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G-spot Sex Toys

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
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G-spot Sex Toys

What Is The G-spot?

The G-spot is a nerve-dense erogenous zone about 2 to 3 inches inside the vaginal canal along the front wall. There are a lot of myths about the G-spot; learn factual information about it through our guide: Find The G-Spot & Stimulate It.

G-spot DiagramWhat Are G-Spot Sex Toys

Sex toys are designed to stimulate the G-spot and have a curved design, often with a bulb-like end that provides extra pressure to stimulate. They can sometimes also be used to stimulate the prostate, but only if they have a flared base to keep them from traveling too far up the rectum. Please see our How To Use Anal Toys Guide for more education on this.

There are many types of G-spot sex toys; let's review some of the most popular styles and why they are so effective at providing sexual pleasure.

Body Safe G-spot Sex Toys

Before getting a G-spot sex toy, it is essential to ensure that the materials used to construct it are body safe and non-toxic. We only carry such products and have a vast amount of educational resources to help you better understand what makes a sex toy safe and healthy. Please see our Body Safe Sex Toy Guide for more information.

G-spot Sex Toy Lubrication

When using a G-spot sex toy, it will be important to use the correct type of lubricant for the sex toy materials that your G-spot toy is made from and enough to ensure comfortable penetration. To learn more about this, please see The Ultimate Personal Lubricant Guide.

Types Of G-spot Sex Toys

G-spot sex toys come in various styles with both vibrating and non-vibrating options. Additionally, some come with suction cup bases that can hold them in place, while others have a handle or strap-on compatible flared base. 

Explore our body-safe G-spot Vibrators & G-spot Dildos.

G-spot Sex Toys

Dual & Triple Stimulating G-spot Sex Toys

Various G-spot sex toys feature dual and triple points of stimulation. This includes c-shaped sex toys where one end is inserted vaginally and stimulates the G-spot while the other stimulates the clitoris. Some of these models can be used with a partner, as shown below, while all of them can be used solo. 

C-shaped Couples Vibrator Diagram

C-shaped G-spot sex toys come in vibrating and air pulse models. Air pulse sex toys provide sonic pulses of air to the clitoris. Please see our Air Pulse Sex Toys Guide to learn more about them.

C-shaped G-spot Sex Toys


C-shaped sex toys also come in Bluetooth app models, so they can be controlled from a smartphone or are remote-controlled. This makes them quite popular with long-distance relationships as well as webcam work.

Other dual and triple-stimulation dildos provide simultaneous stimulation in various shapes, such as rabbit-style sex toys. These can be inserted vaginally for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. They can also be flipped upside down and used anally with the vibrating arm stimulating the perineum. Triple stimulators are used vaginally, with the vibrating arm stimulating the clitoris, the curved shaft stimulating the G-spot, and the anal arm stimulating the anus, and for insertable versions, the rectum.  

Dual and Triple G-spot Sex Toys

Wand vibrators are body massagers used over the entire body and are often used to stimulate various erogenous zones, such as the clitoris. Wand attachments attach to the wand vibrator, which allows them to be transformed into G-spot sex toys. Learn more through our Wand Vibrators Guide or explore our body safe Wands and Wand Attachments.

Wand Vibrators With G-spot Attachments

Sex machines also offer G-spot stimulation attachments and come in various designs. To learn more, please see our Sex Machines Guide or explore our sex machines to see recommended models.

G-spot Sex Machine

How To Choose A G-spot Sex Toy

One of the most important aspects of choosing a G-spot sex toy is determining the proper width of the shaft. Thus, we have put together a helpful guide to help you determine the right size G-spot sex toy for you: How To Measure A Dildo & Sex Toys.

In addition, here are some helpful guides on choosing vibrating G-spot sex toys as well as G-spot dildos.

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