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Cuckolding Fantasy Becomes Reality

nude man holding a nude woman from behind, cuckolding fantasy

Cuckholding Sex Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

Being the owner of a large construction company, I was used to seeing my workers pulling pranks on each other daily.

On April Fools' Day, I received an email with just a large, flashing arrow pointing to a link saying "click here." Knowing that it was from them, I sportingly clicked on the link, and an adult video appeared on the screen. There was a pretty little redhead on her knees, sucking a man's cock with another man sitting in a chair watching them. Shaking my head, I chuckled and shut it down, thinking, "Damn knuckleheads."

I went on about my day, but the few seconds of the threesome video kept flashing in my mind. When the guys went to lunch, I went into my office, clicked back on the video, and within a few minutes, I realized that it was of a man watching his wife with another man. It was a cuckolding situation. Not just a cuckolding fantasy but a real-life cuckolding experience

Without rhyme or reason, my mind turned the woman in the video into my wife, and immediately I became extremely excited. That's the moment that my fantasy began, and I thought about it almost constantly. The man in my fantasy was always unrecognizable, but the woman was always my wife. This is the story of how an unexpected phone call, instantly added a face to the man.

My fantasy was complete, and it was perfect. For years now, I had fantasized about watching my wife with another man, and for the last several months, the man in my fantasy was my best friend, Rob. We grew up together and have been best friends all our lives. Rob is a great guy, tall, handsome, very athletic, and had married his high school sweetheart, Kerry.

He was dedicated to Kerry, and the four of us spent almost every weekend together boating, hiking, playing tennis, or just hanging out at our pool. We were nearly floored the evening that Rob called and said that he had come home to an empty house and a note from Kerry saying that she was leaving the country with her boss, and she had filed for divorce. I was heartbroken for my best friend, but at the same time, I was excited when the man in my fantasy instantly had an identity. It was Rob.

That was nearly a year ago, and Rob had never recovered. My wife Samantha (Sam) and I had tried everything to help Rob get over his broken heart, but nothing had helped. He would go to work, come home and stay inside with the curtains drawn and the house dark. I was determined to get my best friend back, and I was praying that he would be the one to help fulfill my fantasy.

After calling numerous times, surprisingly, he answered.

"Hey Buddy, how ya' doin'?" I asked.

He replied, " Terry, I'm sorry, but I really don't feel like talking, you understand."

"Not good enough," I thought. "Listen, Rob; I miss spending time with you, and Sam asks about you every day. How's about coming over tonight? I don't want you to sit there alone all weekend. We can have dinner, sit out by the pool, maybe catch a little buzz."

Reluctantly, he agreed. Rob and Sam got along great. He had mentioned many times how lucky I was to have such a sweet, caring wife. More than once, I saw his eyes linger on her little butt when he thought that no one was looking. I always took it as a compliment because, without a doubt, Sam has the nicest little butt in town. Perfectly round with each cheek being barely more than a handful, it bubbled just slightly, attracting the eyes of every male around her as if it were a cock magnet.

Sam is a gorgeous little thing with a body built for fucking. At just over five feet tall, with big green eyes and her flaming red hair almost always pulled back into a ponytail, she looked ten years younger than her age of thirty-four, and filling a 32C bra to its absolute limit, she had men of all ages continually hitting on her.

Sam was a virgin when we married directly out of college, twelve years ago, and she was incredibly naive about men and the way we think, so the constant catcalls and rude comments always left her flustered and embarrassed. The problem was that the more flustered she became, the larger the nipples on her pert, luscious breasts would grow to cause even more of a stir with the men.

In college, Sam was sought after by nearly every guy on campus, but because of her extremely high moral values, she soon became the campus 'stuck up' prude and spent most of her evenings and weekends alone or in the library. Sam is adorable. To this day, she doesn't notice the fact that early every Saturday, when she would start her morning jog, every man and teen boy in the neighborhood suddenly had lawn work to do, but when she was done, the neighborhood looked like a ghost town.

I'm the envy of every male in the neighborhood, and I love it. Sam had a nice dinner in the oven, and it would be about an hour before Rob would arrive so I suggested we have a couple of drinks and then I would surprise her with a new bright green bikini and sheer white sundress that I had bought her (saving it for just this occasion).

Sam always wore the same blue one-piece swimsuit that she wore while on the swim team in college, but after a third cocktail and a lot of encouragement, she reluctantly agreed to wear her new "gifts." "Just for me," she said.

Her View Point:

I started putting the pieces together when my husband took my hand, led me upstairs, and surprised me with a "gift." Terry had many times, bought clothes for me in the past but never anything so revealing. He knew that I was reluctant to expose much of my body, and I always tried to respect him by dressing with a little class.

To be perfectly honest, I've always been a little naive and maybe even somewhat of a prude, especially when it comes to sex and how men think about sex. I thought that I'd come a long way since we got married. I researched new things and tried very hard to please him, but out of the blue, he told me that he'd like to try a couple of things to spice up our love life a few months ago.

