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Vibrators- The Best & The Rest
How To Choose The Best Vibrator For You

Vibrators are the most popular sex toy around. The pulsating hum placed against a sensitive body part such as a nipple, clitoris, penis, or even that delicate anus can be riveting!

Did you know women can achieve orgasms up to ten times faster by using a vibrator on her most sensitive body part… the clit. It's true! In addition, a woman who uses a vibrator before having sex is more likely to have multiple orgasms from penetration. The vibration from the vibrator increases blood flow and engorges the vaginal walls and g-spot allowing for more intense pleasure and the likelihood of breathtaking orgasms!

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
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Men also benefit from vibrators as they enhance blood flow to the penis and can make erections more firm. They also help with erectile dysfunction and disabilities as they provide stimulation on a level that manual stimulation cannot reproduce.

Vibrators are also great for people who experience lack of sex drive. This is because vibrators stimulate blood flow and increase feelings of pleasure in the sex organs in a manner that sends messages to the brain saying "hey this feels awesome… I want more!"

The variety and capabilities of today's vibrators is astonishing. Low cost and high powered vibrators are easily obtained from the privacy of your own home and are a must have for the solo masturbation session to the passionate exchange of couples.

Yet, there are so many to choose from and finding the right one can feel overwhelming. That is why you will find an easy to follow guide below to help you take the guess work out of it and get you on your way to the fun stuff!

Sex Toy Warning

The most important thing to make sure of is that your vibrator is toxin and phthalate free (a toxin found in many sex toys). Rest assured, we only sell nontoxic sex toys to make any order you place with us easy, discreet and safe.

Many sex toy stores still sell products with phthalates and even lead in them. We are dedicated to selling only nontoxic sex toys because we value your health and well-being. In fact, we started our business in June of 2000 and have been working ever since to empower people when it comes to sex. We are the sexual pioneers that started the movement for healthier sex toys and are the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality - NAASAS.org, which helps the entire industry to serve you better because you deserve it!

Determining Size

There are a lot of vibrators that are made as a novelty and break easily so it is important to choose wisely, selecting from a reputable store with high quality products like ours. Another important thing when buying a vibrator online is knowing the SIZE. Please refer to our measurements outlined by each of the products so that you do not get something that is too big or small.

Sometimes it is hard to gage what is the best size. I remember ordering my first dildo online and then getting one that was supposed to be "realistic" and ended up thinking that King Kong himself would be envious when I saw how big it actually was!

May I suggest using a simple test of finger width or vegetable testing before deciding on a width or length. Using your fingers or a vegetable like a carrot or cucumber may help you decide what width and length to get.

You should certainly wash anything you insert in any orifice of your body prior and then take some time to determine what will bring you the most pleasure. You can also have a partner assist in either exercise for a fun sexual adventure!

Diameter Vs. Circumference

Also, remember the difference between circumference and diameter when assessing how large your sex toy is going to be.

Insertable Vs. Total Length

Some sex toys have various dimensions listed so that you can fully understand how large or small a sex toy actually is and ensure that you are getting what you desire. Therefore, make sure to note where it says the dimensions of the insertable versus the total length of a product.


Power & Functioning

How powerful do you want your vibrator to be? Power can make all the difference in the world. It affects the intensity of stimulation and can mean the difference between reaching orgasm and not. Some vibrators are more powerful than others. There are two factors that will affect the power of a vibrator; how many volts it uses and the motor and components. The volts can be determined by how many batteries are required or if it is electric or rechargeable, you can assume that it is 120 volt (for a plug made for US outlets). Some products are made to be more durable than others. Typically, the better quality materials a product is made from the better the components and motor will be. We provide ratings on each product page to let you know how powerful and quiet a sex toy is so that you know before you purchase it.


2 out of 5
Determining Noise

4 out of 5
Determining Power

While some companies charge a lot of money for products regardless of quality, you can easily determine what are the higher quality products on our website. You can choose a high quality product by the price and through our sex toy materials guide that outlines why the materials of the products we offer are better than others. The old adage of you get what you pay for is true on our web sites.

When considering the power of vibrators, it is important to recognize that battery operated vibrators are less powerful than electric vibrators that plug in. Also, rotating vibrators are sensitive to too much pressure on them that can keep them from working properly.

