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Afternoon Delight

 man and woman laying in bed, erotic story, afternoon delight

Afternoon Delight Erotic Story Submitted By Shadow

They lay together; the computer whirred as the X-Files episode played in the background. His breathing was gentle as he straddled the border between awake and asleep. She smiled, completely peaceful as she felt the rise and fall of his chest and heard the thump-thump-thump of his heart. The heart that belonged to her. He slipped into dreamland and curled over, his head now resting on her breasts. She quietly giggled; this was the reverse of how they usually sleep. He had stolen all the pillows, so she was lying awkwardly on the floor. Her lover was holding her, as if afraid she would slip away. She stroked the soft, wild hair on his head, and the stubble on his cheek. She began to think.

It was very rare that he was asleep, and she awake. Another smile crossed her lips as she contemplated the situation. There were not many things he would ask her for, but it is widely known that a great way for a man to wake is with a mouth sucking his cock. She decided she must take advantage of the situation.

As gently as she could, she rolled him onto his back. A whimper of protest escaped him until she held his arms around her. She kissed his cheek and watched his beautiful face. Her hand trailed down his chest. Disappointingly, he had fallen asleep fully clothed. Therein lay the challenge. She slipped her fingers under the bottom of his tee-shirt and stroked his stomach. His belt was easy to undo, his 'seat-belt belt.' "Screw it," she whispered as he stirred out of his slumber. She lay back down in his arms as he unwillingly came back into consciousness. A few mumbles escaped his lips along with some sleepy kisses. They greeted each other in the usual way, with gentle kisses, cuddles, and the breathed, "I love you's."

Her hands stroked his chest, covered in soft curls. She swore men with any hair other than on their heads were not for her. Until she met him, now she couldn't imagine anything else. Her soft lips moved further down his toned body. She reached his beltline and tried to smoothly open his trousers to expose his cock. One day, she might manage to do it in one swift motion. But, let's face it, this isn't like in the movies. Things don't always go according to plan, and sometimes, she is all fingers and thumbs. She pulled his jeans down far enough to expose his hips. And that beautiful drawing on his right hip. She placed her mouth over the tattoo, and he tensed slightly. He was incredibly ticklish and sensitive there.

He didn't know what she was about to do. She kissed the design, trailing her tongue over the hipbone. He wriggled beneath her. She kissed the other hip bone, letting her hair fall lightly over his exposed body. She loved to give him as many different sensations as possible. His cock was not fully erect yet due to his sleepy, relaxed condition, but his body was definitely responding. She loved to lavish kisses and attention to him just for its sake as much as anything else. His body was so warm and responsive to her touch.

She playfully ran her tongue up his shaft. She was rewarded with a half-gasp, half moan from within him. She smiled against his cock. It was not yet full-sized, and she intended to use this to her advantage. She kissed and teased his cock, circling the tip and the ridge of the head. Her teeth carefully brushed his skin. God, she enjoyed this! He was entirely at her mercy, and he made the most gorgeous noises. She breathed in and swallowed the length. It was still semi-soft so she could kiss his pelvis.

A small noise of surprise escaped him. He loved this. Once fully hard, she could still consume him completely; it was something she was quietly proud of considering his penis was far from small. Even the way her eyes would occasionally water as the head of his cock touches the back of her throat; it was beyond worth it for the pleasure it gave him. She brought her mouth back up as slowly as she could. At the tip, she breathed deeply, blowing warm and cool air alternatively over the slit. She looked over at her lover's face. He loved to watch his cock slide in and out of her mouth, but when she took it all, he could only let his eyes roll back in his head, his eyelids close, lie back and enjoy the sensations. She would give anything to keep him this happy. She refocused her attention on the growing cock and played with it, using her lips, tongue, teeth, fingers, and palms to pleasure him.

He couldn't take it anymore. He pulled her hair, forcing her head up towards his and he crashed their lips together in a frantic need to be close. She pulled away slightly. The words "I want you to fuck me" fell from her lips as she looked into his blue, gorgeous eyes. "Get undressed." They tugged at clothes, tee-shirts practically torn off, belts and bras hastily unclipped, jeans, socks, and underwear ripped off as efficiently as possible to expose their bodies. They were naked. Eyes roamed appreciatively over the others' body before he pulled her down on top of him.

Sex is frantic, clumsy, and passionate between these two lovers. Exactly how it should be. They kissed violently as he positioned his cock, pushed slightly, and then slammed their hips together. A small cry came from her mouth. Flesh to flesh, hip to hip, chest to chest. He pulled out and pushed back in as her body became reacquainted with his. The pumping began. Hard, fast, ruthless. He knew what he (and she) wanted. He wanted to make her scream.

