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Skinny Dipping Story

man splashing water in lake, shirt open, skinny dipping story

Sex Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

It had been one of those days. The kind that would make you quit if they happened more than occasionally. It began at 6 a.m., with personnel problems and was followed soon after by customer problems and equipment problems, none of which could be solved without a significant investment of human and financial resources. All this was exacerbated by a bad lunch that caused serious indigestion that had lasted all afternoon. Finally, it was a little after six, and I was going home.

As I exited the building, I was blasted by a wall of blistering heat. It was the kind of heat that makes you feel as though there is a weight on your chest when you breathe. I walked quickly to my car, opened the door, and was greeted by super-heated air billowing from the cabin, which made the 105 degrees it was outside somehow, seem cool.

I climbed in and immediately switched the temperature control setting to auto and 60. The air blowing from the vents was oppressive as the car struggled to cool the cabin. The only way to cool off was to get moving, so I rolled the windows down, shoved the gearshift lever into drive, and floored it out of the parking lot for my 30-minute commute home.

Although it was Friday night, traffic on the way home was light. I guess the heat had driven everyone home or to the mountains early. As I drove, I struggled to push the workday from my mind and was finally able to clear it by focusing on my weekend and the best way to cool off when I got home. Although I would be by myself, I decided to take the boat out, go up to the lake away from the crowds, swim, and drink beer until dark. I was not in the habit of boating alone, but since the divorce a year ago, it was either alone or with friends, and I really wasn't in the mood to do any entertaining.

Thirty minutes later, I rounded the corner onto my street. I hit the garage door opener and pulled into the garage. I exited the car quickly, closed the garage door, and made my way into the house. It was warm, but the air conditioning was working hard and had kept it bearable. I turned immediately down the hall to the bedroom where I stripped, grabbed my suit from the drawer, and walked into it as I moved down the hall toward the kitchen.

Now in the kitchen, I opened the pantry, grabbed a cooler, and went to the refrigerator to pull all the beer from the shelf and drop them in the cooler. Closing the refrigerator and opening the freezer, I pulled the ice drawer and dumped its contents on top of the beer in the cooler. As I returned the drawer to the freezer, I took a moment to inhale deeply, enjoying the cold air before I slammed the door shut. I picked up the cooler and was out the back door and on the dock two minutes later.

The lake in front of the house was very busy, which validated my decision not to swim here but to take the boat and go up to the lake instead, besides the water was deeper there and usually cooler. So I removed the mooring cover and hit the lever that lowered the boat into the lake. I set the cooler in the boat and stepped in after it. Once at the helm, I lowered the out-drive and turned the key. The engine fired immediately. I pulled the lever to reverse and was off.

I carefully picked my way past all the skiers, wakeboarders, and tubers as I accelerated. The hot evening air was somewhat cooled by the water and the speed of the boat. It felt great against my skin as I sat on top of the seat, moving the boat up the lake. After 20 minutes or so, the crowds were thinning, and although I really wanted to get in the water right then, I knew where I wanted to go, so I pushed the lever forward, increasing my speed toward the private spot I had in mind.

Ten minutes later, I rounded a bend and was there. Trees populated the shoreline instead of homes, and there was not another boat or person in sight. I pulled the lever back to neutral, and the boat coasted to a stop. I made my way to the bow, opened the anchor locker, grabbed the anchor, tied it to a cleat, and dropped it overboard just before I followed it in with a headlong dive. The water was cool and intensely refreshing. I glided and swam until my thirst took over, which compelled me to climb out of the water, up the ladder, and across the swim deck to the beer-laden cooler.

No need for a towel today I would be dry soon enough in this heat. I cracked open a beer as I sat suddenly, feeling all the stress of the day and week melt away. This was the perfect life, warm air, cool water, a boat, and beer. I finished the first beer quickly and reached for another. I finished that one quickly too but had become hot again, so I decided to forgo another beer for now and jump back in the lake. The water felt so good against my skin on my first swim that I thought I would be a little crazy and cool it all off. Besides, I hadn't been skinny dipping since high school, and no one was ever around this secluded spot, so I slid off my trunks and dove in. It felt great; this was making the idea to come up lake even better.

I relaxed even further as I swam this time, perhaps it was the combination of the beer and the nudity, but at this moment, I didn't have a care in the world. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a Jet Ski motor. Sound travels extremely well over water, and although the sound was still faint, it was growing louder. It was definitely a jet ski, and it was coming directly at me. I didn't know what to do.