If you have a rotating vibrator like many of the dual action vibrators you may notice that if you clench or grip the rotating shaft too hard it may stop working. These types of toys are intended for rotating inside when someone is relaxed and while they can withstand some pressure, they are not intended to be used under a great deal of pressure. If you clench your Kegel muscles around them, you may notice that they slow or stop. If you prefer a rotating sex toy that can withstand a lot of pressure, then you will need to invest in something like a sex machine such as the Sybian, However, most people find these sex toys suit their needs perfectly and understand their limitations. Normal pressure on them does not impair their intended functioning and they do provide wonderful stimulation.

Sort our vibrators by power level through our Vibrator Power Rating Guide.


How Your Vibrator Is Powered

Do you prefer something that requires batteries, is rechargeable or plugs in? There are pros and cons to each-

Battery Pros & Cons
A sex toy that requires batteries affords the user to operate without cords and provides a larger variety of sex toys to choose from as most require batteries. These can be costly if not using rechargeable batteries by having to keep replacing them. These can be bad for recycling purposes if you use non-recyclable batteries and therefore bad for the environment. We recommend getting rechargeable batteries to counter the cons if you get a battery operated sex toy.

Rechargeable Pros & Cons
Rechargeable sex toys do not require batteries and are therefore, better for the environment and less expensive to maintain. Depending on the quality of the toy, they may not hold the charge for long. These may also require long charging periods and may not work unless fully charged; making it important to plan on having it charged before your next use. Some rechargeable may not allow you to use it while it is charging.

Plug In Pros & Cons
Electric sex toys are often some of the most powerful vibrators and offer a deep vibration that others cannot compare to. You do not have to worry about costly batteries, the effect of batteries on the environment or planning to make sure your toy is charged. These can limit how far you can move around (we recommend getting an extension cord). The cord may get tangled or get in the way during wild sexual adventures. These also cannot ever get wet as they may create the risk of electrical shock. We recommend wiping down with a moist wash cloth when it is unplugged that has been sprayed with sex toy cleaner.



Figuring Out The Best Vibration Level

This is a question that is completely subjective, however, we will provide factors in choosing a vibrator that many often do not consider. You should explore these factors before your purchase a vibrator so that you will better be able to select the perfect sex toy for you or your lover.


There are variations to vibrators that go beyond just how powerful a motor is capable of functioning. Just because something has a higher or lower level of power does not mean it stops there when it comes to one's preference.

Noise Level -

Power affects the pitch and noise level of a vibrator. The reason this can be a factor is because often manufacturers will do everything they can to make a vibrator quiet as that is how most customers prefer it. However, in doing so they must often add sound barriers that keep the vibrator from having the internal components vibrate. This will impact the level of sensation that one can feel on the surface of the vibrator and may reduce the power.


By pitch of vibration, we mean the difference between something that is low pitched where the vibrator gives of a base vibration. This is a deeper type of vibration and often comes in the form of a larger vibrator. It does not necessarily mean that it is less powerful than one that is high pitched, rather it is much like putting you hand on the hood of a muscle car that has a low bass vibration in it's engine versus your hand on the hood of a fast smaller car. They both can pack a punch, and can go very fast, they just have a different feel to them and we refer to this as pitch.

Power & Material-

Vibrators can have many different levels of power and this is dependent upon the size of the vibrator and the level of power that it receives. This is then impacted by the material that surrounds the motor as well as it's location. A powerful motor in a silicone vibrator may get muffled because the silicone does not conduct vibration as easily as Elastomer or plastic. Therefore, looking at not only the power of a motor can be just as important as what materials are used to make the product.

Location of the Motor-

It is important to also consider that if a vibrator's power is located in the base, you may not feel it in the tip of the product nearly as much. However, if it is conducting through something like Elastomer and vinyl this may not be as much of an issue as opposed to silicone or rubber. Taking into account all factors or construction is important.

Personal Sensitivity-

Women are not created equal. It is true, that some women have less nerve endings in their clitoris than others, but this factor is not the only thing one must consider when choosing a vibrator based on physical factors. How accessible the clitoris is, size and hood covering can also impact how well the clitoris is stimulated. Finally, some women prefer different sides of their clitoris stimulated, while others prefer direct contact with or without the hood covering it. It truly comes down to personal preference and comes from time experimenting.


We encourage women to take time to explore their bodies through masturbation using their fingers to determine what level of stimulation is preferred as this will help determine what type of vibrator will work best.

