotic story, sharing wife with another woman

Free Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

My wife and I have always had a very exciting sex life. She is open to trying new things, and we are dedicated to pleasing each other. Her favorite fantasy involves another woman joining us in bed. She loves it when I gently stroke her clit while telling her a story about a threesome with a woman. It always brings her to a rocking climax. Sometimes we would talk about making this a reality, but she always said she is not sure she really could do it. But I knew she wanted to. One night on vacation, I decided to go for sharing my wife for the first time and see what happens.

We were in a nice hotel bar on the beach, and they had a great band. Everyone was dancing and having fun. My wife loves to dress up when we are out, and she was wearing my favorite dress of hers, black, low cut, backless, in a silky, body-clinging material. With the four-inch heels, she looked incredibly hot.

Her body is fit, with small but beautifully round tits and a perfect ass. She turns me on like crazy, and I always notice other guys admiring her, wanting to fuck her. I usually do not notice women looking at her the same way. That night was different. I was looking for that woman. I found her.

Sitting at the bar was this 40ish lady, auburn hair, light green silk tank top, which revealed a gorgeous slender back. She had on a short skirt, and although she was sitting, I could see her shapely ass and slender, long legs. There was a guy obviously hitting on her, and she was just as obviously not interested. I said to my wife, "See that woman in the green top? That guy is bothering her. Go ask her to dance and save her from him." My wife had been drinking wine, along with a shot of her favorite Tequila, and she was in a playful mood.

She looked at me with that "are you sure" look, and I winked, and off she went. She approached the woman, whispered in her ear, and they both smiled and walked to the dance floor. I watched for signs that she may be interested, and it didn't take long. They were soon touching each other's hands and laughing. It was lust at first sight.

After three dances, and them getting closer and more friendly with each dance, the woman went off to the bathroom. I noticed the "come fuck me" glance she gave my wife as she walked away. I hugged my wife close, kissed her passionately, and said, "ask her to come up to our room." "Are you sure?" she said. "It's now or never, baby." The woman returned, we bought her a drink, and when she got it, my wife leaned over and whispered something in her ear. I couldn't hear them, but I saw the woman smile and gently kiss my wife on the cheek. We were on!

The three of us walked to the elevator, and as the doors closed, this woman leaned over and kissed my wife, slowly, deeply, as she gently pushed her against the wall. I watched this to see how my wife would react, and I saw her move her hands down this woman's back and across her ass.

Just as I thought, my baby was indeed ready and willing to do this. I was already getting hard. We walked to our room, and they were holding hands. I opened the door, and as it closed, I turned to see them locked in a wet kiss, each stroking the other's ass. They moved to the bed, and I sat in the chair to enjoy this fantasy-come-true.

The woman took charge, turning my wife around to unzip her dress. She slowly stroked her back as she slid her hands around her waist and dropped the dress to the floor. My wife looked so incredibly hot standing there in her red thong underwear and high heels. The woman started kissing her shoulders, her back, moving slowly down until she was on her knees, kissing and licking my wife's ass cheeks. She rubbed her hands down the inside of her legs, and then back up and teasingly brushed her pussy. I saw my wife shudder, and her legs quivered. I was getting so turned on that I had to unbuckle my pants to give my cock some room.

She turned my wife around and began to kiss her stomach as her hands reached up to caress her tits. Her nipples were hard, and her eyes were closed. My wife was ready to explode. Then she reached down and helped the woman to her feet. She gently pulled her tank top over her head, revealing beautiful, round, firm tits in a black lace bra. She reached around and unclipped the bra, letting it fall as she also reached down and unzipped the zipper of her skirt. It, too, fell to the ground. They both stood together, each in their lacey thong and heels, embracing. I was going crazy.

The woman then moved my wife down on the bed and laid her on her back. She slowly removed her thong and shoes. Then she stepped back and took hers off and climbed on the bed, straddling my wife's waist. She ran her hands across her shoulders, and down to her tits, taking each in a hand and gently massaging them, letting her fingers lightly brush my wife's nipples. I could see my wife's legs spreading, and her gorgeous waxed pussy glistening with juice. I wanted to climb on and join in, but I waited. I did take my clothes off and began to stroke my rock-hard cock as I watched these two sexy women play. It was better than I imagined.

The woman then ran her tongue across my wife's tits, down her stomach, and as my wife arched her back in anticipation, she placed her mouth full on her pussy, and my wife gasped as she experienced another woman's mouth on her for the first time. She instinctively held the woman's head in place as she licked her clit. The woman put her arms under my wife's legs and spread them apart, going deeper and longer with her tongue.

It wasn't long before I watched my wife lift her ass off the bed as she came, her hands holding the woman in place so she could get all her cum in her mouth. She moaned as I had never heard her before, and her body was moving in long spasms of delight. Then this woman used one of my techniques, placing two fingers inside my wife and rapidly stroked her pussy, moving her to another, even more, exhaustive climax. She took her fingers out, dripping with my wife's cum, and placed them in her own mouth, licking them clean. Now it was her turn.

My wife them moved her body around, so her head was under this woman's legs. She slid her thong off, and I could see cum dripping down the inside of her she straddled my wife. She slowly lowered her pussy to my wife's mouth, and she began to gently grind her wet hot-hole on my wife's face. My wife put one hand on her ass and the other on her own clit and began to rub it.

At this point, I could not stand it any longer. I went to the bed and positioned myself between my wife's legs and slid my rod into her hot slit as she continued to lick the woman's pussy. I grabbed the woman's tits in my hands and rubbed her nipples between my fingers. She was leaning back, her eyes closed, and I watched her release her cum on my wife's face. That was enough for me, as I shot my wad in my wife's pussy, and I felt her tense as she came at the same time.

The three of us collapsed on the bed, exhausted from our experience. I thought it was over, but as I lay there on my back, eyes closed, I felt the two of them take turns sucking my cock, stroking it, bringing it back to life. My wife leaned into my ear and whispered, "I want you to fuck her."

Hearing those words made me stiff, and I watched as my wife took my joint in her hand, and as the woman straddled me, she guided me inside her. She was so warm and soft, and the thought of fucking a strange woman with my wife's consent was so exciting. I grabbed her ass and thrust myself deep inside, and she moaned as she felt me invade her.

My wife kissed her and then moved down to suck her nipples as she rode me. She put one hand on this woman's clit and fingered her as she moved up and down on my cock. She let out a soft cry, and I felt her hot cum drip down my cock and onto my balls. Then she got off, and my wife took my hard, wet dick and, while cradling my balls, sucked me into the greatest cum of my life. I shot such a load that she had some dripping out of her mouth. The woman took my wife's face in her hands, licked my cum around her mouth, and gave her the deepest, most passionate kiss I have ever seen.

We fell to the bed, and as the woman went to the bathroom, my wife and I drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. When we woke up, the woman was gone. She had never said a word the whole time, and we never knew her name. She did leave a note, saying, "You two are unbelievable," with her thong panties draped across the note.

She was the best fantasy we ever had.

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