Although I was perfectly satisfied with the way things were, I love my husband very much, and I wanted to be sure that he would never be bored with me, so I agreed to try. Terry has always been a wonderful lover. He's patient with me and very generous in bed. He's always made sure that I was totally satisfied, and I reciprocated by learning how to do everything that he liked and doing my very best.

It all started with a couple of drinks, a few videos, and a little frilly, white mask. I've never been much of a drinker, but I was willing to try to relax with all of these new things, but especially to please my husband. Most of the videos were kind of disgusting, but some parts were okay. Not until now did I realize that there was a pattern.

All of the videos were of married men watching their wives with another man and being new to this; I honestly didn't know. I only knew that he got extremely horny when we watched them, and I was gonna' get some great lovin', but tonight, things were different, and it was starting to make sense.

He had started with the videos and mask, to maybe plant the idea into the back of my mind. He knew that one, maybe two, cocktails was my limit, yet the evening hasn't even started, and he's encouraged me to have three. He made a "gift" of a tiny bikini and a sheer sundress that he knows I'd NEVER buy for myself, but being a little tipsy, I had agreed to wear them. All of this on the night that his best friend Rob was coming over for "dinner" and spend the evening with us.

Rob was in the middle of a crisis, and we hadn't seen him for several months. Now it all makes sense. My husband "thinks" that he wants me to have sex with his best friend, and he "thinks" that he wants to watch. That is absurd! I can't believe that he thinks that I'd EVER do that, and it would drive him crazy if I DID. I decided to teach him a lesson and get that silly idea out of his head once and for all.

I don't know if Rob is involved in his little scheme, but it'll be twice the fun if he is. I'm going to strut around in front of Rob wearing my new "gift," I'm going to be "extra" nice to him, I'm going to do things totally out of character that I'd normally never do, and I'm going to tease the hell out of both of them before I put the hammer down. I'm gonna' play his silly game, and I'm gonna' play it well. We'll just see who cracks first!

His View Point:

Sam looked absolutely stunning when she stepped onto the patio. Donning the new gifts that I had given her, her beautiful red hair sporting a little ponytail, and her big green eyes bursting with color, my cock began to immediately respond, causing a bulge in my shorts that I wasn't going to be able to conceal for very long. All of this, ("Just for me") So far, so good.

The torches surrounding the pool produced just enough light for me to see through the sheer sundress and the outline of her petite, tight little body underneath. Having had a little more alcohol than she was used to, Sam quickly obliged, when I asked her to remove the sundress and let me see her in her bikini. The little top tied in the back and was straining to hold in her beautiful beasts. Her nipples proved to me that she was definitely excited, and when she turned around, my already semi-hard cock came to full attention.

The tiny bottoms barely covered her tight little butt, and I couldn't help myself but to pull her to me and kiss her beautiful full lips. She was wearing the bright red lipstick that I loved so much. Without a doubt, this sight would get Rob's attention for sure. Knowing that Rob hadn't been with a woman in a long, long time, and if I can get them both tipsy enough, maybe I can as least get my fantasy plan started.

Her little tongue darted quickly into my mouth, and she pressed her fuzzy little mound against my anxious hard on. Just as I reached around her to untie the knot of her top, the doorbell rang. She reached down, gave my cock a nice firm squeeze, and whispered, "I'll take care of you later." "I certainly hope so, I thought, we'll see." Rob's timing was perfect, my plan was not for me to fuck Sam, not tonight, but a few more minutes and it would have been too late. My little goddess was getting drunk and horny, and that's exactly what I had in mind.

As Sam was putting the little sundress back on, I went inside to answer the door. Rob's face was nearly expressionless as we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, but that quickly changed when Sam entered the room. She had put the sundress on, but she had neglected to button it. The alcohol must be taking effect. This is great!

She would be extremely embarrassed if she knew that her top was revealing her beautiful cleavage to someone else and especially the way her excited nipples were fighting to break their way free through the fabric. The tiny bottoms were extremely tight, accentuating her little pussy lips, and her meticulously trimmed bush formed a perfect mound just above them.

This couldn't be starting off any better if it had been planned. Rob's eyes lit up, and he managed a crooked half-smile when she crossed the room, gave him a firm, lingering hug and totally out of character, pressed her firm little body against his. As she slowly released her arms from around his neck, she suggested that we boys have a drink on the patio while she finished dinner. This was perfect.

I had hidden a few joints in the patio bar, and I was determined that tonight, even if it's just for one night, my best friend was going to loosen up and, hopefully, have the night of his life. We had just finished the first joint and lit the second one when Sam walked out onto the patio. I was caught by surprise and quickly tried to hide the joint behind my back when I heard her say, "Something smells good out here, are you guys gonna' share that with me or what?"

