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How To Use A Rabbit Vibrator

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Rabbit Vibrators

What Is A Rabbit Vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator is any vibrating sex toy that provides both stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. Turned around, they can provide anal penetration of the rectum and vibrating stimulation to the perineum. The name of these dual stimulating devices originated from one of the first rabbit vibrators that had a clitoral stimulator shaped like a rabbit. Subsequently, other such vibrators that were released were called by this name even if they did not have a rabbit shape. The name has become so popular that the sex toy industry often refers to any dual vibrator as such.

Why Are They Called Rabbit Vibrators?

The original rabbit vibrator was made in Japan, and because of the laws surrounding obscenity, they made these sex toys look like animals. The rabbit was just one of a variety of animal shapes. Other wildlife that were featured were beavers, butterflies, kangaroos, turtles, and bees.

The History Of The Rabbit Vibrator

The first rabbit vibrator made its debut in 1983. It was created by Vibratex, who later made the famous Rabbit Pearl (1984), which was featured on the HBO show "Sex In The City" (Season 1, Episode 9, 1998). After the episode, where the character Charlotte can't stop using it because she loves it so much, sales grew by 700%.

These elastomer rabbit vibrators were created by owners Dan and Shay Martin, who had engineering and biology backgrounds perfect for sex toy design. Vibratex is also the U.S. distributor for another very popular sex toy: the Hitachi Magic Wand (now referred to only as the Magic Wand).

Vibratex was the first sex toy company that focused on phthalate-free products and was originally the only brand that we at Holistic Wisdom, Inc. carried because most of the sex toys on the market contained phthalates. When we launched our sexual health business in June of 2000, we spent a lot of time trying to convince other manufacturers to start making nontoxic sex toys, and over time many of them finally came around with some or all of their sex toys. Over time we slowly began to bring on other sex toy brands that we felt were body safe.

The First Rabbit Vibrator

While the original Rabbit Pearl (shown below in pink on left) was popular, the cordless version, the Rabbit Habit, was even more popular as you no longer had to worry about an attached battery pack. The Rabbit Habit is shown below (center right) and is purple with white pearls in the center along with a rabbit clitoral vibrator. More cordless rabbit-style vibrators quickly followed. The features on them were typically a rotating shaft and a vibrating clitoral stimulator.

The First Rabbit VibratorThe beads and pearls inside the center of these rabbit vibrators were designed to stimulate the inner labia and opening of the vagina. In some early models, the beads would get caught and cause a jam, causing them not to work well. Subsequent models released had fewer of these issues. Other models just had a rotating shaft that was smooth on the outside. Additional features have since been created in rabbit vibrators such as wave motion, thrusting up and down, and even heated versions.

Since then, what is considered a rabbit vibrator has evolved into a whole genre of sex toys with many different styles, features, and brands. Some of the attached vibrators straddle the clitoris, encircle, and even flick. Others feature suction, air pulse, and electrostimulation in addition to vibration. There are some that are triple vibrators with an added anal stimulating or penetrating feature.

Different Types Of Rabbit Vibrators

As mentioned, the sex toy industry now calls any dual vibrating sex toy a rabbit vibrator because that is how most consumers search for them. Many do not have a rabbit on them at all. Nonetheless, that is most often how you will find them being listed. 

Types Of Rabbit Vibrators Diagram

Rabbit vibrators can be used for solo play or with a partner. Several types of dual vibrating sex toys can be referred to as a rabbit vibrators. When one refers to them, they are typically a shaft with a clitoral arm that extends and vibrates. However, you can also turn other sex toys into a rabbit-style vibrator.

Turning Other Sex Toys Into A Rabbit Vibrator

To turn a sex toy into a rabbit-style vibrator, you can take a body massager, add an attachment to it, and now it will stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris like a rabbit vibrator does. Another example is taking a penis ring (cockring) that has a clitoral stimulator and put it on a penis or dildo, thus making the penis or dildo stimulate like a rabbit-style vibrator.  

