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Sexy 6 Dice Game

Intimacy Building Game For Couples

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The Sexy 6 Dice Game by Creative Conceptions comes in four different options:

Foreplay Edition

Let the Sexy 6 Dice dictate your foreplay fate. With 720 possible outcomes, you can be sure to keep variety and spontaneity alive in your relationship. Feel the anticipation build as you roll each die, in turn, to gradually reveal the formula for your fun.

  • Die 1: Will it be you or me in the hot seat?
  • Die 2: Will we be giving or receiving the treat?
  • Die 3: What foreplay fun is to be done?
  • Die 4: What body part is to receive the love?
  • Die 5: How will the pleasure be given?
  • Die 6: Where will the Magic happen?

Kinky Edition

Dice with domination for impromptu fetish fun! Dice with domination and let the Sexy 6 dictate your kinky fate. Explore the dynamics of domination and submission, and have boundless fun with 720 seductive scenarios. Feel the excitement build as you roll the dice to reveal your kinky capers.

Pride Edition

Roll with Raunchiness for Impromptu Frisky Fun. Shake up your sex life with the fun, easy-to-use, Sexy 6 dice! Feel the excitement and anticipation build as your sexual scenario gradually reveals itself, exposing unexpected thrills and shared sensations. With 720 possibilities for pleasure, you can be sure of a sexy new adventure every time.

  • Die 1: Who will take the lead and initiate intimacy?
  • Die 2: What props can be utilized to enhance play?
  • Die 3: How you’ll be attired for your erotic exploits
  • Die 4: What foreplay will help you get in the mood?
  • Die 5: What position will get the passion rising?
  • Die 6: Switch to this position as you approach climax.

Sex Edition

Roll with raunchiness for impromptu flirty fun. Toss the dice to add a little spice and surprise to your bedroom antics, with 720 possible combinations to enjoy. Roll the dice and revel in the thrill of how different positions bring rise to contrasting pleasures; complemented by an array of foreplay fun, everyone wins with this game.

Foreplay Edition Item Number: 847878002183
Kinky Edition Item Number: 847878002169
Pride Edition Item Number: 847878002145
Sex Edition Item Number: 847878002176

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