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SpareParts Deuce Cover Harness: Double Holes & Penis Friendly

Penis Friendly Strap On Harness

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  • The Deuce Cover from SpareParts can be used between erections for double penetration. It is one of our customer's favorite choices for those with erectile dysfunction (ED). It allows couples to use a variety of sized dildos, including strapless strap-on dildos, while still allowing for skin-to-skin contact to enhance intimacy. Two separate holes will enable the penis to extend through the bottom one and a dildo to go through the top. An internal pocket can hold two bullet vibrators for extra stimulation, and a unique pouch cradles the testicles. Leg straps lightly cross over the perineum for added pleasure. Comfortable and completely adjustable, it can be worn for extended periods, making it an excellent solution for ED.

    Vegan-friendly, handcrafted, made in the USA, and ethically manufactured. SpareParts HardWear has built a reputation for designing patented, high-quality erotic products that set the standard for durability, versatility, style, and comfort. Each harness includes a stretchable elastic O-ring designed to fit various sizes of dildos and attachments. When you're done playing, it can be hand or machine-washed and is both sanitary and fully hygienic for health. It comes with an attractive satin pouch and an unbeatable quality guarantee from SpareParts HardWear.

    How It Different Than The Original Deuce Harness:

    This is similar to the original Deuce Harness by SpareParts but also has a sleek cover that goes over the holes for a low-profile harness, along with a redesigned pouch that features two pockets for putting in slim bullet vibrators (not included) for various stimulation options and feels like skin so that when you are wearing, it will provide you with a lightweight feel. Thus, it will provide a more natural feeling during sex. 


    Size A Regular 
    20"- 50" Waist
    Top Hole for Dildo 1.25"-2" / Bottom Hole for Penis 1.5"-1.87"
    Leg straps Around Thighs: 10 - 16 inches

    Size B Regular 
    35"- 65" Waist
    Top Hole for Dildo 1.25"-2" / Bottom Hole for Penis 1.5"-1.87"
    Leg straps Around Thighs: 14 - 24 inches

    • Vegan-Friendly
    • Sleek Cover That Easily Slides Over the Low Profile Elastic O-Ring
    • Clear Translucent Logo
    • Two Internal Pockets, One Above and Below The O-Ring, to Accommodate Standard-Size Mini Vibrators (not included)
    • New Interior Panels Allow a Variety of Wearing Options
    • Tagless Care Labels
    • Handcrafted in the USA
    • Comfortable And Flexible for All-Day Wear
    • Double-Strap Underwear Harness
    • Designed To Fit A Variety Of Dildo Sizes
    • Includes Stretchable Elastic O-Ring
    • Body-Safe, Phthalate-Free
    • Materials: Nylon, Spandex
    • Made In USA
    Tips & Guides:
    Strap-on Sex Harness Guide

    Regular Size A Item Number: 815952014551
    Regular Size B Item Number: 815952014568

    We Are An Authorized Dealer
    Always buy from an authorized sex toy dealer to avoid sex toy scams, knockoffs, used sex toys, toxic materials, or unhealthy ingredients. We care about your health and provide only the best body-safe sexual products.

  • See manufacturer instructions for cleaning guidelines.

    Sizing Tips

    Choose your harness size based on both your actual body measurements and body shape, not based on your typical pant or jean size, which varies significantly between brands, designs, and cuts. Please don't skip this step: the right size harness will give you the most comfort and support. Below are tips on getting it just right:

    Get your lower waist/hip measurement- Wrap a measuring tape around your waist, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) below your pelvic bone. Mark the number where the tape measure completes and crosses over itself.

    Use that measurement, as well as your body shape, to determine your size. You should take your body shape into account before selecting a size. To do so, think of your body in terms of moon phases:

    FULL MOON bodies have beautiful, fuller curves. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a half-moon shape in the rear and a quarter to half-moon shape in front, where the stomach is. If you have a full moon shape, choose the next size up.

    THREE-QUARTER MOON bodies have a balance of curves and planes. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a quarter-moon shape in front and a half-moon shape in the rear or a flatter front stomach area and a fuller three-quarter-moon in the rear. This body shape typically has a fuller butt and, sometimes, wider hips. If you have a three-quarters moon shape, choose the next size up.

    HALF-MOON bodies are curvier in the rear and flatter in front. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a half-moon shape in the rear. If you have a half-moon shape, stick to the size chart.

    QUARTER /CRESCENT MOON bodies have gentler, less pronounced curves in the rear. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a quarter (or crescent) shape sloping from the tailbone to the top of the thigh. Choose the next size down if you have a quarter/crescent moon shape.

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