Types Of Rabbit Vibrators Diagram

Triple Vibrators Also Called Rabbit Vibrators

Some of the triple stimulating vibrators are also referred to as rabbit vibrators. These products have a shaft that penetrates the vagina; another stimulates the anus and rectum (anal sex toy), and another attachment stimulates the clitoris. Thus, triple layers of sexual stimulation.

Adding sex toys to one another can turn a single vibrator into a dual vibrator or a double vibrator into a triple. While not all of these sex toys are classified as a rabbit vibrator, combining some sex toys and giving them dual and triple stimulation vibration options is often referred to as turning them into a rabbit vibrator.

The Size Of Your Rabbit Sex Toy

The first thing to consider is the size of the shaft. Shafts come in a variety of widths and lengths. Most rabbit vibrators have small to medium length shafts as they are designed to stimulate the G-spot. The G-spot is only 2-3 inches inside the vagina so they tend to curve to put pressure into it. If they pass the G-spot in length, the stimulation may not be as intense.

Sometimes it isn't easy to gauge what is the best size rabbit vibrator. That is why we have put together a complete guide to help you determine what size rabbit vibrator is best for you: How To Measure A Dildo & Other Insertable Sex Toys.

The Material Of A Rabbit Sex Toy

Another issue to consider is what sex toy material you desire. Despite most rabbit vibrators originally being made out of elastomer and jelly, many reputable manufacturers now produce silicone models. This is because, unlike elastomers (TPR and TPE), and jelly (polyvinyl chloride), silicone is nonporous and does not harbor bacteria. It is a much safer choice for your health and why we recommend them.

While all of the sex toys we carry are free of toxins like phthalates, the majority of what we carry are made from pure silicone as it is a nonporous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and an easy to clean material. Silicone is a durable material and lasts for a long time, which makes it a superior material for sex toys. You do not need a sex toy cleaner to clean them and can simply use soap and water.

See our helpful guide on How To Clean Sex Toys for more information.

Clitoral Stimulation

Rabbit vibrators have different styles of clitoral stimulators beyond just the shape and look. Some provide vibratration, suction, electrostimulation or feature air pulse stimulation.

Single & Dual Motors

There are two types of vibrating rabbit vibrators with regard to where the a motor is located. Some have a motor placed directly in the clitoral stimulator, while others do not, meaning that the vibration travels up into the clitoral vibrator (referred vibrations). If a motor is directly inside the clitoral stimulator, it will always provide stronger vibration as it will be more direct delivery of the vibration.

Rabbit VIbrator Motors Diagram

Flickering & Nubby Clitoral Arms

Some clitoral stimulators have little extensions on them (like the bunny ears), which allow them to flicker. The softer the material and longer the small extenders are on the clitoral vibrator, the more it will flicker back and forth. This creates a different sensation than a clitoral vibrator that has a rounded nub style. The nub will offer a more direct and strong vibration to the clitoris, whereas the bunny ear style vibrator will feel more like a very fast and strong tongue lapping your clitoris. One is not superior to the other; rather, it depends on which sensation you prefer.

Rabbit Vibrators Diagram

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

You will want to use fresh batteries for your sex toy or fully charge your rabbit vibrator. Learn more about rechargeable sex toys because if it has a travel lock, you will want to disengage it.

Make sure to read any included instructions on how to control your rabbit vibrator. To determine your power setting preference, you can hold the vibrator to your nose as it is more sensitive than your hands and will help you decide what may feel best. You can, of course, also put it directly against your genitals.

Rabbit toys typically have two buttons, as most have two motors to control. They will usually work independently of one another, so if at some point you want to use one feature like the clitoral stimulator without the shaft or vice versa, you can do that.

Some women find it helpful to hold the clitoral vibrator directly to their clitoris before inserting the shaft. Doing this allows them to use it as a clitoral vibrator and increase their arousal before inserting it making it easier and more enjoyable.

