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Adventurous Love: Planning an Exciting Valentine's Day

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

February 14th on calendar for valentines daySpice Up Your Valentine's Day With Fun!

Alright, buckle up, my lovelies, because this Valentine's Day, I am here to help you get a major upgrade from your average, run-of-the-mill lovey-dovey snoozefest. Whether you have a partner or not, it's time to toss out the routine and crank up the fun-o-meter of love!

Get ready to dive into a day sprinkled with a hefty dose of laughter and a side of sexy heart-pumping thrills. Life's a teeny-tiny blip on the cosmic radar, peeps! Let's make it a day to remember! However, before I jump in, let me address one little thing...

Single? Celebrate Anyway!

Honey, Valentine's Day can be a great day for couples; that's pretty obvious. But it isn’t just for googly-eyed lovebirds, no siree! It’s a big ol’ love fest for everyone. Rockin' it solo this V-Day? Heck yes! 

Why not treat yourself to a spa day right in your bathroom or hit up the fanciest spa in town? Do you have a bestie or a special family member? Drag 'em along!

Cupid’s Day is a no-rules, all-fun zone. Fancy a decadent dinner? Craving some cupcakes? Do what makes your heart do the happy dance. Claim the day for love however you see fit! Your life, your rules!

Valentine's Day Ideas

Alrighty, get ready to sprinkle some love-dust and have a giggle! Valentine’s Day is a day for fun! Let's dive into some super cool ideas to make this day have some extra riz!

Conquer An Escape Room

Have fun with your partner, family, or friends, and kick off your Valentine's with a thrilling escape room adventure. Cracking a puzzle while the clock’s ticking is a wild rollercoaster for your brain. Especially when it’s all spooky-themed, and the pressure is on. It’s like a brain party with a dash of “Ahh!” mixed in!

For couples, this can actually be arousing! Why, you ask? Well, let this sexual guru enlighten you! It's because there's this wacky thing called misattribution of arousal theory. It's like your brain gets its wires crossed and suddenly thinks, "Eek, I'm spooked!" with "Ooh la la!"

These fear reactions are pretty much on the same wavelength as getting flirty. So, that gasp-and-grab moment can leave you feeling a bit more lovey-dovey than you'd expect. Who knew a scare could be so... hot?

After conquering the panic room adventure, you can celebrate your victory with fun, fizzy cocktails or chocolate-covered strawberries. Pick your sweet treat, symbolizing your successful escape.

valentine's day escape roomCreate A Memory Jar Or Box

If you are celebrating V-day with a partner, you can create a memory jar or box and fill it with symbols or tokens from significant moments you have shared. From photographs, a leaf, ticket stubs, you name it! Create a funny or lovely place where you put the beautiful reminders of your shared history.

You can get crazy with it and slap some paint on that love box, sprinkle on glitter, or go wild with decoupage until it’s a sparkling, sentimental masterpiece. It’ll be a fun little treasure that’ll make you smile every time you see it!

valentine's day memory box

Enjoy A Private Dessert Tasting

Transform your home into a gourmet dessert lounge with fun treats that you can try. Explore unique and extravagant flavors like tiramisu, apple galette, or other gourmet dessert bites from your local bakery. If you like to bake, make them together! Melt into each scrumptious mouthful of the treats you choose. It's like a mini foodie vacation where every bite is a tiny party in your mouth!

If you decide to bake, you can watch a favorite baking show together, get inspired, and then head to the kitchen. Decorating heart-shaped cookies or creating a special dessert adds a touch of sweetness to your day​​ that also allows your creativity to flow!

valentine's day treats candy and cake

Take To The Sky

If you live in a warm climate or take a trip to one for the big heart day, then consider a balloon ride, parasailing, or some skydiving. If you are in a cold climate, you can enjoy a glider or helicopter ride and explore those beautiful snow-covered landscapes.

Speaking of those helicopter rides, if you have seen the Fifty Shades movies, you know they can be hot! Well, unless someone has a lifelong vendetta against you because you are a billionaire orphan and sabotages your flight, then maybe not. However, my guess is it will just be the sexy version!

However you choose to soar through the sky, it is like grabbing Cupid by the wings for an unforgettable Valentine's Day adventure. It offers a breathtaking and unforgettable Valentine's Day experience. It's a testament to letting go and embracing the moment together​​.

Romantic helicopter ride

Dance The Night Away

Turn your living room into your own personal boogie-woogie wonderland and blast those tunes you adore. Shake off stress and throw a dance bash, busting out funky fresh moves, or just groovin' gently together. After all, dancing is the ultimate giggle-fest and a fab way to bond and indulge in happy love vibes.

Want some striptease tips? We've got you covered through our Striptease Guide!

Valentine's Day dancing music

Indoor Camping Love

If the winter chill is too much for going outdoors, bring the camping experience indoors! Set up a tent, cozy up in blankets, and roast marshmallows in the fireplace or over an unscented soy candle for some sexy camping. Share fun stories or even sexual fantasies and create a sense of adventure and intimacy right in the snuggly heart of your living room!

valentine's day indoor camping

Master the Art of Mixology

Turn your home into a speakeasy and explore the craft of cocktail making. Round up your potion ingredients and prepare for a virtual mixology adventure online, or just whip up some magical concoctions with recipes that'll make your taste buds dance. Get set to shake, stir, and sip your way this V-day!

valentine's day cocktails

Play Romantic Sex Games

Of course, you've got to explore all the sexy and fun adult games we have. Check out all the cool ways you can enhance intimacy and make sex great, from flirty card games that'll have you giggling and blushing to some super adventurous BDSM sets that promise a wild ride. Spice things up and turn the heat all the way up! Explore our Adult Games now!

Valentine's Day Sex Toys

Don't Forget The Sex Toys & Playful Bedroom Gear

Considering I am your friendly sex expert, it would be crazy of me not to mention all the fun sex toy suggestions we have for Valentine's Day. After all, that is what we do! Make sure to check out the best Valentine's Sex Toy Gift Ideas now!

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