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Protect Yourself At Sex Resorts

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

finger puppets kissing with one watching, dangers of sex resorts

There are various adult, erotic sex resorts out there, but the trick is finding the right one. The questions you will need to find the answers to before booking such a vacation to protect yourself are as follows:

  • Can this company be trusted, and are they reputable?

  • Do they have references and verifiable customer reviews?

  • Are there any extra charges or fees?

  • Is it a safe environment?

  • How is the customer service?

  • Can I call someone and get my questions answered?

Avoid Sexual Human Trafficking

One serious warning is to be wary about when choosing a sex-focused vacation that features workers involved in sex and human trafficking. You will also want to avoid becoming a victim of sex trafficking yourself.

Victims of human trafficking can be found through some sex vacations; most obvious is through the role of prostitution and escort services. Hints that this may be going on is that there is typically evidence of the worker being controlled either physically or psychologically with an Inability to leave the resort. They often avoid speaking about themselves or their personal information, and they typically do not have access to their own identification documents (ID or passport).

  • To protect yourself, make sure to avoid excessively attractive opportunities that seem too good to be true with vague details.

  • You may wish to contact the country's embassy in which you are thinking of traveling to and register at your national embassy as soon as you arrive in the country.

  • Make sure to leave your contact information, such as a physical address, with someone before you travel.

  • Keep a copy of your passport and ID Card in a safe place.

  • Avoid resorts that can only be reached through email and do not list phone numbers and their physical address.

For a list of sex vacation resorts that specialize in couples, check out our Romantic Getaways Guide.

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