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The Biggest Dating Trends Of 2024

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

What's New This Year?

As we roll into a new year, many are looking for love, hoping to find someone special. The first Sunday of January is considered the dating Superbowl, with increased activity in the online dating scene. People flock to dating apps with their best pick-up lines and cutest selfies because it's game time in the world of love!

Recent stats from Tinder show a whopping 22 percent spike in those little love notes sliding into inboxes. This whole love-fest typically goes straight through to Valentine's Day, so buckle up and take note if you are exploring the dating scene to see what's sizzling and what's fizzling!

Leaving Icks & Red Flags Behind

It's becoming more common for singles to swiftly move on from matches that just don't feel right. Gone are the days of making excuses for less-than-ideal dating behaviors and labeling them as just part of the dating. When people spot bad behavior and red flags, they are quicker to move on.

Steering dating journeys toward more positive and fulfilling experiences is becoming the focus. It's all about rewriting those old, worn-out dating narratives into stories that resonate with integrity and authenticity.

Getting Priorities Straight

Dating without a real goal in mind can spiral into aimless dating—where you're just going through the motions without any clear intentions. More and more people are realizing they are doing a disservice to themselves when they do this.

Embracing self-love is focusing on understanding ourselves, which sets the stage for healthier, more meaningful relationships. Thus, having insights into yourself and your priorities straight can provide more promising relationship opportunities.

Younger Singles Are Enjoying The Ride

As we enter into a new year, many singles are choosing to live in the moment rather than obsessing over finding their forever partner. Trends in dating apps show a significant shift, especially among Gen Z, who are tossing the old-school relationship rulebook out the window.

Many younger singles are now more inclined to go with the flow, exploring connections at a slower pace without feeling the pressure of hitting traditional relationship milestones.

More Honest & Upfront

In today's world, where your dating profile is your billboard, singles are laying their cards on the table more than ever to ensure their values align with partners right from the start.

Many singles are sharing their views on current events to ensure that potential partners are on the same page. In an era where topics like climate change, abortion bans, and the economy are front and center, people are eager to understand where potential partners stand.

In essence, people want to know upfront if a potential date is on the same page—or even the same book!

Finding Love In The Real World

People are embracing the beauty of real-world connections. Many are seeking authentic, unfiltered experiences of meeting someone face-to-face. So, whether it's a casual meet-up at a coffee shop or bumping into someone at a book club, the charm of in-person interactions is making a major comeback!

Steering Clear Of Armchair Diagnoses

While people appreciate self-awareness and therapy more than ever, there's a growing distaste for casually throwing around psychiatric labels in the dating scene. Many love-seekers find the misuse of therapy terms a major turn-off. Today, it's more about understanding and respecting each other's experiences without slapping on labels like you're organizing your spice rack.

FaceTime Before Face-to-Face

The digital age is ripe with catfishing and dating scams, so a pre-first-date video call is becoming a standard screening step. More than dodging the catfish swimming in the dating pool, it can also be a chance to peek into the chemistry lab to see if there are any online sparks between you before you dive into a real date.

So, grab your best angle, hit that video call button, and get ready to find out if it's you are a dazzling duo or a no-go solo!

More Dating Over 50

This year is seeing a surge in active daters in the over 50 crowd. Thanks to cooler attitudes about age and desirability, more silver foxes are jumping into the dating pool.

And why not? Ageless icons are showing us that sexy doesn't retire. So, if you're over 50 and ready to mingle, it's time to shine because the dating scene is not just for those who are young but also for the young at heart!

Geography Is No Barrier

Many people are updating their dating profiles to "willing to travel for love" because there is more of a willingness to relocate or travel for the right person. Why are people more willing to explore long-distance love? Simply put, it's occurring thanks to the rise of remote working and a more connected world.

Because of this, singles are more open than ever to exploring relationships beyond their geographical boundaries. This isn't just about swiping right on a cutie a few states over. Nope, it's about packing a bag and maybe even a U-Haul for that special someone. Love is everywhere!

People Are Loving Themselves More

It's essential to remember a timeless piece of wisdom: loving yourself is the cornerstone of any relationship. Before we can truly connect with others, we should love ourselves. But what does this really mean?

Embracing our imperfections doesn't just mean acknowledging them. It's about lovingly taking steps to grow in areas where we find challenges. Being active in our self-improvement journey, rather than just passive observers of our own lives, is how we can fully love ourselves.

In Closing

So, as we wave goodbye to the boring old 'one-size-fits-all' love game of last year, get ready to enjoy a more diverse, open-minded, and introspective dating scene designed to cater to more specific individual preferences, values, and lifestyles.

Go ahead and craft those love connections that fit you perfectly, just like your go-to, no-judgement sweatpants. Here's to finding love that is just right for you!

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