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Using Sex Pillows To Enhance Sex

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Sex PillowsWhat Are Sex Pillows?

The ability to achieve maximum pleasure during sex is significantly increased by sexual positioning. Sex pillows can support your body to be comfortable without straining your back, neck, pelvis, knees, hips, etc., to get into the sexual positions you want to achieve. Many people experience being close to orgasm and then having an unfortunate muscle cramp, causing sex to pause, stop, or be painful. Keeping yourself and your lover from experiencing aches, strain, and pain can make sex easier and more accessible for those with mobility issues

Sex pillows are different from regular pillows because their shapes are designed for optimal sexual positioning. In addition, they are firmer than ordinary pillows, providing ideal support during sex. Examples of some of the more popular shapes of sex pillows are shown below.

Sex Pillows Shape Combinations Sex Pillow Health Benefits

Reduces Strain & Pain

Sex pillows allow sexual pleasure without the back, pelvis, leg, and neck pain that the strain of sexual activity can put on the body. They are recommended by chiropractors, physicians, and sex experts. Sex pillows also allow for deeper penetration which is why some couples use them for increased pleasure as well as conception.

Addresses Height Differences

When couples have height differences using sex pillows can assist in making it easier to achieve certain sexual positions without having to strain. For example, when you have a tall partner who wants to penetrate their lover on the side of the bed, it can feel impossible because the mattress may feel too low. This can mean that they must squat very low to get inside their lover. However, sex pillows can help raise the partner to make their genitals or behind more accessible as they lay on the bed.

Penis Size

Sex pillows can facilitate deeper penetration and increased stimulation and make penis size less of a concern. Because of the deeper penetration, a shorter penis may feel longer without using a penis extender. It can also help angle a penis to feel more intense pressure against a G-spot or prostate

Sexual Creativity

You can let your creativity go wild when you can comfortably get into more sexual positions using sex pillows. You can also use them to more easily achieve Kama Sutra and Tantric techniques. Explore examples of Tantra & Kama Sutra Sex Positions.

May Aid In Conception

Sex pillows can encourage deeper vaginal penetration and highly placed intravaginal ejaculation, meaning a male can ejaculate deeper into the vaginal canal. In addition, sex pillows can help a female stay in a tilted pelvic position for the recommended 15 minutes after a male ejaculates inside her. The sperm remains deep inside the vagina rather than sliding back out when her pelvis stays elevated after sex. This can significantly increase the number of sperm to increase the odds of conception. Also, see our related guides:

Plus Size Sex More Comfortable

People who have added weight may find it more challenging to comfortably be in various sexual positions. Sex pillows can allow for increased comfort, flexibility, and creativity.

Sex pillows for plus-sized couples are measured based on the width of the pillow, not the weight. Our ramps and wedges come in two widths, 24 and 30 inches. If you are 24 inches in width or less, the 24-inch pillows are ideal, and if you are over 24 inches in width when lying down, it is best to get the 30-inch models. 

For additional information on plus-sized sex, please see our related guides:

Sex Positions & Surgical Adhesions

When women have surgeries such as c-sections, hysterectomies, cancer removal, and others, they can develop adhesions. This is when the tissue heals back together in a manner that is not intended. Fibrous scar tissue can connect with internal organs or other body parts, pulling the uterus and vaginal canal at angles they usually would not be in. This can cause painful sex and make penetration challenging. Depending on the adhesion angle, sex pillows can lift the pelvis up during sex, allowing for more comfortable penetration of a penis or dildo.