I was totally shocked. I knew for a fact that Sam had never smoked pot, yet here she is asking to join in. "Uhhh sure," I said, and I held the joint out for her to take. Shaking her head briskly with her cute little ponytail whipping from side to side, she said, " No, not like that, take a nice big toke and give it to me with a kiss."

You could have pushed me over with a feather, but I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass, so I took a big long drag, inhaled deeply, and pressed my lips to hers. Just as she had done earlier, Sam's tongue darted inside my mouth, and she took a long deep breath, holding it for a few seconds and slowly exhaled. I handed the joint to Rob. He took a big drag and handed it back to me but before he could exhale, Sam put two fingers to his lips and scolded, "No, no, no! You gotta' share with me."

Rob quickly turned his head towards me with a look of surprise and confusion on his face like I had never seen before. I looked at my sexy little wife and said, "C'mon Rob, look at those pouty little lips. How could you not share?" Sam reached up, put her arms around Rob's neck, put her lips to his and pressed her little mound firmly against his cock. She gave him no choice but to exhale the smoke into her hot little mouth while she once again slowly and deeply inhaled the magic potion into her virgin lungs, and it appeared that her tongue was in his mouth. Again, I was shocked!

I was beginning to get excited, but if things keep going at this pace, either Rob could get uncomfortable and possibly leave, or he could realize that this is what he needs right now more than anything, and things could maybe work out even sooner than I'd planned. Either way, I'm seeing a side of Sam that I or anyone else had ever seen, and I'm lovin' it! Sam finally broke the kiss, gave him another quick little kiss and said, " Ya' know guys, I'm not really hungry yet, I think I'll have a quick dip in the pool before dinner." With that, she slipped the little sundress off her shoulders, letting it drop to the patio floor, turned and dove headfirst into the pool, swimming to the far end and back, then climbing the ladder back onto the patio.

The water was dripping down her pretty little face, down her chin and onto her beautiful breasts. Her bottoms were clinging to her tight little butt, and her rock hard nipples were giving us a magnificent show. She looked at me, and I could see her huge green eyes were glazing from the alcohol and the pot. She turned her eyes to Rob, looked down towards his crotch, and smiled. Rob's mouth was wide open, and he was sporting a huge hard-on. I was sure that she had noticed. She looked over at me, winked, and said, "Hey, Honey, how's about another drink?" This could be a great night!

Her View Point:

I was having fun teasing the guys, but my husband seemed to be enjoying the show as was Rob, and he didn't appear to have any idea as to what was going on. Growing up, all the girls called me "miss goody two shoes" and all of my married life I've always been a loving, devoted wife, but tonight, I was quickly beginning to experience feelings that were totally unfamiliar to me. Strange, surreal, erotic feelings, and it felt good. With the effects of the alcohol, the pot, Rob's eager tongue exploring my mouth and his hot, rock hard cock pressing hungrily against my little mound, I may be starting to think just a little bit dangerously. I'm thinking that maybe I'm enjoying it just a little bit too much. I'm getting a little bit too excited, a little bit too high, and I maybe letting it go a little bit too far.

My thoughts turned to, "What if it IS what my husband really wants? What if it might ruin our marriage? What if it might ruin Rob and Terry's friendship, and what if I do this and he wants more? My head is spinning, and I'm confused. The only things that I'm sure of are that my body is getting very warm, I'm getting very excited, and I'm beginning to fantasize about what it might be like to be with Rob.

He is extremely handsome, he's going through the most devastating time of his life, my husband appears determined to make it happen, and his cock felt way above average when I pinned it between our bodies. My alcohol, pot riddled brain began to think for itself, "Besides, I've only been with one man in my entire life. Who more than anyone, needs and deserves to sample my sweet little honeypot? My husband's deeply depressed best friend. Poor, lonely (well hung) Rob."

Okay, new plan! I'll have a few more drinks, let the guys feed me a little more pot, and turn up my flirting. If it still appears to be what my husband really wants and the perfect situation presents itself, I'll just go for it. But, I'm drunk, and I'm beginning to get really horny, so if I DO fuck Rob, I'll only fuck him with my husband watching, but I'm gonna' fuck him hard, and I'm gonna' fuck him a lot! Let the games begin.

With everyone agreeing, and for obvious reasons, we decided that we would postpone dinner until later. Dripping water, I went inside to get some towels, put our dinner back in the oven, and fix everyone another drink. When I returned, the guys had lit yet another joint, and as before, I insisted that they share the magical smoke with me from their mouths' and my husband was encouraging us to continue. Soon, Rob and I began openly face fucking one another with every exchange of his smoke, and it was beginning to take its toll on my body. I was LOVING this!