Contact Us With Questions-

We also encourage those who are buying a vibrator for the first time or have questions as to what type would be best based on sexual goals to call or email us before you make your purchase as we are happy to make recommendations based on your desires.


Vibrator Battery Tips

  • The most common mistake that consumers make when using a sex toy is putting the batteries in wrong. Before you contact your sex toy store telling them that it does not work, make sure to check to see if you have them in correctly. Often times batteries go in different direction and rely on the cap / lid being closed properly to work.

  • The other tip to consider is to take out your batteries when the vibrator is not in use. The reason for this is that batteries can corrode inside and ruin the mechanical components inside your vibrator.

  • Also keep oils, water and lubricants out of your vibrator and keep batteries dry.



What Pleasures You?

Vibrators are one of the sex toys that women absolutely love and for good reason. They are highly effective at stimulating the clitoris, nipples and gspot. They increase blood flow to those areas which not only increases arousal but also circulation and sex drive. Using a vibrator is actually a healthy thing to do. Using them on your back has long show health benefits and the rest of the body is no exception.

The next step is to determine which one is the right one for you. Do you want it to be a low, moderate or strong vibration? Do you want it to be handheld or hands free? What about remote controlled? With so many vibrators on the market today, it is certainly difficult to know which ones to get. We of course are happy to assist you if you want to email or call us, but take some time to read this article to first give you some food for thought. There may be things that you have never even considered when it comes to your sexual health.

Below we will cover some of the main types of vibrators in order to give you a picture of what your basic options are-


G-Spot & Prostate Vibrators

Gspot vibrators have become increasingly popular with both men and women because they allow a couple to get more creative in the bedroom. They can be used for gspot and anal / prostate stimulation which makes them able to be used by both sexes and in a variety of ways. The prostate is essentially the same thing as the gspot in a female and why it produces so much pleasure.

If you decide to use a gspot for both anal and vaginal stimulation, make sure to wash well so as not to transfer unwanted bacteria. Using a condom over them for anal play can make clean up easier. You can also get a gspot dildo that is made with a nonporous material such as 100% medical grade silicone so that bacteria will not harbor in the sex toy. Materials such as Cyberskin are very porous and even when cleaned can still hold on to the bacteria.

Vibrating Gspot Dildos

While finger stimulation can be just as effective, the gspot vibrators reduce finger and hand strain and are easier to thrust in and out for an longer period. To identify what they look like you will find that they typically have a slight curve in their shape with a pronounced tip. Something to remember is that pressure into the gspot and prostate can be more sexually pleasurable than just rubbing against it. This is one of the most common types of sex toys and quite effective at providing sexual pleasure for all.



Clitoral Vibrators

These are the most popular of all sexual vibrators. The reason for this is because a woman's clitoris is very similar to the tip of a man's penis and is the most sensitive part of her body. For you men out there, you know that if you did not stimulate the head of your penis during sexual play, it would not be nearly as pleasurable.

Clitoral stimulation provides amazing stimulation, increases blood flow, circulation and helps to increase sex drive over the long run. Some women find that they enjoy clitoral stimulation while they are having sexual intercourse and use them during their love making to increase their sexual pleasure. They can also be used with dildos and are often available on dual action, vibrating dildos. Women also often find that using vibrators on a frequent basis helps them to not only achieve powerful orgasms but to relax and feel fantastic in general.

The most common types of vibrators are- bullets, dual action vibrators (like the bunny vibrators which can also rotate), triple action vibrators (stimulating the clitoris, gspot and anus), electric (which are very powerful and can be used all over the body), strap-on compatible vibrators, discreet vibrators (that do not look like a vibrator such as a pen, sponge, duck, etc.), waterproof vibrators (which are used in the shower, bath, etc.) One tip on waterproof vibrators - Always be sure to check if they are waterproof or water resistant before submerging).

Clitoral Vibrators


There are some vibrator myths out there and to dispel them we have an article that covers common vibrator facts and myths.



Penis Vibrators (AKA: Vibrating Rings, Cock Rings & Masturbation Sleeves)

Vibrating rings and masturbation sleeves can be just for a male's pleasure or for his partner as well. Often they provide a squeezing sensation which encircles a man's penis and further stimulates through a vibrator. Some men prefer the vibration at the base of their penis, while others enjoy the intensity of vibration at the tip / head of their penis.