You will want to lubricate your rabbit vibrator well before inserting it even if you are aroused and have natural lubrication because the materials that sex toys are made out of all have some level of surface drag. Also, remember to put lubricant on the clitoral stimulator to enhance the vibrator's sensations and prevent chafing.

Inserting Your Rabbit Vibrator

  • If the shaft rotates, waves or thrusts, it is best to have that feature off while inserting it. If it just vibrates, you can have that going before or after.

  • If it is an electrostimulation vibrator, do not turn it on until it is inserted. You do not want to create an electrical arc through your pelvic bone, as it may cause discomfort.

  • When you insert the rabbit vibrator, do so at a 45-degree angle and gently move it inside the vaginal opening, rocking it back and forth. Once inside, you can adjust it to make sure the clitoral arm lines up with the clitoris and stimulate it either directly or to the side, depending on your preference.

  • Once the dildo is inside, you can move it back and forth and let it run hands-free. When you thrust it, keep in mind that you may lose direct contact with the clitoral vibrator for a moment. Most rabbit vibrators are designed to hold in one position as they move all by themselves or use hands-free.

  • Sometimes you may find that your body pushes your rabbit vibrator out of the vagina a bit. This is because your pelvic floor muscles are contracting and naturally push against it, and it is normal. If this happens, you can put panties on, and that will hold the vibrator in place for you and keep it from coming out.

  • Contracting your Kegel muscles around it will also intensify the feeling of rabbit vibrator as it moves inside you.

  • If you flip it around, you can insert it anally while the clitoral vibrator stimulates your perineum. Be aware that your sphincter muscle is typically stronger than your vaginal muscles. Therefore, if you hear the rabbit vibrator's motor grinding or it seems strained, make sure to relax your muscles around it as it can cause strain on the internal motor(s). Do not hold it with your hand in an overly firm manner, as this may also cause too much strain on the internal components.

  • If you like how your rabbit vibrator feels and you wish to try a similar sensation with a man, you can put a vibrating penis ring on him and have him penetrate you while the clitoral vibrator on the penis ring provides you with stimulation. Using a penis ring can also help him stay more erect by holding the blood in his penis. If he gets a penis ring that also has a ring to go around his testicles, it will pull them away from his body and may help him to have longer sex.

What Lubricant Should You Use?

What lubricant you use on your rabbit vibrator will be determined by the material of which it is made. Because most of our rabbit vibrators are pure silicone, we typically recommend using a water-based or oil-based lubricant.

See our Lubricant Guide to determine which lubricants you may or may not use with the type of material your rabbit vibrator is made from and learn How To Store Your Sex Toy properly.

What Are The Best Rabbit Vibrators

When it comes to selling you a sex toy, most sex toy stores throw around sexually titillating terms around like "amazing, orgasmic, and satisfying," along with a lot of exclamation points trying to get you excited!!! They say things like "Guaranteed to take you over the edge!". 

Is There A Perfect Rabbit Vibrator?

The truth is that no one can guarantee you that a sex toy will please you let alone give you an orgasm. People have different preferences, physical limitations, and even age can be a factor. We understand that what you really need to know about sex toys is truthful information and education so that you can have realistic expectations. That way, you will be happy with your purchase, and that is our goal.

We Don't Do Hype

Our product descriptions don't have a bunch of hype, trying to convince you how everything we sell is perfect for you. The truth is that some things will be more pleasurable for you based on things such as your preferences, whether you use it alone or with a partner and if you have any physical challenges such as arthritis or back pain, etc.

Our site will provide you with customer ratings as well as detailed educational articles on what you need to know before you make your purchase. That way, you can make sure it is right for you or your partner before you purchase it.

We Don't Sell Cheap, Toxic Sex Toys

There are so many rabbit vibrators from which to choose, so make sure to check out all that we offer. Have peace of mind knowing that we have done all the research to select only body safe sex toys for you to have a healthier sex life and please let us know if you have any questions as we are always happy to help.

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