Rob was constantly taking drags just so that we could continue, and we were getting buzzed out of our minds. I glanced over at my husband to see his reaction, and he was staring at us, smiling. His nostrils were flared, and I could see that he was breathing heavily, so I decided to turn it up a notch. I locked my eyes onto his, sucked Rob's tongue deep into my mouth and began sucking it in and out of my mouth as though it were his cock. Staring back at me, he lowered his hand and began squeezing his cock through his shorts. We continued for quite a few seconds before my mouth released Rob's tongue.

Bewildered, maybe even somewhat embarrassed, and probably trying to conceal the huge bulge in his shorts, Rob walked over to the patio table and sat down. A few seconds of silence seemed like an eternity before Rob finally decided to speak. With slightly slurred speech, he said, "Listen, guys, I really appreciate the invitation and your willingness to spend time with me, but what's really going on here?"

Caught by surprise, Terry started stammering, not making any sense whatsoever. I realized that this was the situation that I had been looking for, so I decided to just jump in and put it straight on the line. Not something that I would do was I sober and definitely not words that I would use were I sober, but what the hell. I was drunk, I was high, my little pussy was on fire, and I wanted to get it over with and find out if Rob was gonna' be fuckin' me.

"Rob, I said, Terry asked you over and got us fried because he wants you fuck me, and he wants to WATCH you fuck me." There was no response, total silence. I began again, "He's been planning this for some time, and I gotta' tell ya', If that's what he truly wants, then I'm totally on board with it. I'm drunk, I'm horny, and I'm ready to fuck, so what do you say?"

Rob was at a loss for words, but his eyes were locked on my breasts, and it was obvious from the bulge that I had created in his shorts, that his cock was screaming, "HELL YES!" I quickly looked over at my husband and said, "Why didn't you just tell me what you wanted?"

He said, "I didn't think that you would understand, and I didn't want you to think that I don't love you because I do, very much. Sam, this has nothing at all to do with love. It's just my fantasy, and it's just for sex, no other reason. I absolutely love making love with you, but you're so beautiful and so so sexy, that I wanted to be able to see all of your body and the expressions on your beautiful face while you're enjoying a big, hard cock pounding your sweet little pussy. That's all." Talk about putting it all on the line!

I looked into his eyes and said, "I love you too, Baby, and I do understand." I leaned over Rob's chair with my breasts only inches from his lips and whispered in his ear, "I guess that now all we need to know is, Rob, do you wanna' fuck me?" I turned my back to him with my tiny butt merely inches from his face, sat down on my knees, reached my hands down behind me, and said, "Give me your hands Rob." I leaned back, took his hands in mine, and pulled them around me to my breasts, squeezing them, encouraging him to do the same. He looked over at Terry. Terry smiled and slowly nodded his head up and down with his approval.

Rob began to gently massage my breasts. I arched my back and squeezed harder on his hands. I turned my head to one side and said, "The knot on my top Rob, untie the knot on my top." He slowly removed his hands from my breasts and clumsily untied me. My top dropped to the patio floor, and once again, I said, "Give me your hands Rob."

He reached around me and began massaging my breasts, gently hold my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. I began to quiver from the excitement of having another man's hands caressing my body. His hands were warm and large, nearly covering my entire breast. My pussy warmed as I felt my blood filling my clit with excitement. I pulled his hands from me, stood, and turned around, allowing him his first-ever, full view of my proud, firm, naked breasts. Staring in his eyes, I hooked my thumbs inside the waistband of my bikini bottoms and slowly pulled them down my hips, past my knees and onto the floor, my fuzzy, little bush level with his face. I bent over, touching my nipple to his lips and again whispered in his ear, "Well, Rob, do you wanna' fuck me now?"

Rob looked nervously over at his best friend. Terry winked at him, and Rob looked up and said, "Oh my God Sam, yes, I wanna' fuck you! I REALLY wanna' fuck you!" "It's been a long, long time for me, I've been really lonely, and I've fantasized about fucking you for years. What do you want me to do?"

I looked back at my husband and said, "Baby, that big bulge in his shorts belongs to me tonight, but this is your fantasy, and I insist that you have exactly what you want." Terry stood, took my hand, and, without saying a word, led us upstairs to the bedroom. He lit a candle above the bed, turned off the light, quickly removed his clothes, and sat in a chair at the foot of our bed. He could see us, but we couldn't see him, and he merely said. "I'm not here." The decision has been made; Rob is gonna' fuck me.

Recalling the videos and without saying a word, I took Rob's hand and led him to the foot of my marriage bed, where I was sure that my husband could see everything. He reached for me, but I stopped him and forced his hands back down at his sides. I reached up, put my hands behind his head, and for a few seconds, I lightly brushed my tongue back and forth across his lips. Releasing his head, I slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

I placed my hands on his chest, and I could feel it heaving as though he had been running. I could feel his heart pounding furiously in his chest and his body tense as I began to lightly caress his nipples with just the tips of my fingers, and they quickly began to respond. I unbuttoned the top of his shorts and pulled the zipper down, allowing them to drop to the floor. The head of his engorged cock was peeking out the top of his boxers, and it was beautiful. I could see it throb with every beat of his heart, and I was in awe of its size.

