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Sportsheets Foam Pivot Positioner

Velvety Inflatable Sex Pillow With Handles

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  • Product Details
  • Cleaning & Care
  • The Sportsheets Pivot Positioner is a durable sex position pillow that is slanted and provides a velvety texture that keeps it from sliding around.

    High-Density Foam Core
    Experience the pinnacle of comfort with our Pivot Positioner, crafted with a high-density foam core. This feature is specially designed to alleviate fatigue and boost stamina, ensuring that you can maintain your focus and energy levels throughout your activities. Whether you're engaging in a prolonged session or simply seeking a supportive companion, our Pivot Positioner is engineered to cater to the needs of every body type.

    Looped Webbing for Versatility
    The Pivot Positioner comes equipped with looped webbing on each side of the wedge. This innovative design allows you to incorporate your favorite restraints, offering both additional support and an opportunity to add an extra layer of excitement to your experience. Whether you're aiming to enhance stability or explore new dimensions of play, the looped webbing provides the flexibility you need.

    Machine Washable Hook and Loop Covering
    Hygiene and convenience are paramount. That's why our Pivot Positioner features a Hook and Loop covering that is not only soft to the touch but also machine washable. This easy-care approach ensures that your Pivot Positioner remains clean, hygienic, and ready for use anytime you desire.

    Compatibility with Sportsheet Accessories
    Elevate your experience by integrating the Pivot Positioner with a myriad of Sportsheet accessories. The product is designed to seamlessly accommodate bullet and wand vibrators, as well as compatible dildos. This compatibility opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to customize your sessions according to your preferences and desires.

    Reduced Physical Strain
    The ergonomic design and high-density foam core of the Pivot Positioner significantly diminish physical strain. By providing reliable support, it helps in maintaining proper posture and reducing the risk of discomfort or injury during prolonged use.

    Enhanced Intimacy
    The Pivot Positioner is not just a physical support system; it's a gateway to exploring new dimensions of intimacy. Its versatility and compatibility with various accessories allow individuals and couples to discover and fulfill their desires in a comfortable and safe environment.

    • Body-Safe, Phthalate-Free
    • Materials: Nylon / Nylon Webbing / Polyester / Zinc Alloy / Polyurethane
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
    • Inflated Dimensions:
      6" x 17" x 6"

    Item Number: 646709360016

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  • Refer to the user guide for cleaning instructions.

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