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Waterproof Sex Toys: Avoiding Common Damage Issues

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Waterproof Sex Toys In Water

What You May Not Know

Waterproof and water-resistant sex toys are hot-ticket items as they can make using them around or in water possible and make for a breezy clean-up post-playtime. Let's sail into the nitty-gritty of these water-friendly companions, ensuring you stay ahead of the tide when using them.

For helpful information on properly cleaning sex toys, please see our educational guide: How To Clean Sex Toys.

Understanding Definitions

Water-resistant (Splashproof)

Water-resistant, which is often referred to as splashproof in the sex toy industry, means the sex toy can withstand the effects of some splashing of water, such as drops of water from a shower.

However, it should not be made too wet with constant contact from water and should not be submerged in water, as this may reduce the battery life and cause internal damage to the components.


Waterproof means the sex toy is designed to withstand submersion in water. Before submerging, be sure to securely close any charging ports or battery covers.

Failure to ensure that a sex toy is completely sealed around the charging ports can cause water to get inside of it and cause it to malfunction.

What Is IP Certification?

When you get your sex toy, there may be an indication of how water-resistant or waterproof it is based on an IP rating. IP stands for International Protection, although some refer to it as Ingress Protection, and measures water and dust resistance. An IP rating will indicate very specific information about the level of water protection your sex toy offers.

Two numbers follow an IP rating; the first number (0-6) indicate how large the water droplets or dust particles can penetrate the products. The higher the number, the more resistant is to smaller particles.

The second number (0-9) means how much pressure it would take to penetrate the product with water or dust. The higher the number, the more protection the product offers against water and dust getting inside the product.

For example, a sex toy rated an IP67 would be fully waterproof for short periods of immersion up to 3.3 feet deep. 

  • IPX-0
    No Protection.

  • IPX-1
    Protected against condensation or dripping water falling vertically.

  • IPX-2
    Protected against spraying water when tilted up to 15 degrees vertically.

  • IPX-3
    Protected against spray water when tilted up to 60 degrees vertically.

  • IPX-4
    Protected against splashing water from any angle.

  • IPX-5
    Protected against low-pressure water steam from any angle.

  • IPX-6
    Protected against high-pressure water steam from any angle.

  • IPX-7
    Protected against water immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter (3.3 Ft).

  • IPX-8
    Protected against continual water submersion in underwater conditions.

Other Factors To Consider

Waterproof Limits

Most waterproof sex toys that are classified as submersible are rated IPX-7, meaning they should not be submerged in water for more than 30 minutes or deeper than a depth of up to 1 meter (3.3 Ft).

Leaving them in water for extended periods or frequent submersion can accelerate wear and tear, particularly on seals and moving parts. This can reduce the sex toy's life, so make sure you are not pushing the sex toy past its intended limits.


If a sex toy is used in water and you use a water-based lubricant, it may wash off quickly. In such cases, silicone or oil-based lubricants may be a better option if the sex toy material is compatible. For example, silicone sex toys are better used with water-based or oil-based lubricants, and silicone lubricants should be avoided.

To learn more, see our helpful guide: Types Of Personal Lubricants


For rechargeable sex toys, there is typically either a magnetic or sealed plug charging port. Both types can cause water to seep in if not adequately sealed or dried before charging. It's vital to ensure that the charging area is dry for magnetic chargers before connecting the charger.

Temperature Considerations

Using sex toys in hot water, such as a bath or hot tub, may affect the integrity of the product over time. It's essential to check if the product is also heat resistant.

Proper Cleaning

If using waterproof sex toys in places like hot tubs, pools, or baths that may expose them to chemicals, bacteria, etc., ensure they are thoroughly cleaned afterward to avoid any potential chemical or bacterial contamination.

In Closing

Navigating the wonderful world of waterproof pleasure gadgets can sometimes lead to a splashy pitfall. The most common way people ruin waterproof sex toys is that they don't ensure that the charging port or battery case is fully sealed before immersing their sex toy in water. It's like diving into a pool without adequately closing your goggles; all the fun suddenly disappears.

When it comes to water-resistant sex toys, they can be easily ruined by submerging them or allowing water to run on them for too long while exposing open areas on the sex toy allowing for water to access sensitive electrical components.

To avoid causing damage to your sex toys, always refer to any included instructions by the manufacturer and protect your sex toy from moisture accordingly. Play wisely, play healthy, and play passionately!

For more helpful information, make sure to see our helpful guide: Sex & Water.

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