This was about to be the only cock other than my husband's that I had ever touched, and I planned on touching every inch of it. I slowly dropped down to my knees and pulled his boxers to the floor. Here I am, naked at my marriage bed, on my knees, with another man's beautiful rock hard cock merely inches from my lips, and my husband is sitting across the room anxiously watching my every move. If he doesn't stop this soon, it'll be too late.

I had never in my life felt so excited and so in control. I was ready. I cupped his tight balls in my left hand, wrapped my right hand gently but firmly around his cock, and slowly stroked it up and down. My eyes were locked on his magnificent tool. So warm in my hand, its veins pulsing, its enormous head throbbing with excitement, giving the appearance of a huge magic wand. Little did I know, but soon I would learn that it actually WAS a huge magic wand. I leaned my head forward, touched my tongue to the underside of his cockhead, and it immediately jerked violently upward.

I pulled his beautiful cock back down to my lips and sucked just its head into my mouth. His cockhead began throbbing in my mouth, and he moaned as if he were in pain. It was obvious, this cock hasn't been relieved for quite some time, and it wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. I pulled my lips from his cockhead with a pop and decided that I wasn't wasting one drop of its first eruption. Rob's cock is ready, and I am definitely ready. It's time to fuck.

I released my grip on his cock and his balls, stood up and laid back on the bed, raising my knees and placing my feet on the very edge of our mattress, where both Rob and my husband could see my perfectly manicured bush and the lips of my eager little pussy. I raised my arm; Rob took my hand. I pulled him to the edge of the bed and between my legs. I leaned forward, grabbing his ass cheeks, forcing the underside of his firm rod tightly between my pussy lips and began to raise my hips up and down in a fucking motion.

The feel of his throbbing cockhead against my clit was incredible! Never had I been this turned on. My body began to tremble as I continued to rub my little slit up and down the entire length of his beautiful, unfamiliar cock, and I couldn't wait any longer to feel its girth part my pussy lips and enter my body. I took my right hand from his ass cheek, reached over, wrapped my hand around his blood-engorged manhood, and began sliding his cockhead up and down, just inside my slightly parted pussy lips. I looked at Rob, and he was staring down in disbelief at his cock, parting the entrance of his newly discovered treasure.

At that moment, I sensed a slight movement, and I could see the silhouette of my husband standing just a few feet away. He had stood and moved closer to us, not wanting to miss the sight of Rob's hard cock entering me for the first time. I could see the shadow of his arm moving up and down, obviously stroking his cock, and I knew that he was enjoying the show.

I looked back at Rob and whispered, "Rob, we love you very much, and we want you to have what you deserve. I have some very special plans for you, and we have plenty of time, but right now, what I want is for you to fuck me. Just fuck me, Rob. Bury your beautiful cock inside of me and just fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast. Give me everything that you've been holding inside for so long, and just fuck me."

I released my grip on his cock, reached back around him, and sunk my fingernails into his ass cheeks, pulling him towards me. His cockhead parted my pussy lips, and his body began to shake almost uncontrollably. He started slowly entering my body with short strokes and just a few inches each time. Once again, I whispered, "It's okay, Rob, give it to me, give me your cock. I want every inch of your beautiful hard cock buried inside of me." With that, Rob pulled his hips backward until just the tip of his cock was touching my entrance and slowly but forcibly pushed his entire cock deep down inside of me. My body tensed as his cock forced my pussy open further than I had ever imagined that it could, and the feeling was incredible.

"Oh God, Oh my fucking God!" I moaned as my pussy had no choice but to allow its girth. He began moaning as I raised my hips to meet his thrust. He kept his cock buried inside of me and pushed against my mound with incredible force. Never had I experienced such pleasure, and I knew that we were both on the verge of incredible orgasms. Again, he pulled back to the very tip of his cock and pushed forward, once again filling me with his manhood, and this time, I decided that I would assure him of the wise decision that he had made to fuck me.

When I felt his balls touch my ass, I lightly gripped his cock with my well-trained pussy muscles and released. I gripped him again, this time slightly firmer, and released. When I heard him pant, "Oh God," I gripped and released him rapidly three or four more times staring directly into his eyes. His gaze met mine, and I gripped onto his beautiful cock with all of the strength my little pussy could summon.

I knew, from hours of exercising and practicing to please my husband during twelve years of marriage, that this would be it. I removed my hands from his ass cheeks, wrapped my legs tightly around his back, hooking my feet together at my ankles, grabbed his forearms, and he grabbed mine. "Fuck me, Rob!" I demanded. Rob pulled back again, but this time he plunged back into me immediately and began feverishly ramming my little pussy with everything that he had. Fast and hard, that's what I had asked for, and that's what I was getting.

