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Sex Toy Gift Guide

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Adult Gifts, Sex ToysPractical Advice Over Marketing Hype

Typically when you see the sex toys being marketed as hot gift ideas, most retailers will display their newest sex toys, but that does not always mean they are good for everyone, let alone a quality product or something that is body-safe. In our sex toy recommendations, we will be reviewing sex toys with practical descriptions, that deliver quality functioning and, like all of our products, are body-safe for your health.

Overcoming Uncertainty

If you have ever thought of giving someone special a sexy gift but were unsure what to get them for fear that they may not like it, you are not alone. It can be a difficult choice as you wonder if it is something they will enjoy, use, and be pleased you got it for them.

The basic rules for giving sex toys as gifts include knowing your partner's sexual preferences, openness to trying new sexual experiences, and comfort level with sexual products. While choosing sex toys with your partner is always a safer bet, sometimes giving a sexy gift as a surprise can be fun, so let's review what makes a great sexy gift by exploring some of the key factors when purchasing a sexual gift.

Sex Toy Considerations

  • Ask yourself if the person you are purchasing a sexual gift for is open to sexual exploration. Are they likely to be receptive to new things in the bedroom? Are they comfortable with receiving pleasure? Would they ever visit a sex toy website to look at products? If the answer is yes to these questions, you are certainly on the right track in thinking about surprising them with a sex toy or sensual product.

  • Sometimes, a little hinting can be a good thing. Yet, how to bring it up can be tricky. One way to do this is to mention something mainstream, such as a television show or movie where someone uses a sex toy. You can then see their reaction to this topic and even ask for their opinion on such things without ruining the surprise that you intend on getting them one.

  • Sometimes being bold and outright taking them to explore our website is a great way to see what they may be interested in and what may turn them on. You don't have to tell them that you plan on getting them something, but you can spend time exploring things and getting a feel for what they like.

  • You can also opt to get a gift card and let them choose what they would like. Because we carry bath and body products in addition to sexual products, there is always something for them to choose without it having to be overtly sexual.

Popular Sex Toy Gifts

Body Massagers

It is uncommon to find someone who does not enjoy an excellent massage, so body or wand massagers make great gifts because they offer therapeutic massage and the versatility of being a sex toy. They are ideal for stimulating a variety of erogenous zones and can be used with wand attachments that can provide simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation or prostate and perineum stimulation. There are also masturbation sleeve attachments that provide powerful penis stimulation. With all these options, they are a popular adult gift.

Clitoral Vibrators & Air Pulse Stimulators

Because the clitoris is an essential part of sexual stimulation to achieve an orgasm, clitoral vibrators and air pulse stimulators (clitoral suction vibrators) are very popular. They can also be used to provide nipple stimulation and may be able to be inserted in some cases. Please see our guides on How To Choose A Vibrator and Air Pulse Sex Toys to learn more.

Clone A Willy Or Labia Kits

Cloning kits that create a realistic replica of your penis or labia (outside of the vagina) can be given as a fun gift that can provide a usable sex toy or simply offer a good laugh and fun project. Please see our Clone A Willy Kits Guide to learn more about them.


Dildos are a more challenging gift to buy as size and style preferences may be challenging to determine. For tips on buying one, please see our educational guide: How To Choose A Dildo.

Anal Toys

Anal sex toys are similar to dildos, as size and style preferences may be difficult to determine. There are also important safety factors to consider when choosing an anal sex toy. To learn more, please see our guide: How To Use Anal Toys.

Nipple Toys

If you know your lover enjoys nipple stimulation, you may also want to consider what type of stimulation they prefer. Some people enjoy mild sensations such as a vibrator or suction, while others prefer a bit of pain by using nipple clamps. Learn more about the various types of nipple sex toys to determine what may be a good choice through our guide: Nipple Toys & Nipple Stimulation.

Bedroom Gear

There are all sorts of bedroom gear that you can get to keep bedding protected, increase comfort and creativity through sex positions while using sex pillows, and even explore some BDSM roleplay. To review creative and fun options, check out sexy bedroom gift ideas.

Glass Sex Toys

A popular gift are glass sex toys which are not only beautiful but provide intense sexual stimulation. There are a lot of unsafe glass sex toys on the market, so learn more about what makes our glass sex toys body-safe and worth exploring through our Glass Sex Toys Guide.

Luxury Sex Toys

Splurging on a sex toy as a gift can mean luxury, and when it comes to sex toys, there is no shortage of luxury brands. Some feature real silver and gold, while others provide superior silicone and Bluetooth technology that allows advanced sexual creativity. Learn more about what brands stand out as luxury items through our Luxury Sex Toys Guide.

Sex Games For Couples

There are various sex games that people can play with one another, such as quizzes, role-play, card games, board games, and rolling dice. Getting a romantic game to increase intimacy or a sexy one for increased creativity can be an enjoyable adult gift. Have some fun and explore our Sex Games For Couples.

Sensual Massage Gifts

Giving massage oils, massage oil candles, and other massage tools can make your gift enjoyable to open and is a gift that can keep giving by allowing you both to enjoy sensual massages together. For more helpful information, please see our Sensual Massage Guide and Sensual Massage Gifts.

Adult Gift Sets

We have a variety of adult gift sets that allow you to provide a romantic gift with multiple items in a tasteful box. Explore our Adult Gift Sets for your lover, a wedding gift, a bachelor or bachelorette gift, and more.

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