I weighed my limited options quickly in my mind. I could swim to the side of the boat next to the swim deck and try to shimmy up on the deck and slide into the boat without being seen, but that option seemed likely to fail since the jet ski was closing fast and whoever it was would undoubtedly see my lily-white ass as I slipped into the boat. So, I chose my only other option: just stay put and hope that whoever it was would just speed by.

No such luck, as it came closer, it slowed down and eventually glided to within a few feet of my position, as it did a female voice cried out hello. Great, not only an intruder to my private spot but a female, and she had caught me swimming buck-naked. I tried to act nonchalant by answering her hello with one of my own. She responded by asking me what I was doing in her private spot. I answered that I just wanted to get away and was not aware that it was her private spot. I continued babbling on saying that it had been a rough day and week, and I had had enough of people for today. She said she had the same kind of day and felt the same way, which is why she came to this spot only to find me invading her private spot.

During the conversation, her jet ski drifted closer, and she was now only feet from me. Suddenly her eyes went wide as the clear water revealed my naked body. I knew she had seen that I was naked as soon as she asked if I had forgotten my suit. I said no I just thought the water felt so good on my skin when I swam earlier that I would allow all my skin to enjoy the cool pleasure by skinny-dipping. Besides, no one is ever around this spot, so I didn't think there was any risk of being caught. She laughed as she asked how that was working for me now. I was embarrassed and responded not that great, but worse things have happened to me.

She giggled and asked me if I was cold because it sure looked like it from her vantage point. Very funny, I responded, yes I am cooled off for the moment, and if you would turn your back while I get out I have a beer for you in the boat. She said that sounds like a fair price for using her spot as she looked away. Quickly I scrambled up and out of the water, not at all concerned about how I did it. I got to my suit and had it just below my knees as she turned around, and with a mischievous grin asked, is it ok yet?

There was nothing I could do except pull them the rest of the way up as my face flushed. With them in place, I moved to the back of the boat for a line, tossed it to her, as I asked her to move in and tie off. She did so and swung her leg over the seat as she slid gracefully off the Jet Ski and onto the swim deck. As she stood to step off the deck and over the back cushion into the boat, I was taken by her beauty and figure. I guess I was so preoccupied with my situation before that I hadn't noticed this stunning woman who had interrupted my swim.

I guessed she was somewhat younger than my 38 years and was reasonably tall 5' 6" or so, and couldn't have weighed more than 115 pounds. Her brunette hair was shoulder-length, and her eyes were emerald green. Her body was perfectly tanned, and her body tone amazing. She wasn't big breasted; probably a B cup and her trim waist and hips were hugged by her small white bikini bottom. Clearly unaware of my gawking, she said, so where is this alleged beer? The question snapped me back into the moment. I bent down, opened the cooler, and grabbed two beers. I opened hers and passed it to her as I invited her to sit.

I introduced myself as Sam, and she responded by telling me her name was Kelli. For the next half hour or so, we became acquainted as we finished our first and second beer. The sun was getting low on the horizon, and the pink of the sunset reflected off the calm lake. I remarked how beautiful it was right now, and I hated to leave, but we would need to move out soon or be faced with making our way home in the dark.

She responded by saying we have time, besides I am hot. With that, she stood, untied and pulled off her top. Without breaking stride, she slipped her fingers in her bikini bottoms and slid them off, tossing them aside as she moved to the swim deck giggling and saying the last one in buys dinner. Just like that, she was naked and diving in.

I just stood there, frozen in place by what I had just seen. When she came up from her dive, she called out you lose. Now strip those trunks off and get in, remember it was you who started this whole skinny-dipping thing, besides I have seen what you have and she swam off toward the front of the boat. I thought what the heck, so I did as directed and pulled my trunks off as I made my way to the stern and the swim deck to dive in.

I stood on the swim platform, suddenly feeling completely uninhibited; this was somehow freeing and felt natural and good. Just as I dove in, Kelli rounded the side toward the back, laughing and saying that's more like it, but you are still buying dinner. We swam and floated for some time, never touching each other. Instead, we just enjoyed the water, the sunset, and each other's company, occasionally talking and laughing constantly.