I raised my hips to meet his every thrust, and my pussy never released its grip on his throbbing, relentless cock. He started pounding me faster than my little hips could keep up, so I pushed up hard against him and continued my grip on his cock. I could feel his cock begin to swell to an enormous size, and my orgasm began. After a multitude of furious thrusts, Rob buried his cock to the hilt and exploded inside of me.

I nearly passed out feeling stream after stream of his thick hot cum pounding and filling my little pussy to capacity while my body was being rocked with wave after wave of pleasure. My pussy was completely full of his hot seed, and I could feel it begin to overflow down onto my bottom, but Rob wasn't finished. He continued sliding in and out of me but now with long, full, continuous strokes touching the very bottom of my pussy each time, and my pussy was again beginning to respond. I wanted more cock, and Rob was gonna' give me more cock.

His strokes continued, and I could feel every inch of his girth massaging the sides of my pussy as I felt my next orgasm begin to boil inside of me. I raised my hips as my body started to spasm over and over. I could feel his cock swelling, its mushroomed head throbbing, anxious to release even more of its year-long, pent up frustrations inside of my already full body. I couldn't imagine that he could possibly have any juices left, but I was wrong. Boy, was I wrong.

Once again, Rob's cock exploded inside of me with incredible force, and I could feel his cum gushing out of me and down my backside. He pumped more and more of his precious, neglected nectar inside of me. Mixing with my juices and the enormous load that he had delivered merely moments earlier, Rob filled me once again with more thick, hot cum than I'd ever had.

My legs refused to release their grip from around his back, and his hips refused to stop hammering my "new best friend" into the very bottom of my greedy pussy until every drop of his man juice had been hidden deep inside of my body. I remembered that earlier, I had told Rob to "Fuck me hard and fast," and that is EXACTLY what he did. He fucked me until both our bodies had reached their absolute limits. The velocity of his strokes slowly decreased, and being totally spent, both my arms and legs dropped to the bed simultaneously.

Exhausted, Rob gently lowered his body down on top of mine, and with one last thrust, he buried his cock deep inside of me and held it there. I wrapped my arms and legs back around him and slid my pussy up and down on his cock, enjoying the glorious aftershocks of my orgasms. When I finally came down from the clouds, I realized that "poor Rob" was totally spent, and he had fallen asleep on top of me with his cock still inside of me. Just as with my husband, Rob's cock slowly softening inside of me, its girth tickling the walls of my pussy, assured me that he had received all of the attention that he so deserved. I dozed off under him proudly convinced that he had just experienced the best fuck of his life, and like it or not; it was too late.

My husband had received exactly what he had asked of me. Now, I had tasted the fruit that been presented to me, and I was still hungry. I had earlier promised Rob that I had other very special plans in store for him, and I was anxious to make good on that promise.

I awoke in a fetal position with a man's arms around me, cupping my breasts and holding me close against his body with what I would soon recognize as his hard cock humping gently but insistently against my butt. It felt so good, warm, and hard, desperately wanting to be between my legs with its thick head buried deep up inside of me. Terry often woke me up this way, and I absolutely loved it. No expectations, just lie here and enjoy the feeling of his warm, familiar cock sliding in and out of me until it would swell and his balls would release their warm, thick juices inside of me.

His hot cum dripping down onto my leg, and knowing that my husband had been pleasured was a wonderful feeling for me. I raised my leg, reached down behind me, and took his cock in my hand. It was so warm and extremely hard. I could feel it throbbing in my hand as I forced it downward between my legs. With two fingers, I pulled my little panties to the side and began rubbing its eager head between the lips of my pussy, feeling its pre-cum lubricating the entrance to his treasure. Wait! Panties? My body suddenly froze as I began to recall the earlier events of the evening.

At first, I thought that I had experienced an extremely erotic dream, but I quickly began to realize that it had actually happened. If it had actually happened, then why was I wearing panties? Why does the bed feel so strange, why am I not a sticky mess and most of all, who's cock am I on the verge of sliding up inside of me? His hands began gently kneading my breasts, his hips pushed forward, his hot cockhead parted my pussy lips, and with one long, slow thrust, he buried his magnificent tool to the hilt deep up inside of me.

"Oh, my God! This feels soooooo fuckin' good!" Instinctively, I reached my left hand behind me, buried my fingernails into his muscular ass, and pushed back with my hips, being sure that I was getting every inch of his manhood inside of me and squeezing it with what little bit of strength that my pussy muscles had left. Once again, wait! I needed answers, and I needed them quickly.

"Honey?" I whispered. He pulled back and began thrusting in and out of me with long, methodic strokes. My pussy began to respond, and I found myself pushing my hips backward, allowing him full access. Realizing that I was still feeling the effects of the alcohol and pot, I knew that as good as his cock feels inside of me, I had to know. Once again, I whispered, "Honey?" He wrapped his strong arms tightly around me, pulling my body firmly back against his, pushed forward, burying his warm, hard cock deep into my pussy and stopped. "No, Sam, it's me, Rob." Immediately, I released my grip on his ass, pushed my hips forward, and slid my reluctant little pussy off of his cock.