Masturbation Sleeves -
There are masturbation sleeves that vibrate, but for those that do not, men find that simply putting a vibrating bullet in them provides fantastic stimulation.

Love Rings -
Vibrating rings are very popular among couples as they can make a man feel bigger, last longer and enhance stimulation (by his penis stimulating her gspot while the clitoral vibrator stimulates her clitoris). In addition, some triple action vibrating rings have the added benefit of doing all of that along with anus / anal simulation.

Cock Rings & Penis Sleeves
Finger Vibrators
Penis Pumps
Masturbation Sleeves


Anal Vibrators

Anal sex toys have become increasing popular as the taboo about them is wearing off. There have been studies that show that prostate massage in men reduces the risk of prostate cancer and is one of the reasons why men are now using them more often than before. The other, is that men have become more educated about their anatomy and are now aware that their prostate is essentially the equivalent of the female gspot. Thus, the pleasure that they receive from stimulating their prostate and penis at the same time is much like a woman who stimulates her clitoris and gspot at the same time. These dual stimulations can make for amazing orgasms.

Women have also begun to appreciate the pleasure they receive from anal stimulation. While some prefer small vibrating dildos, others enjoy the stretch of larger ones. The best way to identify an anal vibrator is to note that they have a handle or ring at the end so that they are easier to thrust in and out. They are also harder to lose inside the anal canal.

Anal sex toys are often best when they are made from a nonporous material such as 100% medical grade silicone, Pyrex glass, stainless steel and phthalate free plastic. Avoid Cyberskin and other porous materials as they harbor bacteria and are very difficult to clean. As mentioned before in this article, it can be an added benefit to simply put a condom over your anal vibrator for easy clean up.

Anal vibrators are not always about penetration as the anus (opening) is extremely rich in nerve endings and that is why bullet vibrators as well as vibrating rings that have anus stimulators on them are so popular.

Prostate Vibrators
Non- Penetrating


Nipple Vibrators

Vibrating nipple clamps, suction and other sex toys are for both men and women. They often have adjustable pressure and vibration levels. They can also be used on other areas of the body such as the clitoris, testicles and even the ear lobes.

Studies have shown that nipple stimulation in women often affect the intensity of clitoral stimulation and thus make it even more pleasurable when using a vibrator on both at the same time.

Nipple sensitivity varies from person to person, so what may feel like a mild stimulation to someone may feel intense to another. Squeezing your nipples with your fingers to determine how intensely you enjoy stimulation there will help you to determine the right nipple vibrator for you.

Both men and women have been able to achieve orgasms from nipple stimulation alone, however, one must take into consideration their arousal level at the time and the sensitivity of their nipples to begin with when trying to figure out if that is something you or your lover is capable of during sexual play.

Nipple Sex Toys

Music Vibrators

These are portable music influenced vibrators that are designed to be used in public or in private. There are different sizes and some that discreetly rest inside panties to provide discreet stimulation. Simply use with any MP3 or MP4 player or other electronic device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack (including laptops and cell phones). When they are switched to Ambient mode they pick up the music in a room which means you can use it dancing at a club!

Ohmibod Freestyle Vibrator

Vibrator Controls

Basic On and Off Control

The most common and simple type of control on a vibrator is a simple on and off button or switch. These tend to be more commonly found in lower priced vibrators where the features are limited. When choosing a vibrator, it will be important to determine what vibration level of intensity this type offers as it will be the only vibration that you can receive from it. Those who are very sensitive to vibration may want to avoid a one speed vibrator unless they know that it is the speed that they want all the time.

Multiple Speed Control

Vibrators that have multiple speeds are becoming more and more popular. A person using them can start off on a low setting and graduate to higher, more intense settings the more they become aroused. There are vibrators on the market today that have well over 10 speeds so the variations of them can be quite great.

Multiple Function Control

The vibrators that have multi functions are able to offer all kinds of different sensations from vibration levels of intensity to different pulsing and rotating features. There are even vibrators that operate to the beat of music when a stereo or MP3 / MP4 player is hooked up to it. The options of sex toys when it comes to stimulation has become incredible.

Couples Sex Toys
Dual Action Vibrators
Triple Action Vibrators
Kegel Exercisers



Hand Controlled Vibrators

Hand held vibrators are rather versatile and provide a great deal of control. They come in a variety of shapes and with different vibrational features. They can be discreet as well as quiet. The sizes can range from a bullet which is about a.5 inches to a wand which can be 15 inches long.

