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Cervical Pain During Sex

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

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Where Is The Cervix Located?

The cervix is located in the upper, narrow part of the uterus (womb) and connects to the vagina. To feel the cervix, you can use your middle finger to the back of your vagina. You will feel a very smooth and firm rounded wall in the back. Some women have a tilted uterus making the cervix lean backward which can make it harder to feel and see. 

Female Reproductive System DiagramWhat Causes Cervical Pain?

When a penis or dildo stimulates the cervix by pushing against it, there can be feelings of pleasure, discomfort, or pain. Most women do not enjoy having their cervix stimulated because of its sensitivity, but some do. Pushing against the cervix can cause pain during sex (dyspareunia), and 60 percent of women experience it.

Things That Make The Cervix More Sensitive

  • Somen women have an irritated (friable) cervix, which is when the vaginal canal and uterus are especially sensitive.

  • A cervix can also be bruised, which typically occurs with deep penetration.

There are many other reasons for pain during sex. Please see our educational guide for more information: Painful Vaginal Sex.

Cervical Orgasms

Those who enjoy cervical stimulation can experience an orgasm from being stimulated there; however, all orgasms originate in the clitoris, so even cervical stimulation that brings on an orgams originates in the clitoris. For more information about this, please see our guides: The Clitoris and The Clitoral & Vaginal Orgasm Guide.

Can You Penetrate The Cervix?

During vaginal sex, the penis enters the vagina and stimulates the vaginal walls and G-spot, and may even touch the cervix. However, the cervix stays closed and only opens (dilates) during childbirth. The rest of the time, it's plugged with mucus and is too small to allow a penis (or even a finger) to enter. During sexual arousal, a woman's cervix lifts upward and allows more room for the penis to enter the vagina, but it does not open. While the uterus and the cervix are accessible through the vagina, they are very well protected. Even with a prolapsed uterus or cervix, it is impossible to penetrate them with just a penis or finger.

Preventing Pain To The Cervix

Build Sexual Arousal

When not sexually aroused, the vagina is about two to four inches long; however, it can stretch up to four to eight inches once it is aroused, making inserting a penis or dildo much easier. Clitoral stimulation is vital for sexual arousal. During sexual intercourse, it can be stimulated by rubbing against a partner's pubic bone. However, that may not be enough stimulation to reach orgasm, which is why clitoral vibrators and clitoral air pulse sex toys are so popular.


Lubricants can help prevent pulling on vaginal tissue and keep the penis or dildo from irritating the cervix as well. Learn more about lubricants through our educational guide: The Ultimate Personal Lubricant Guide.

Bumpers & Buffers

A bumper (buffer) is a sex toy that can help shorten the insertable length of a penis or dildo to keep it from hitting the cervix. You can get them in sets and add rings to make the insertable length as short as you desire. The bumpers act as a flared base that reduces the risk of painful sex. See our selection of body-safe bumpers.

Bumpers & Buffers For Cervical Pain

Sex Pillows

Certain sexual positions can reduce the chances of irritating the cervix. Using sex position pillows can help stay in those positions comfortably for a longer time. They are made with a firm inner core while soft to the touch. Explore our sex pillows for the right shape for you.

In Closing

It is not uncommon to have cervical pain during sexual penetration. However, if you experience cervical pain without penetration or have bleeding during sex, make sure you review your symptoms with your healthcare provider to rule out any health concerns. Feel free to have your physician reach out to us with any questions about products we carry. 

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