Feelings of guilt began to fill my alcohol rattled brain. Not because of what had happened earlier, that was for Terry and definitely not because I enjoyed it as much as I did. My husband would never know, but fucking Rob was the best sex I had ever had in my life. As good as our sex life was, I had never experienced such intense, body draining orgasms. The guilty feelings were because right now more than anything in this world, I wanted to slide my pussy back onto Rob's beautiful cock and allow him to drain his magnificent balls inside of my disappointed little honeypot. This was wrong. This was supposed to be for my husband, and as badly as I wanted it, I just can't. I had to say something.

"Rob, we can't do this. You were great, and I am extremely flattered that you wanted me as badly as you did, but what we did was for Terry. Once I realized that he really wanted it to happen, I was excited that he chose you, but Rob, Terry loves you like a brother, and he chose you for a reason. He wanted you out of the terrible funk that you were in, and putting you, and I together would fulfill his fantasy AND possibly help you begin to heal. I'm sorry that I got you all excited and then stopped, but I love Terry, and it would be cheating if we did this without him." There, I had said it.

"Baby, everything's fine." It was from Terry. "Watching the two of you was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life. It was better than I had ever imagined, and I can never thank you enough for understanding. Honey, you were a mess, the bed was a mess, I wanted more, and Rob definitely wanted more, so we put those sexy white panties over your cute little butt and brought you to the guest room. I love you, Baby, please, continue." That was all I needed to hear.

I quickly raised my legs and started to remove my panties when Terry said, "No, leave the panties on." This was fantastic! I loved it that way because I knew from our past experiences that a man loved the feel of panties sliding across the side of his cock. "Anything for my man," I said. I scurried to the foot of the bed, got up on all fours and raised my butt up to Rob. I wanted to be sure that my husband could see everything.

Staring at the little gift that I had eagerly presented to him, Rob said, "Oh my God Sam, you have the most perfect ass I've ever seen. You are absolutely gorgeous." Without another word, he crawled up behind me, put his knees outside of mine, put his hands on each of my hips, and pushed forward, placing his blood-engorged cock perfectly between my panty encased pussy lips. I reached back under me, wrapped my hand around his cock, and once again with two fingers, pulled my panties to the side. I rubbed his cockhead gently up and down my pussy lips until I felt his pre-cum lubricate my entrance and I pushed backward until his cock was totally buried inside of me, just as I had done a few minutes earlier, but this time it's going to stay. It's going to stay until I'm finished with it, and that could take some time.

Rob moaned, "Ahhhhhhhhh" and I knew that he could feel my strong pussy muscles squeezing his manhood like a little vise. I looked up at Terry, and he was staring at us wide-eyed with his cock in his hand, stroking it feverishly. "Come here, Baby," I said. "I'm gonna' suck your beautiful cock." He quickly stepped forward and touched his cock to my lips. He knew what he was about to receive. Terry loved having his cock sucked, and I love Terry, so I had learned how to be the best there was at sucking his cock.

Rob began a nice slow rhythm of sliding his cock in and out of me and moaning with every stroke. "Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh" he muttered, like a perfectly timed, well-oiled machine. I turned my head to the side and said, "Fuck me, Rob, just fuck me, this is for you and Terry." I turned my head back, looked directly into Terry's eyes, and sucked the entire length of his cock deep into my throat. He moaned loudly, placed a hand on each side of my head, and began furiously pumping his rod in and out of my mouth from its tip all the way to his balls. The whole time I was thinking, "Give it to me, big boy, you know I can take it." And he did.

Terry would look at me sucking his cock deep into my throat, and then he'd look at my ass with Rob plowing my little pussy feverishly from behind. Back and forth as though he couldn't decide which one excited him more. Just then, Rob leaned forward, wrapped both of his muscular arms around my waist, laid his head on the small of my back and began pumping me furiously, with fast, short strokes, just like a male dog would hammer a little bitch in heat and for that moment that's exactly what I was, his little bitch in heat. I was ecstatic!

My body began to tremble, and my pussy spasmed as I felt Rob's cock expanding inside of me, ready to fill me with another huge load of his thick, hot cum. I knew that neither one was going to last much longer as I felt Terry's cock swell inside my throat. Almost simultaneously, the three of us began to cum. Rob's cock exploded inside of my pussy with a force as I'd never felt from behind, and at nearly the same time, Terry's cock erupted into my mouth with nearly the same force.

Gusher after gusher of thick hot cum poured into my pussy and into my mouth filling both with much more than either could possibly hold. I could feel Rob's cum filling my pussy and dripping down onto my leg, and I could feel Terry's hot load fill my mouth, gulping as much as I could down my throat and the rest rolling across my lips and dripping down my chin.

