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Plus Size Sex Toys

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Plus Size Sex ToysPlus Size Sex Toys

Most sex toys on the market are not created for people who are plus-sized or have mobility issues which may make using their products more challenging. Thus, too often, most sex toys neglect the needs of plus-sized consumers as well as those with disabilities.

If you and/or your lover are plus-sized, you may find that it causes strain or discomfort to get into a position to use a sex toy. Many require manual thrusting and, in some cases, getting into positions that may prove uncomfortable or impossible, especially for extended periods. As many people who have extra weight on them know, accessing the vaginal or anal area to insert a sex toy can take some effort.

Sometimes it is a matter of getting around a larger tummy just to reach the toy to hold it to the clitoris or penis and feeling like you are straining to hold it in place. How relaxed or whisked away in sexual abandon can you get if you are straining just to hold a sex toy?

Sex is a beautiful part of life and should be enjoyed by adults of any size. That is why we have put together some suggestions for different types of sex toys that may work well for our plus-sized readers.

Hands-Free Sex Toys

Having sex toys that you do not have to hold on to can provide a great deal of ease for plus-sized people, whether they use them alone or with a partner. They come in various types, but those that use a remote control or app feature will allow you to enjoy it without having to take it out to adjust any settings.

See Our Hands-Free Sex Toys

Hands Free Sex ToysWand Vibrators

Wand vibrators with long handles can be easier to hold for some. It depends on how large a tummy you have. If you have a larger belly, a wand may point away from your body because of its straight handle. It really depends on how much belly fat you have, and if when you lay down, it protrudes a great deal.

Many plus-sized people love wand vibrators because of the long handle because it is easy to hold and extends the vibrator to the genitals without bending over. They also have attachments for them so a woman can stimulate her clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, or a man can stimulate his prostate or his penis with a masturbation sleeve.

The other attribute of wand massagers is that there are sex toy mounts in sex pillow designs that allow them to be held in place for you. This means that even if you have a rounder and larger tummy that makes it point away from your genitals, you can mount it into a sex pillow and straddle it for total hands-free stimulation.

See Our Wand Vibrators Or Wand Vibrator Attachments

Wand Vibrators With Mount

Lay-On Vibrators

A lay-on vibrator is any style of vibrator you can lay on your body. These can stimulate your genitals, nipples, and other erogenous zones. Once you lay it into position, you can let it vibrate without having to hold it in place. These are often referred to as palm-sized vibrators or panty vibrators. However, you can also use wands, vibrating rings, c-shaped vibrators in this way as well.

See Our Lay-On Vibrators

Lay-On Vibrators

Remote-Controlled Sex Toys

Sex toys in remote-controlled models come with a remote, while app-controlled sex toys allow you to use your phone to control the sex toy. These come in a variety of styles and perform multiple functions. They are wonderful for plus-sized people because you can simply position them and then control them without any need for holding or adjusting them.

See Our App-Controlled Sex Toys Or Remote-Controlled Sex Toys

App Controlled Sex Toys

Couples Vibrators

These are not just a good option for plus-sized couples; they can also be used solo as well. Typically they are C-shaped and placed internally to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris hands-free while also allowing penetration by a penis or dildo. Most are app-controlled and remote control models that will enable you to use them without taking them out to change settings.

See Our Couples Vibrators

Couples Vibrators

Plus-Size Sex Pillows

Sex pillows are amazing for plus-size people, even when using them without a partner. They provide firm yet comfortable support, allow for an increased number of sexual positions, and can make using sex toys easier. They come in wide models for plus-size individuals and can be used even when sexual play is not going on.

See Our Sex Pillows

Plus-Size Sex Pillows

Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators attach to the fingers so that a plus-sized user can simply stimulate the genitals, nipples, etc., without grasping onto anything. They are particularly good if you have cramping, spasms, or pain in your hand when you try to grasp things. While most finger vibrators on the market have weak vibrations, we carry more powerful motors to provide more intense stimulation. These may require a bit more flexing and bending to get them to your own genitals, but if you are able, they at least keep you from pinching with your fingers to hold on to them.

See Our Finger Vibrators

Finger Vibrators

Male Vibrators

Some male vibrators can be used hands-free, which is an excellent and easy way for a plus-size man to stimulate his penis. They are also ideal for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) issues, and some models can be used solo or with a partner.

See Our Male Vibrators

Male Vibrators That Are Hands Free


Doggie straps are good during plus-size sex play as they make it easier to hold onto one's partner. They can be used in the doggie-style position, hence the name. However, they can also allow for creative assistance with plus-size sex in allowing one to hold legs up in higher positions. Other leg straps can keep legs spread with less fatigue while holding onto them with your hands or securing them to a bed. They make some straps in plus-sizes with a broader, more comfortable band.

See Our Straps & Restraints

Doggie Straps & Other Restraints For Plus-Size Sex

Air Pulse Sex Toys

Some sex experts have said that they enjoy air pulse sex toys for plus-size use. However, it should be noted that most of them have to held in place over the clitoris to create a seal while using them, so some models may not be suitable for people who have a difficult time reaching their genitals and staying in that position. Some models have longer handles than others and various designs. If you consider getting one and are unsure how comfortable it would be to hold in place, use a ruler to measure the model size you are considering and then hold that length to your genitals to see how it feels.

See Our Air Pulse Sex Toys (Clitoral Suction Vibrators)

Air Pulse Stimulators For Plus Size Sex

Suction Cup Sex Toys

Suction cup sex toys allow for hands-free use and can be attached to headboards, chairs, tables, walls, showers, etc. This can make plus-size sexual play easier and allow for creative positions.

See Our Suction Cup Sex Toys

Suction Cup Sex Toys For Plus Size Sex

Sex Toy Adaptations

There are two ways one can adapt a sex toy to help accommodate using them for plus-size sex:

Altering A Sex Toy

To alter a sex toy to make it easier to accommodate you or your lover's body, you can adhere a handle onto a sex toy to make it easier to hold. Plumbers tape is not sticky and can work with some sex toys. You can also place a sex toy between pillows to hold it in place.

Using Sex Toys Intended For Another Purpose

Sometimes, for plus-size sexual play, using a sex toy intended for another purpose may be a better option than a traditional sex toy. For example, you can use a very long dildo to help penetrate as well as be used as a handle. You can also use a strapless strapon that is typically intended for double penetration by using the other insertable end as a handle. (See our Strapless Strap-on Guide for more information).

In Closing

You deserve to be comfortable and have pleasurable sex, no matter your size or weight. We hope you found this guide helpful, and we invite you to contact us with any questions or suggestions as we would be happy to hear from you!

Please also see our Plus-Size Sex Education, Resources & Products Guide for more helpful information.

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