As darkness crept in, Kelli said she had cooled off, was getting tired and was getting out. I told her there were towels under the front seat as I swam toward the boat to get out too. I couldn't help but notice her beautiful little derriere as she pulled herself up the ladder onto the deck and into the boat. Coyly she called out, "See anything you like?"

Now it was my turn to get up, and out only I knew that as I pulled myself up and out, she would have a full-frontal view of me and my manhood that the cool water had shrunken yet again. It couldn't be helped, so I just pulled myself up and out. She looked right at me as she threw me a towel saying you look cold again; better use this to warm you up.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and moved toward her. She was standing perfectly still in the middle of the boat with a smile across her face and her towel wrapped around her body. Without speaking, I moved face to face with her. I leaned in, so my lips were brushing hers ever so softly. She responded by holding the back of my neck and deeply kissing me back. Our tongues darted playfully in and out of each other's mouths as we explored each other's oral cavity. It was highly erotic, and soon our breathing had become heavy and quick.

Our hands wandered, and soon our towels were off, and we stood naked, kissing our bodies entwined with each other. Knowing the full-length backbench was behind me, I picked her up and spun her around as I lay her softly on the bench, all the while never breaking contact with her lips. Her breathing was audible as she relaxed.

I knelt beside her as I reached for her hard and protruding nipples, now twisting them softly between my fingers. Her body was twisting and contorting, and her legs were moving as if to stimulate her pussy with the movement. I removed a hand from her breast, reached down, and inserted a finger into her pussy that was dripping wet. I was super aroused, too; my cold shrunken cock had long ago been replaced by a fully engorged throbbing hard-on.

Suddenly she broke contact and sat up smiling as she did. She asked me to stand. When I did, she cupped my balls in one hand, stroking them gently as she moved her mouth over the head of my bouncing cock and began to kiss and lick it with purpose. I gazed down at her as she pumped my cock in and out of her mouth while stroking my perineum with her hand and looking up at me with a sexy, wry smile. I felt myself about to cum, so I pushed her off my cock. I wanted to return the favor. I dropped to my knees, pusher her legs apart and buried my face in her beautiful dripping wet hairless pussy.

She smelled great and tasted better. Instantly her juices covered my face. I continued to lick her pussy from her anus to her clitoris slowly and softly, drawing the ABC's with my tongue as I pushed her right leg up in the air to gain greater access. She was twisting and treating me to audible sounds of joy while I licked and flicked her clitoris as I simultaneously was pressing on her mounds.

Suddenly, she arched her back, squeezed my head between her legs, and screamed as she reached orgasm. Wanting to continue to drive her wild, I moved my hand off her mounds and began to stroke her pussy, occasionally pulling my fingers out to lick her juices as I did. She sat there, legs spread apart, one in the air, thrusting her hips, moaning, all the while begging me to continue.

She climaxed again. The second orgasm seemed to energize her. She pulled me onto the cushion and rolled over, so she was on top of me. We tasted each other's juices as we began passionately kissing again. Moments later, she moved down my neck to my nipples, licking and sucking them as she went by.

Now she turned around and moved her mouth over my cock as she pushed her pussy into my face. I stuck my tongue between her vaginal lips and began licking them again, paying particular attention to her swollen clitoris at the top of each stroke. I was having an increasingly difficult time trying to maintain any rhythm as her mouth was working magic on my cock.

I was about to explode, I called out that I was going to cum, but this only seemed to inspire her. I was now the one who was writhing, twisting, and struggling to maintain contact with her beautiful, tasty pussy. Unable to hold it any longer I came and came and came, she sucked voraciously and swallowed every drop as her juices gushed from her pussy to covering my face.

Like her, I lapped up as much as I could. I had no idea this kind of mutual orgasm was possible; it was like nothing I had ever experienced. Finally, spent, Kelli fell on top of me; I kissed her sweet pussy tenderly before she turned around to lie close to me. We hugged, petted, and kissed in silence in the incredible intimacy of the moment as the full moon rose over the bow.

Minutes later, she broke the silence by telling me that my performance didn't get me off the hook for dinner, but it did earn me the right to have dessert at her house and that she knew exactly what she would give me. Excitedly I smiled and said, stay in the boat with me. We'll tow your jet ski to your house first since I live by the axiom that life is short, "eat dessert first." She just smiled as she turned to kneel on the seat behind me to hug me as we got slowly underway.

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