Rob raised up, grabbed each of my shoulders, and continued to slide his cock in and out of me with long, slow strokes. I knew that he was spent, but obviously my tight little pussy felt too good to stop. Terry had stopped his onslaught of my mouth, but I refused to stop sucking until I felt his tense body muscles begin to relax, and his man muscle begins to soften. I slowly pulled back as my lips constricted on his cock, stopping with just the head still in my mouth. With my lips clamped tightly on its base, I "nursed" it until I was sure that I had stolen the last few drops that it could produce. I looked up at him, my mouth still hiding his cockhead and swallowed. His cock flexed its tiring muscles, he pushed it deeply back into my mouth and moaned, "Oh God Baby," and I began sucking again, enjoying his moans of pleasure.

Drained and nearly soft, his hips pulled backward, and his grateful manhood slipped out of my mouth. Once again, I looked up at him; my tongue licked as much of his seed as it could reach from my lips, and I swallowed. He muttered, "Baby, you're amazing; I love you." I smiled up at him and said, "I love you too." To be sure that both of my guys were going to sleep well tonight, I clamped my pussy muscles tightly to Rob's softening cock, and he moaned, "Ahhhhhhh!" With one final thrust, he buried his cock deep inside of me and collapsed onto my back, driving my body deep down into the mattress. Terry looked down at Rob and began laughing hysterically.

"Buddy, don't die on me," he said. "We're gonna' get a shower, have some dinner, get some sleep and do it all again tomorrow night, after the game, of course." "Hey, mister, I chimed in, get the hell up off of me, and I'll give you a half time treat that'll make football extra special for you for the rest of your life." Still laughing, Terry added, "You'd better get up pal, trust me, that's a treat you're not going to wanna' to miss." He was right!

Rob groaned and rolled over off of me. Terry helped me up off the bed, and I put my feet on the floor, but I couldn't stand. My legs felt like rubber, and I was exhausted. He picked me up, carried me to the bathroom, carefully lowered me down into the tub, and turned on the water. I added some bubble bath and let the water rise up to my chin. Oh, this feels so good. Boy, I really needed this. After an hour-long soak, I noticed the clock on the bathroom wall. Oh no, two a.m. I still have the messy beds to contend with, and I'm sure that my dinner was ruined. I have to do those things, or I won't be able to sleep.

Funny, for six hours, I was a cock craving slut, literally covered from head to toe with the sperm of two different men, and now, one hour later, I've turned back into little miss homemaker. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined that I would do the things that I did, but then again, I never would have imagined that I could enjoy having another man's cock exploding inside of me as much as I did. Go figure. I just pray to God that I didn't ruin my marriage.

I walked into our bedroom, and there was my husband already in bed. "Hi Baby, are you okay, you were in there for a long time?" he asked. "Uh yeah," I replied. "What's going on?" He replied, "Well, Rob, and I figured that you would be exhausted, so we redid the beds and cleaned up the kitchen. Sam, you're a princess, and you should be treated like one. Now, climb in here and back that beautiful little ass up here against your man." I happily gave him a little salute and said, "Yes, Sir." Evidently, he is happy, and I am DEFINITELY happy. "Anything for my man."

His View Point:

It's now been four months since that weekend and things couldn't be better. As for me?, as strange as it sounds, I'm happier with my sex life than I'd ever imagined. I enjoy watching my wife and Rob have sex almost as I enjoy having sex myself. They never hook up without me, and no one else has a clue—Rob "visits" every weekend and sometimes a weeknight or two. We go out together often, and we do a lot of things together that we used to do.

My desire to watch my fantasy become a reality is as strong as that very first weekend, and I have my best friend back. As for Sam? Well, Sam's the same perfect little lady and the perfect little wife that she's always been. She doesn't give any extra special attention to Rob in public that you wouldn't give to any good friend, but when our door closes behind us, our secret life begins, and Sam sees to it that everyone's needs, wants and desires are completely, totally satisfied and she's lovin' every minute of it! She's enjoying a sex life that, I'm sure, very few (if any) women have ever been able to experience.

As for Rob? Rob's doing extremely well. He's totally recovered from his breakup with Kerry, and he got a huge promotion at his work, nearly doubling his salary. He still treats Sam with the utmost respect, and nearly every weekend, he brings her something a little naughty to wear for us, and she's always more than happy to put it on display.

Kerry's little escapade with her boss didn't work out so well, and she calls him night and day trying to reconcile, but he just tells her that he's not interested and that he's seeing someone else. Rob's happier than he's ever been, but why shouldn't he be?

Every time he comes to "visit," all he has to do is look at my gorgeous, little wife, and her tiny panties drop to the floor. I love it, Sam loves it, and Rob definitely loves it. It doesn't get any better than that. Our lifestyle is definitely not for everyone, but it works great for us, and we don't see it even slowing down anytime soon.

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