Although he was on the bottom, he was doing most of the work as he used every muscle in his body to move hers. She sat there, never able to keep pace. She moved her hips, clawed at his skin, and bit at his neck in its heat. His nails tore at her back, and she moaned. The skin burned where there would later be red streaks. She loved it. He pushed her up, so she was sat upright rather than leaning over. He grabbed her wrists and tightly held them in front of her pelvis. This always sent shivers up her spine. He released her hands, and she arched her back. Tingles were running up her spine and down her legs.

She rocked to and fro, tearing at her hair, dragging her hands over her body, over her hips, stomach, waist, breasts. Breasts. His favorite body part. Her own recently pierced nipples were erect, there was slight pain but not remotely enough to make her even think about stopping. She caressed her soft skin. He growled. She doesn't even know if he is aware he makes some of the gorgeous noises. His eyes watched her chest heave. Hungrily he pulled her back down to him where he clamped down on the flesh. He kissed, sucked and tongued the nipples, biting slightly. He was always rough but not too rough. It was fantastic!

They fucked until she demanded, "I want you on top." "Then, you have to move off me!". She tried to gather the will to move but did not want to break their rhythm. Eventually, she toppled off him and sprawled on the floor. As quickly as they could as neither wanted to be apart longer than necessary. She threw herself on her back, and his face loomed above hers. She loved it when he was on top. He looked indescribable. She knew this was the man she loved as she has loved no other. He seemed so big, strong, manly, and in control.

He smoothly reentered her and began pounding. Broken screams erupted from her as the pleasure began to rise. He fucked her like he always did like this was the last time, and there was no reason to hold anything back. He manipulated her legs to change the angle, with speed and force also changing. She was noisy. She tried to hold it in, but every moment brought her closer to that usually elusive climax. Moans, gasps, screams, and half-words escaped her. She wished she could really scream. The pleasure mounted. He could see, from the fact she was screaming into a pillow, that this was good! Her back arched off the floor as it hit her. It normally peters away, but not today.

BAM. She was lost to the moment, barely aware of her surroundings. Previously, she could only climax by herself, only with the aid of a vibrator. But so many things about her are different with him. She never used to scream either.

Her body recovered from the shock, he had stopped, presumably to watch the total abandonment of control, her complete surrender. She looked at him as she panted. God, she loved him! Her body screamed love, desire, longing, satisfaction. He loved the satisfaction that it was him, and only him, that has ever made her feel like that. They kissed.

For her, the next few moments were a blur. All she cared, what that he was with her, inside her, consuming her. They kissed, scratched, bit, and writhed together. It wasn't long before the screams began again. He bent her legs, effectively folding her in half. Her entire body rocked under the power of him. Her spine bashed against the floor, but it would only be later when she had bruised bones that she would realize this. His face towered over hers. A look of serenity and conflict upon his face. That animal look was in his eyes as he became closer and closer to her own climax with each thrust. "I want to hear you scream," he growled. "Not again," she begged, thinking she wouldn't be able to take any more.

'Hell,' she thought, 'something's different.' Another orgasm was coming. The heat began to spread from within her abdomen, followed by a tingle. Then, a mind-blowing, dazzling flash behind her eyes. Her entire body convulsed and vibrated. She rode the waves silently, too far gone to make any noise. "Chill," she managed to muster. Bless him, he thought he was hurting her, but she just needed to ride this through as the waves were still coming. He pulled out and collapsed next to her. He wasn't finished, but he was knackered from the effort! She lay there.

Minutes passed, and she was still convulsing and rocking, her breathing ragged. Her eyes roamed aimlessly, unfocused. Her chest rose and fell with each gradually steadying breath. She looked over at her lover, and with a clumsy hand, movement panted, "that…. has never happened before". He looked decidedly pleased with himself. She had a dumb grin on his face as she lay there in complete bliss. It took a while for her to regain her basic motor functions, and even then, it was difficult to kiss him.

He wasn't finished. She didn't quite know what would happen now. She was dazed. She held one hand as she lay on her side, and they kissed. His free right hand began to stroke his cock, and she was quietly relieved as she didn't know whether she trusted her body to navigate his most sensitive region safely. She kissed him fiercely on every accessible part of his face. She licked his ear, a particular weakness of his. His breathing increased, and it wasn't long before his own climax erupted. His legs and back arched in the moment. The two of them lay in the covers, as panting and sweaty bodies. She was dazed and relaxed. He had that satisfied grin that he only wore post-sex.

They loved each other. He took her to places she had only dreamed about, and together they explored the possibilities that lay within their bodies. It would be several hours before she returned completely to normal, her mind numbed from the physical sensations. Whenever they made love, it was always loving, tiring, fun, messy, improvised, and so many other things. That's why they worked so well together, and sex was never boring. It was an expression of their passion and desire for each other. And it was damn good exercise!

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