Clitoral Vibrators
Gspot Vibrators
Anal Vibrators
Finger Vibrators

Remote Control

Remote controlled vibrators can add a lot of spice to your relationship and are ideal for use in public situations. The most important things to consider when choosing one is how loud it is. If you are trying to be discreet in a public situation, you will want to know this information first and foremost. The other options to consider is vibration strength and placement. There are some remote controlled vibrators that stimulate clitoral, gspot and even anal stimulation. Also, men have remote controlled masturbation sleeves that can be controlled through their computer! The options are really exciting when exploring these types of sex toys.

Remote Control Sex Toys

Electric Plug-In Wand Vibrators

Wands are some of the more powerful vibrators on the market. However, that is mostly true for those that plug in. There are some that are battery operated and rechargeable that are pretty solid but it will be important for you to look at the reviews and ratings in order to determine this as some are surprisingly weak in vibration despite their larger size.

One of the added benefits to these wands are that they can be used with attachments that change up both the head and allow for gspot stimulation. The most popular of these is the Hitachi Magic Wand with attachments as it is very powerful and effective at not only providing orgasms but even helping to achieve female ejaculation. The Hitachi is a loud vibrator though, so that is one factor to consider when choosing a wand is checking the noise level ratings.

Electric Vibrators


The Buzz On Noise

Many of the newer vibrators on the market today are pretty quiet compared to their predecessors. However, most good sex toy stores online will provide you with a noise level that will help you to predetermine what you will be hearing as you stimulate yourself or your lover. Those who have kids or roommates are often concerned about this so make sure to check the noise rating or ask before you purchase the product if this is important to you. We provide ratings on each product page to let you know how powerful and quiet a sex toy is so that you know before you purchase it.


2 out of 5
Determining Noise

4 out of 5
Determining Power

One way to cover up vibrator noise is to use music or keep them under the covers when using them. Also, keeping the batteries from moving around inside is also helpful. Newer and upscale vibrators typically have already addressed this and is why they tend to be quiet. Less expensive vibrators often put a piece of thick paper or cardboard inside the vibrator that went around the battery to keep it from moving against the sides and causing a lot of noise.



Examples Of Vibrator Types

Vibrating & Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls are typically weighted balls that are used to provide stimulation as well as exercise the Kegel muscles inside the vagina. They can also be used to stimulate anally. They were usually hollow with weights inside that move around, however with today's technology, vibrating Be Wa balls have become even more popular.

* Kegel exercise helps a woman to squeeze her male partner harder during sex and also to have better urinary control. Women who have children often find that their Kegel muscles need strengthening in order to control urine flow.

Kegel Exercise Products By Ophoria


Vibrating Bullets

Bullets can be rather small to very large. They are often in the shape of a bullet or egg and can stimulate the clitoris, nipples, outer labia and tip of the penis. The smaller they are the more likely they are to use watch batteries. As for power, some of the small ones are surprisingly intense so you should not judge it by size alone. They come in a variety of materials and colors and can be water proof or water resistant. There are some that are also remote controlled, music based and even work inside panties and masturbation sleeves.

Vibrating Bullets


If you have ever felt Cyberskin or a skin like material you know that they feel amazingly life-life. Cyberskin can be extremely pleasurable and is a very popular material for dildos and CyberSkin Masturbation Sleeves for men. They come in a variety of body parts- penis, vagina, anus and breasts.

One thing to note is that skin type vibrators and dildos are a porous material and are more likely to harbor bacteria and is why we do not carry many. It is recommended that you wash them well with a mild soap and water and spray sex toy cleaner on them to keep them safe for use. You will also have to powder them in order for them to feel as they did when you first got them or else they will feel 'tacky' to the touch once they have been washed off. It is the powder that is applied to them through he manufacturer that makes them feel so soft.

Cyberskin Dildos

Erection Enhancers

These include penis sleeves, cockrings, and penis extenders. Penis sleeves can be used with couples as well as for masturbation. They come in a variety of sizes, textures and shapes.

Cockrings are used for both masturbation and sexual intercourse vaginally and anally. They can allow a man to have heightened sensitivity as well as last longer. Those with testicle rings pull the balls down keeping them away from the body, which make him better able to achieve an orgasm when he is ready. Cockrings alone can make a penis feel harder and bigger by pushing the blood in his penis more intensely throughout his shaft.