Disabilities & Mobility Issues

Sex pillows may allow those with disabilities to be sexually active more comfortably. They can be used to lift the pelvis to make the genitals more accessible, as well as support arms and legs. Sex pillows can help you reinvent old sex positions that one can no longer get into comfortably after injuries, illnesses, surgery, and other health issues. They can alleviate pressure and allow you to try old or new positions and angles without the pressure of holding yourself up on a bed. For more information about disabilities, please see our helpful guides:

Quality Materials Matter

The sex pillows we carry are water-resistant and perfect for use with lubricants, massage oils, or food. Because our foam sex pillows have a high-density urethane core (champagne foam), they will never rot, rip, slip or flatten. The foam core is encased with a smooth, water-resistant nylon fabric that protects the foam. The outer core is covered with a material made with a microfiber combination of nylon and cotton. It is a soft velvety fabric with a hooked velvet that acts like a soft Velcro so that the sex pillows do not move around but are easily picked up and repositioned. You can stack and stick your sex pillows together for a stable play area. The material is very soft, sensual, and comfortable and can be unzipped and cleaned in the washing machine in cold water. The inner, water-resistant nylon liner can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Sex Ramps

There are a variety of shapes that sex pillows come in. Ramps are larger than wedges and support the upper torso and back. They can elevate your back or pelvis depending on how they are used, and they are easily used with other shapes such as wedge, or a base called a lift, stage, or platform shape, which is essentially a rectangular flat pillow as seen below.

Sex Pillows With A Lift Base

Sex Lifts (Base)

Lifts are flat rectangular pillows, which help create more height. They can be used by themselves or with other sex pillows. Below are examples of sex positions you can achieve while combining them with a ramp and wedge.

Lift Base Sex Pillow

Sex Wedges

Sex wedges are smaller and designed to support specific areas like elevating the hips or under the back. Sex wedges help you get into more comfortable angles for certain sex positions and are ideal for use with ramps or rectangular flat pillows.

Sex Pillow Combinations

Sex pillows can be used together to create customizable sex furniture options that can help make your sexual positioning feel effortless. They are designed to provide a firm, stable base and can have other pillow shapes added to them to provide a variety of combinations. This way, you can target specific areas of the body to take pressure off of painful joints and put your body at a better angle for more comfortable stimulation.


Wedge & Ramp Sex PillowsFlip Ramps

Flip ramps are shaped like an ottoman and allow for various sexual positions as they can flip open and transform into a curvaceous sex ramp that provides support and traction.

Flip Ramp Sex Pillows

Restraint Sex Pillows

Restraint pillows are sex pillows with cuff connections sewn into them, allowing BDSM role-play. You can use them with wrist and ankle cuffs while using floggers, paddles blindfolds and other BDSM inspired products. Learn more about this through our BDSM Toys & Role Play Guide.

Restraints Sex Pillows

Sex Toy Mounts

Sex toy mounts allow users to use sex toys hands-free but can also allow for various sex positions when you use a sex toy solo or with a partner. They allow for creative sexual stimulation while also providing more comfortable options for those with mobility issues and health conditions.

Sex Toy MountsSex Positions With Sex Pillows

You can experience sex positions without putting pressure on sensitive points of the body, such as the knees, hips, back, and neck, as well as increase your sexual creativity with different varieties of sexual positions that are otherwise not as easy to achieve. Below are some examples of the potential sexual positions using sex pillows.

Sex Positions With Sex Pillows

Sex Positions With Sex Pillows

Sex Positions With Sex Pillows

Sex Furniture

Sex furniture allows you to use sex pillows for everyday activities as well as provide ergonomic support during sex. Sex positions when using sex furniture are shown below. 

Sex Furniture Diagram

Sex Positions Using Sex Furniture

Sex Furniture Sex Positions

Sex Furniture Sex Positions

Sex Furniture Sex Positions

Sex Furniture Sex PositionsSex Positions Using Sex Toy Mounts

Put your favorite sex toy into a sex pillow for hands-free sexual stimulation. Depending on the sex toy sex pillow you get, you can use dildos, vibrators, air pulse clitoral suction toysmale masturbation sleeves, and body massagers

Sex Toy Mount Pillow Sex Positions

Sex Toy Mount Pillow Sex Positions

Sex Toy Mount Pillow Sex Positions

Sex Toy Mount Pillow Sex Positions

In Closing

Sex pillows offer physical support, assessability, and creativity for a wide variety of sexual scenarios. Our sex pillows are made with your sexual health and pleasure in mind. For more helpful information on sexual positions, please see our guide: Sex Positions With Sex Toys or shop for Sex Pillows, Sex Toy Mount Pillows, or Sex Furniture.

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