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Quotations By Lisa Lawless, Ph.D.

Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lawless will be the first to tell you that she loves to chat with people, especially when it comes to what she does for a living and helping people. Below are some quotations to give you a sense of her passionate viewpoints. 

Quotes By Our Founder

"There are no happy people, just happy moments. Having gratitude for those moments and learning from life's challenges is the secret to living one's best life."

"I founded my company to provide empowering sexual health education along with safe, effective, and pleasurable sexual wellness products. After all, you should not have to choose between sexual pleasure and good health."

"Vulnerability is the essence of courage. You can't get to the heart of what matters in life without the strength to allow failure, pain, and heartache. It is a paradox, and you can't have one without the other."

"Today's sexual culture is like showing one commercial after another of hot cars and never teaching anyone how to drive."

"Love and compassion are the most challenging emotions to demonstrate when our enemies confront us. They are, however, the most powerful, as vulnerability is the definition of courage, particularly when we are faced with adversity."

"The best part of having close relationships is being a witness to another person's life. Seeing them for who they are, their struggles, victories, sadness, and joy. Intimacy is such an honor and gift."

"The name of my company Holistic Wisdom was chosen as we look at empowering the whole person and go beyond just physical aspects of sexuality by providing sexual wellness resources for the mind, body & spirit. We embrace all people regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We believe the world is a better place through understanding, compassion, and diversity."

"I find it difficult to understand the need to base one's life on the opinions of others. If you are not listening to your own voice, if you do not question things and find your own answers, if you depend on the pack to reassure you that you are living your life in a manner that is accepted, then what is the point of your time here in this life? The fun of getting to live is finding your path, living life on your terms, and having the courage to find your creative approach to be your authentic self. Diversity and change make the world evolve, not doing the status quo. Be courageous, be empowered, be YOU."

"It is a parent's failing when they cannot unconditionally love and support their child if they are LGBT+. If they are not able to, then they shouldn't be a parent as that is what is required to be a good one."

"As I reflect on what to be thankful for in my life, such as those who have been supportive and loving, I am also reminded that I am very thankful for those who told me I would not achieve my goals, for those that said my choices were the wrong ones and for those who made derogatory comments about me or the things that are important to me. Without such resistance in my life, I would not be the determined and driven woman that I am today. Obstacles, negativity, and judgment will never break me; it just makes me stronger."

"Those who judge do so using what is most hated within themselves."

"Nutrition is one of the most fundamental factors within our health, and yet through time, with all of our advancements, we have stripped the "Standard American Diet" (S.A.D.) of the most important, nutrient-dense foods and replaced them with the most damaging. It is no wonder the rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and prescription drug deaths are at an all-time high. People are typically in the dark when it comes to the understanding that sexual dysfunction is a big indicator that vital and core functioning within the body has gone haywire. You can often find direct causation of erectile dysfunction (E.D.) and female sexual dysfunction stemming from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and autoimmune responses within the body. The good news is most of these health problems are reversible through proper, nutrient-dense, plant-based nutrition."

"Celebrating our sexuality should be one of the joys we as humans truly embrace. Having sexual health professionals in the industry with high standards will help people feel safer about connecting to what we have to offer."

"There are, of course, issues that make my blood boil, but the bottom line is that I would rather spend my time building up people and celebrating those things that matter and are worthy of attention. The way I see it, to be a positive force in a world that can be so dark, cold, and daunting is a much better use of one's energy. When we spend our time on empowering contributions in the world, the stuff that causes darkness in our lives is outshined by the light we create."

"I believe in free speech with the clear understanding that while you are free to say what you want, you are not exempt from the consequences of your words."

"Sex is a beautiful pleasure worth celebrating, impacting our daily lives through self-esteem, relationships, and health. Our lives are better when we can enjoy intimacy and healthy sexual experiences. It is why I am so passionate about providing empowering resources and only the best in healthy sexual products."

"Whatever affiliations and beliefs you have, if you get into name-calling, you have nothing worth offering through your speech. Solid and valuable insights stand on their own. When you use derogatory words to attack anyone, you act as nothing less than a bully. Have more integrity than that, be the positive change you wish to see in the world by being educated and letting your ideas stand on their own. Only then will your convictions provide the potential of empowerment you intend for those who hear them."

"If you inspire hatred and violence in others, you are responsible for how your speech negatively impacts people just in the same way that positive speech inspires people to be better, more loving, and successful individuals. Have you not seen and agreed with people who thank those who inspired them to do something great and give them credit for that wonderful and positive influence that motivated and drove them to accomplish great things? Well, my friends, the same applies to those that inspire hatred, bigotry, racism, and violence. Be the loving and compassionate force that you wish to see in the world. Our words, not just our behavior, matter."

"There are so many people contributing to social media now with regard to social issues, and the power of communication has never been more clear. However, if your posts and/or speech do nothing but ridicule, complain, or tear people down (regardless of the differences you may have with others), you are simply part of the problem and most certainly not contributing to solutions. Empower people by lifting them through encouragement, offering positive and proactive ideas, empathizing, and acting with respect and integrity. Life is short, and doing anything else is a waste of your precious time."

"It is difficult to remain positive during a time when the stress of life along with the news headlines make you want to break down in tears or make you want to start screaming in rage at the top of your lungs. It is so easy to let the weight of those emotions overwhelm us and make us feel powerless. Self-pity, anger, frustration, despair are all emotions that can overwhelm us. So many of us turn to food, alcohol, television, drugs, and other means to escape from feeling the things that we do when we look around us and see so much pain and suffering in our own lives as well as others. Sometimes we are part of the cycle of negativity if we lash out at others and take our frustrations out by degrading other people to relieve some of the pain we feel.

It is times like this that we most need to empower ourselves. Yet we so often forget the simplest way to feel in control. It is the simple gift of giving. Sometimes it is offering a shoulder to cry on, telling someone that they are not alone during a time of need, or it can be as simple as helping someone by opening a door or giving to someone in need. Perhaps adopting an abandoned pet or volunteering at an animal shelter, or even just a simple compliment to a stranger allows you to see that you can positively impact the world, that you can spread kindness, and that it is contagious.

Even at our low points in life, embracing compassion, empathy, and kindness is empowering. We can then truly heal our weary spirit and be the positive force that we so long to see in the world by modeling it to others. True examples of greatness most influence us because superficial, negative, and hateful influences are always exposed in the end. What moves us, what makes us feel truly alive is when we see the light in ourselves that we long for in the world, and it is through giving and kindness to others that light is most bright."