Penis extenders extend the width and length of a man's penis. Each has different pros and cons to them based on material type, vibration level and placement of them. However, the factors that appeal to some may not appeal to others and it is something that is best chosen with your personal preferences in mind. Take a look at the different types on the market and make sure to look at customer reviews, noise and vibration ratings as well as materials used to ensure that you get the one that you desire.

Cock Rings & Penis Sleeves

Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators can be used for clitoral, vaginal, anal and nipple stimulation. They come in one finger and multiple finger designs. They are desirable for their ease of use and for their versatility. Most of the finger vibrators are not stretchy enough to also be used as a penis ring, but in some cases they can be. If they are stretchy enough they can also be used on a dildo. Most finger vibrators are powered by watch batteries and can be surprising strong for their size. They are great for all over body massage and even using on the ear lobes and scalp for relaxation.

Finger Sex Toys

Traditional Vibrators

These days it is difficult to say what is a traditional vibrator as there are so many kinds. However the straight or slight curved vibrator is what is typically meant when referred to in this way.

The types of functions, controls and materials used to make them vary greatly.

Traditional Vibrators

Strapon Vibrators

Strap-on vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have a dildo with a removable bullet vibrator inside them while others are fully integrated into being a vibrating dildo. They can be used with a harness as well as without.

The types of functions, controls and materials used to make them also vary greatly.

Learn More About Strap Ons

Strap Ons

Waterproof Vibrators

The most important thing to consider when choosing a waterproof vibrator is to first determine if it is indeed waterproof. To clarify, some vibrators are waterproof and fully submergible, while others are only water resistant which means that they are splash proof but not capable of handling being submerged in water. The rule of thumb is when in doubt, do not submerge them.

Waterproof vibrators come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors with a variety of materials used to make them. Based on their design they can be used on a variety of body parts including the nipples, clitoris, gspot, prostate, penis and body in general. They can be used in the bath tub, hot tub, pool and even the ocean. If used in the ocean, you will want to rinse the salt water off after use so it does not corrode the sex toy.

Waterproof Vibrators

Electrostimulation Vibrators

Erotic electrostimulation uses electrical currents to sexually stimulate and is fast becoming a popular way to enjoy sexual pleasure. Learn what it is all about, common myths, consumer alerts and warnings, research and studies regarding health benefits, tips for using estim devices as well as safety concerns and more.

Learn more through our Erotic Electrostimulation Guide

Electrostimulation Sex Toys

Pulsewave Vibrators

PulseWave technology also known as PulseWave light technology is a unique combination of light energy and vibration discovered in collaboration with leading gynecologists and laser physicists. These sex toys actually have a pattern designed using pulsed light and vibration to give women orgasms based on a woman's sexual response cycle.

Afterglow Intimate Massager

Sex Toy Machines

There are many sex toy machines on the market. These are often expensive and are made to order rather than being mass produced. There are many advantages to using a sex machine as they take a lot of the effort out of sexual simulation. There are sex machines for both women and men. They are great for people who have disabilities, are overweight or have sexual dysfunction issues. They provide a level of endurance that no human can match and can make for an exciting visual display when watched by a lover.

One thing to note is that there are many that are made by people who have no idea what they are doing. There are only two that we recommend and we have full information on those as well a negative sex machine reviews available for your education on them. Make sure to avoid people selling tools as sex toys. An example of this are those that sell things like modified drills and concrete vibrators as sex toys. These can cause serious harm to you and it is essential that you keep yourself and your special someone safe from such contraptions.

Sex Toy Machines

Lubricants & Sex Toys / Vibrators -

Choosing the right lubricant is important when using with a sex toy. Waterbased lubricants are always a safe bet. If your sex toy is 100% medical grade silicone then you can use a silicone lubricant on it, but if it is a silicone blend it may cause the vibrator to melt (chemically break down). This is also true with Jelly sex toys. That is why we always recommend waterbased lubricants to eliminate any guess work. Also see our lubricant reviews and our important article - Parabens in Lubricants


Toy Cleaner -

Sex toy cleaners are a great thing to have as you know that they will not harm your vibrator. They help to clean and disinfect your products and keep them bacteria free when they are being stored. They can also prevent the spread of STDs and STIs as well as keep your sex toys smelling and looking their best.

Sex Toy Cleaner

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